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  1. I got banned form the GFL Gmod TTT Rotation server and i got banned for rdm and leave even the person i rdmed forgave me and said it publicly. Any Help here?
  2. you did perm ban me and im still banned for some reason
  3. JoceyMeow i have read the rules and i have one question, Why did u perm ban me when it was only 3 rdms thats a weeks ban a perm ban is 9 or more rdms in one round.
  4. are you talking about when i killed ceejay? Cause it looked like he shot some guy in the back of the head with a sniper. But. maybe it was someone else shooting the innocent and it looked like ceejay did it.
  5. U banned me the rdms were on accident i didnt know the button dropped people into lava from the tester room i was detective. Please unbann my steam name is nano
  6. Oops it was minecraft 24/7 also joceymeow u were in the game that i got banned.
  7. I was banned from gfl ttt rotation for mass rdm. Im new to gmod ive only watched a few ttt vids. I was reporter for killing 3 innocents in a tester trap when i was detective. I didnt know how to test them so i pressed all the buttons near the tester one of the buttons dropped the people into lava. i did this twice without realizing i was killing them. Then some man told me to press the button and i did this was when i realized the button killed the people in the traitor tester. It was all accidental, and id wish to get my ban repealed please. idk if im supposed to put my ban appeals here please reply if im doing this wrong.
  8. I got banned on a ttt serverfor mass rdm even though itwas on accidental how do i appeal

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