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  1. Just get a fly swatter
  2. Rainbow Six Siege - Too toxic and slow paced game CSGO - I will play for like a month then stop, I just don't have the effort to get a higher rank. I got stuck with silver 4 and I can't move up any higher.
  3. Welcome wagon
  4. Whats good
  5. Theres been some testing in my state, the ones who completed testing were negative. Only 1 person is under review.
  6. Nice, also don't worry about the forum, its not serious at all. Just look at my posts lmao
  7. They won't accept these kinds of suggestions, you will have to talk to a director about this kinda stuff. I wouldn't go through with this though to be honest, I tried and it didn't work. Sorry bud.
  8. New shows: The Witcher - This show is amazing. Money Heist - Pretty good bank heist show if you don't mind subtitles. The English audio messes it up.
  9. You can do what you want with your money, and I do think this is a good cause, but like Motor, idk how I feel about this. I used to have VIP back when Purge was in its prime, but that wasn't really for helping the community grow, it was more for the perks lol. I think most people would donate if they receive good perks on servers. Good luck though!
  10. When will you post the winner?
  11. I tried to do this a while back before PR got restructured. It didn't really work and I realized I don't think anyone would actually listen to it.
  12. Not a producer but I know how to use audio equipment like mixers and amps.
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