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  1. Ur calling the US retarded when u brits need a tv license lmao
  2. I should be in S++ for the best GFL members
  3. Hopefully your situation is handled and all goes well for you. Good luck bro
  4. BLM

    See the problem is when you bring up political issues into forums like this and give stupid suggestions, no one will care about what you have to say. Like that guy who wanted to do a blackout of GFL servers, which is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. Obviously people here are against what happened to George Floyd, but you outright accusing everyone of not caring is just ridiculous. There are also a lot of younger people here, as mentioned before, so you are going to get a lot of trolls. I don't understand why video game companies like Modern Warfare had to delay their update of the new season when the protests were going on. Like cool, you put a little message that informs you about BLM, that's good, but when you delay a highly anticipated update over it, what the hell? How does that create awareness at all?
  5. I think the people who are working on it need to put out some updates on the forums so we aren't left in the dark.
  6. Purge in 2016 and 2017. When I became the manager of PVK2. Honestly with PVK2, it was weird seeing the server 5/32 on bad days or 32/32 on good days. There was a decent amount of competition though.
  7. Doing this with CSGO and Valorant will work. Don't try this with overwatch.
  8. I don’t play ZE or any of the servers anymore, but I do agree with you when it comes to admins baiting and giving stupid punishments. I have seen some admins doing that when I used to go on certain servers. These admins need to understand that you won’t be rewarded for muting someone after baiting them. You don’t get rewarded for how many mutes, gags, or kicks you have.
  9. Honestly, I think June or July we will be released out of quarantine. People will still be reluctant to go outside and wear masks, but yea I think in the summer it will be reopened. The stock market is going back up. We are about 4000 points down from February, which is when it spiked down. I have been seeing a lot of people putting way too much trust into fast food and restaurants, by this I mean I see people getting fast food like 4 times a week. Not every place is following the protocol with glove changing and washing your hands.
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