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  1. When you lose someone, it will make you feel like you can’t remember that person at all. Eventually, you will remember them.
  2. Removed @Chef. a long time ago, added @Royce a long time ago
  3. Like if you're joking around with your friend in general and then you make fun of him as a joke or something, and then you get warned by a moderator. It's fine if racist and homophobic phrases are banned, but will words such as "fuck", "shit", etc get black listed and censored?
  4. idk how i feel about this one tbh, like it depends on what words are banned.
  5. As Waillord said, the only goal in purge is to make money for cars. It's really boring at this point, I wanted it back, but now I don't think it was worth all the work. I think you guys should implement new guns that are super expensive like SV_Draganuv or whatever it is called. The server I feel like is too "professional", by that I mean the server needs to be more "careless". By that I mean the server should be more like Digital Delta Gaming's prison RP. That server's grind is fun because you can buy super powerful guns and everyone wants to fight and grind there. In our purge server, no one fights, everyone wants to grind, no PVP at all. That is what we need, better guns and a new map that is better for fighting and still includes bases.
  6. I think the best show I’ve ever watched is Narcos/Narcos Mexico. Everything about it is amazing. Suspense, justice, sadness, the soundtrack is amazing, and the show is just great. Another great show is The Office. It may be boring sometimes, but the show is funny and well thought out. So that’s a good one to watch. One show that is weird and funny at the same time is Orange is the New Black. That show gives you a rollercoaster of emotions. But overall it’s a pretty good show, just slightly weird at some times. I watched 13 reasons why when I came out due to the hype around it in my school and it was not bad. River dale is decent, idk I watched all of it, but I feel like the entire story is missing something completely.
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