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  1. I am finally back to member after a long time. 

  2. You will definitely be missed.
  3. winter is back, but the season is fall? wtf
  4. Rip Xy. I remember the first time I met you was on purge and you were the only admin that would sponsor my application lol. You also tried to get me to play breach and I had no idea wtf was going on. You still better do discord calls with me, @Akris, and @JGuary551. I’m gonna miss you dude, good luck. #XyForSupremeLeader
  5. NFL: Giants (I don't watch football, but I live in Jersey, so Giants) NBA: Lakers
  6. Banning simulator GFL Edition
  7. Neutral leaning towards -1 According to Fafy you keep making multiple applications an your getting denied from each. I hate to say this but it seems like you just want a title. Your explanation is also repetitive and basic. I’m not asking for a essay, just a couple sentences with good reason.
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