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  1. please add strafetrainer and jhud to the server pls and thx https://github.com/PaxPlay/bhop-strafe-trainer https://github.com/blankbhop/jhud
  2. scp-1730

    http://fastdl.gflclan.com/garrysmod/maps/br_scp1730_v2.bsp http://fastdl.gflclan.com/garrysmod/maps/br_scp1730_v2.bsp.bz2 These may be what you are referring to
  3. Server lag problems

    Didn't get a notification for this for some reason but ya. I haven't experienced the issue with the SendNetMsg thing since before the post you made on that other thread that you linked about the PoP's. The server does still lag sometimes but is much more infrequently and usually for a fraction of a second.
  4. Over the past few weeks, the server has started lagging quite a bit and makes players very annoyed and angry especially when people are in the middle of a run. Normally it's just a brief lag spike then it's over. But, sometimes for some players including me, it will freeze for 5-10 seconds then come back and after that I get this in console: SendNetMsg stream[netchan_t::reliabledata] buffer overflow (maxsize = 4000)! I've googled to see if this was just an issue on my end, but all the posts I've found about it seem to suggest that it is a server side issue, I haven't had this issue on any other servers I've played on only GFL bhop. I hope this gets resolved quickly.
  5. Point Bug

    I added all my points from just Normal together and got 3,425 pts, and that's not including the other styles I play so I don't understand why the "Points" is different than the actual point count I have.
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