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  1. Hello, after talking to Nigel and other admins it appears that you where still using call admin and making false reports on players while we had admins in the servers. The mute was so that you could not use the calladmin feature, and will be over tomorrow at this time. In the feature, be careful with using calladmin as this pings every admin for surf and the head manager FrenZy. I understand this can be a pain but this is the best way to resolve this. Closed.
  2. After seeing what beary provided, it shows me that the mute was needed. Even with it being over now, there’s no reason to say things like that on the surf servers. Closed.
  3. Well, seeing all the evidence, appears it was just a mistake with so many people on the server talking at once and messing with the admins. As of now the mute has been removed. If this happens again, you can always PM me personally on either Discord, steam or the forums and I will get back as soon as possible. I know that’s a lot easier for you then posting an appeal. Thank you. Closed.
  4. Hello, after talking to Yuptodat and looking at the records for and against you, we have decided to unban you. With that formal apology, and the acceptance of the terms, we hope to see you on the servers again soon. If you run into any issues, reach out to me through a personal message and I will gladly help! Thank you, Closed.
  5. Hello, I saw the clips from Dini, and noticed that the mute was only for 30 minutes, so was this appeal truly needed? If it was a permanent mute or a ban I could understand, but as i’m typing this up, your mute is already over. It seems as if you just had an issue with one of my admins. If you ever do in the future, please just message me personally on either here, discord or steam. Thank you. Closed.
  6. With Angry not responding, and me noticing it was a VPN mess up, I followed through with an unban. In the future, be careful of using VPN's on all GFL servers. ❤️
  7. @Broskii Omega lul, but in all seriousness, I think this is more directed to CS:GO jailbreak and not GFl in a whole? Kinda weird
  8. ..................................gay

  9. Added 9 New maps. surf_2pacisalive (tier 2, linear, 1 bonus), surf_aqua_fix (tier 2, linear, 1 bonus), surf_aser (tier 1, 6 stages, 1 bonus), surf_benevolent (tier 2, 7 stages, 1 bonus), surf_flow (tier 2, linear), surf_guitar_hi (tier 2, linear, 1 bonus), surf_lux (tier 1, linear), surf_me (tier 2, 5 stages, 4 bonuses), surf_mom_fix (tier 1, 6 stages, 1 bonus)
  10. Added 5 New maps. surf_oasis (tier 2, 10 stages, 2 bonuses), surf_orthodox_fix (tier 2, 16 stages, 4 bonuses), surf_palm (tier 2, linear, 2 bonuses), surf_summer (tier 2, 11 stages), surf_reprise (tier 1, linear, 2 bonuses)
  11. Added 6 New maps. surf_lullaby_ksf (tier 1, linear), surf_ace (tier 2, 8 stages, 1 bonus). surf_eggplant (tier 2, linear), surf_minuet_njv (tier 1, linear), surf_rebel_resistance_njv (tier 1, linear), surf_utopia_njv (tier 1, linear)
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