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  1. No problem, if you were injured or sick, hope you got better!
  2. Are you familiar with the John Titor story? I think you would enjoy this video:
  3. When I ask someone to do something simple, and then they decide to do it their way even though their way is not as efficient. This happens in group projects.
  4. Negative energy from homes in general can change a person due to all the paranoia they experience, I am not a psychologist but I think that is true. If bad things happen within a home, they will happen to the next person that moves in and everyone else who moves in. Your home sitting story is actually pretty scary because the home may seem nice at first, but the negative energy changed you for a bit.
  5. I also do believe in positive and negative energy and I have been in homes with energy that is so negative it feels like your compressed. Last year I was actually moving into another home that was bigger and better suited for my family. Some of the homes we visited were great, however, there were a few that were questionable. One house in particular we came close to purchasing and it was beautiful and had a backyard like a resort with a pool, but there was just something off about the home. The home just had a vibe that was really off putting and gives paranoia anywhere you go. Even in the far part of the backyard I was constantly looking at the homes windows as if there was someone watching us. We actually found out that the previous owner’s husband had died in the home and we pulled out the deal. I’m not sure if it was haunted exactly, but there was something wrong. Even my father thought the house was off, he believes in ghosts, but is skeptical with stories of people. We definitely dodged a bullet with that home. I do have a story about my uncles home that was extremely strange, but that one I will say when I make the next thread.
  6. What is something you believe that science hasn’t proven? (Examples: Aliens, time travel, ghosts) *Religious explanations are good as well, but please no religious debates* I do believe in many things such as aliens, ghosts, and stuff like that. Mathematically, aliens have to exist. We are in this giant universe, and I think there is more than one universe, but we can’t be alone in this massive area. We are not alone here. I also believe in ghosts but I’ll make a separate thread for that in a couple days. I have a scientific theory that every action, every movement, and everything we do creates an alternate dimension where that action or thing doesn’t happen or is done differently for each scenario. It is crazy to think about, but time is probably one thing humans will never fully understand because it is so complex, that human minds are not capable of handling such knowledge.
  7. Who cares who he is, how the fuck did he get director? Better tell @WigglesWorth that we got hacked.
  8. When did you get into videogames? I got into videogames when I was born honestly. My dad and uncle had an xbox original before I was even born and they played on it until I was born, my uncle taught me how to play on it, but obviously being a toddler, I didn't know how. I later on got a 360 which I played everyday for like 6 years and I moved onto PC in 2014.
  9. I would keep the 850 honestly because the new ryzen cpus take a lot of power and it is still unconfirmed how much it takes. I would just choose another brand that is cheaper, but is gold or platinum certified.
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