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  1. Not a producer but I know how to use audio equipment like mixers and amps.
  2. Aw u forgot about me lmao Nah im just kidding Good luck in your life my guy.
  3. I like gold because it is a cool color
  4. We never really talked, but good luck with life!
  5. I talked to all of the KoSS guys when Purge was up but they left GFL after some incidents with staff on Purge. I’m guessing they don’t play GMOD anymore, they probably play games like Modern Warfare now. I can message one of them on discord and ask.
  6. Yea it sucks I had the best time on there back in 2016 and 2017 Whatever gotta move on as you get older I’m not into GMOD anymore unfortunately, unless I play with IRL friends but I’ve tried everything so there’s nothing else to do.
  7. A lot but I haven’t really been keeping track
  8. Introductions

    Sup, I'm Jit. I joined in 2016 when the GMOD Purge server was up. I began to try other servers from GFL and met a bunch of people. I was a Admin for TF2, Deathrun, and Minecraft, I was in PR and the Media Team, and I was the manager for PVK2 (rip). I resigned from everything in the summer. Now I just go on the forums and bunny hop on the CSS server sometimes.
  9. GFL and relationship? I don't think those 2 words can combine
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