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  1. Ah that's a shame. We didn't talk too much, but I am gonna miss you.
  2. That was interesting to see.
  3. Invest, invest and invest Only like half, the rest would go in the bank as a backup. Then make more money from investments and then invest again with the same amount as before. Basically generating money and then buying nice stuff. Now its obviously not this simple, but if you know what you're doing and you are lucky, you're good.
  4. HUGE +1 Beatbox is probably one of the most dedicated people I have met in GFL and I even recommend him for PVK manager. He is very chill and calm and just look at his experience. Good luck!
  5. leave already jk stay loser
  6. New Jersey Pros: -Hot summers -Snowy winters -Next to NYC (I live only 30 minutes away from Manhattan) -Pretty chill people -Has many safe suburban areas -Lots of beaches -Good schools Cons: -There is nothing to do here -Has a couple of hoods near certain areas -Tax is high -Chris Christy (We made him, unfortunately) -We have to take a test called Parcc which ranks a school's academic level. It is very buggy and poorly made (I think it is being removed) -Rainy weather and bipolar sometimes -Some people come to Jersey from other states and cant drive properly -Driving age is 17 instead of 16 which sucks -Houses are mad expensive due to the demand
  7. Neutral I am not voting because it's not fair to give a -1 because you seem like a chill dude and you have a lot of hours in TF2 in general. However, I am not giving a +1 yet because of playtime in the server. Get more hours and I will give a +1. We shouldn't be giving a -1 just for not enough hours because that is just unfair. Give him a neutral like how I and @NobleWaters did if you want to see someone get their hours up. A -1 is for someone whos cons are greater than pros. This guy's pros are equal to cons. He has 1 pro that I can see from the application, his overall TF2 hours, but he has 1 con, not enough server hours. Same thing with +1s, but that is just my thought process for applications. Good luck!
  8. Neutral I have to see your behavior before I vote. I am not giving a +1 yet because of your behavior in the past. However, I am not giving a -1 because you are claiming you are willing to change and your work is fantastic. If you leave again by rage quitting, I will directly give a -1 without hesitation if you make another media team app. I am being straightforward and fair, I apologize if I come out as mean.
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