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  1. We love you roy! If you need anything we always here. Especially if you tryna talk about baseball 😉
  2. oh my gosh, i’ve actually done vocals for my buddy’s band. i’m a death metal screamer and i’ve been working on a lot more vocalist tones and expanding my horizons!
  3. After reviewing the information from Yuptodat and seeing all your history, it appears that this mute was justified. Be careful with your actions and undrestand that an Admin's word is always final. Thank you for the forum post. Closed.
  4. Hello, so I checked on your ban, and it appears as though someone with a different Steam ID was banned on that IP. But like you said, IP's are handled different in Germany so running into that issue can occur. I've decided to go forth with an unban. If you run into an issue, please message me on discord and I will help you get it all fixed! Thank you for the appeal, closed. Discord: Skelly#9254
  5. After checking on your steam ID and looking at the public IP that was provided, i noticed that it was connected to a VPN Proxy. Therefore, like you said, it’s pretty obvious the ban was for your VPN. Be careful using VPN’s on all GFL servers as Console will detect this. Unbanned. Closed.
  6. I think my small boi wins
  7. After review, I decided to do an unban for the VPN. Be careful using VPN on all GFL Servers. Closed.
  8. After checking and noticing it was a VPN, you have been unbanned. Be careful of using VPN on all GFL servers. If any issues, reach out to me on discord! Unbanned. Closed.
  9. As yup said, you where linked to an IP that was already banned. If you have any proof that can contradict these things then please message me on discord. Thank you. Closed.
  10. Is actually braindead.

  11. Hello, after checking sourceban's it appears this was simply because of the VPN. Be careful using VPN's on GFL servers as this may cause you to get another ban. Message me on discord or here if you have any questions! Unbanned.
  12. Hello, as I am looking through our Ban's, It appears that I do not see you listed? I checked with your listed steam ID and saw that was the only nickname that you use. If you see this, reach out to me on Discord. I will also try and find your discord ❤️ SkellyGFL#9254
  13. Hello, after talking to Nigel and other admins it appears that you where still using call admin and making false reports on players while we had admins in the servers. The mute was so that you could not use the calladmin feature, and will be over tomorrow at this time. In the feature, be careful with using calladmin as this pings every admin for surf and the head manager FrenZy. I understand this can be a pain but this is the best way to resolve this. Closed.
  14. After seeing what beary provided, it shows me that the mute was needed. Even with it being over now, there’s no reason to say things like that on the surf servers. Closed.
  15. Well, seeing all the evidence, appears it was just a mistake with so many people on the server talking at once and messing with the admins. As of now the mute has been removed. If this happens again, you can always PM me personally on either Discord, steam or the forums and I will get back as soon as possible. I know that’s a lot easier for you then posting an appeal. Thank you. Closed.
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