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  1. @insaned i just removed the ban. But next time if you get reported respond to it and make sure you are not getting slayed before you leave.
  2. appeal

    You have been unbaned. It has been 360 minutes since that so you did serve for your RDM and Leave.
  3. appeal

    Ok I will take the targeting off cause i guess one kill on me isn't really targeting. But the problem is you did have a slay on you and you left. Which is RDM and Leave. I reported you and said that what you did could count as targeting. You said yeah it was a nice shot thought and left. So its tough for me to side with you considering you left right after.
  4. OG appeal

    I deny this ban appeal because there is enough information to prove that OG's ban was fair.
  5. OG appeal

    Last reply I am going to make tonight cause i want to go to bed. Also stop with the name calling lets be adults here. The only hint i remember you saying is the one against Bakka being a T. It has been a few days since the incident at a lot has happened. Also since you admitted to dropping hints via steam i don't see how I am lying. Goodnight.
  6. OG appeal

    Okay come on, it is easily understandable that you know when you said stuff you meant hints. Another problem is that you said it via voice chat, BUT you did admit to dropping hints. Also you have another admin @loucop agreeing that you were dropping hints.
  7. OG appeal

    First im 18, 1998 isn't my birth year, two you're the one name calling, three in that message you admitted to it.
  8. OG appeal

    You had been giving hints prior rounds, yes as an inno but this time you were a T and you got called out for it.
  9. OG appeal

    Here you say yes that you did not call him a T but that you had been saying the stuff for 3 rounds and that you just happened to be a T this one time.
  10. OG appeal

    Okay i will send a picture of the steam message you sent me. Give me a second to figure out how to add a picture to this.
  11. OG appeal

    OG, in the report and on a message in steam you did admit that you had been saying stuff and that you happened to be a T this time. So you saying that you weren't dropping hints is a lie. I think this is a closed ban appeal since you admitted in the report and in a steam message that you were dropping hints.
  12. OG appeal

    I just want to say that i was not trying to twist your words, people can back me up that I am not that kind of guy, so if i did twist your words I was not intending on doing that. In a report that was sent out to you, the guy called you out for giving hints to who your t buddies were and you said that you had been doing that for the past few rounds, and that this latest round you were actually a T. Also in the steam messages that you sent me you said the same thing. The problem with the report is that you never said anything about the T room, you just admitted to doing it and didn't clarify why. Now i don't have anything against you and honestly i hate banning members who i know follow the rules, but i think you just accidentally did something that was against the rules and you got banned for it.
  13. OG appeal

    Just saw this. I banned him for ghosting because he was giving hints as to who his t buddies were while he was a T. This got one of his teammates killed and that guy was upset about it. (also i was advised to ban him by another admin @loucop.) In a report he admitted to doing it for the past few rounds and he even messaged me on steam saying that he did it one round as a T
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