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  1. Life is a nonstop adventure of ups and downs, and what doesn't kill you make's you stronger. You will come out of this situation stronger than you already were, and GFL already appreciates you a lot for what you've done for people. I wish you the best of luck, Rocket.
  2. Mr. Z is very busy, he may need a reminder of this so I shall do that for you real quick brother
  3. When I ban people for ghosting, I first check to see if you are playing with any friends, if I see that you are, I'll start to dig into the damage logs to see if you killed traitors as an inno for example, and I'll try to find the context for why you killed them. If so, and I can't find why, I look to see if your friend is a Traitor during that round, and then I'll look to see if your friend did anything similar. Basically, ghosting is just getting information in ways you shouldn't, like you and your friends being in a discord call telling each other everyone's roles for example. I can't seem to find any saved evidence for this case, and if you're not appealing with your friend I get the feeling this was a mistake on my end. My apologies for the inconvenience, you have been Unbanned and I hope to see you on the server again soon!
  4. @dannymanny You have been unbanned, there was a TON of rdm during this map and so I will admit after seeing the 3 inno kills I banned without looking too much into the context. Sorry about that. I hope you come play again soon and I wish you a good day!
  5. You have been unbanned. I hope to see you on the server soon!
  6. Unban Appeal

    Hello brother, it's best in this kind of situation to either use admin chat in game to tell us about this kind of situation by putting @infront of your messages, or by explaining in a !report on the guy when he is doing this to you. You seem to understand the situation, so I have decided to unban you. If no admins are on, you can always take screenshots of chat, reports, or press F8 to look at the logs and show where he rdms you in order to gather evidence to ban them. Also, this is the Minecraft 24/7 TTT forum, not the TTT Rotation forum, try to be more careful from now on. I wish you the best of luck, and I hope to see you on soon!
  7. Understood, these kinds of situations happen. Unbanned. Try to be more careful next time brother, I hope to see you back on soon!
  8. Accidents happen, understandable. Unbanned. I wish you good luck in the future, and try to be more careful!
  9. Welcome back, I hope you enjoy your time here
  10. I can't possibly understand how you'd be oblivious to my multiple warnings whenever the topic came up, considering you constantly brought it up. I'm sorry.
  11. The first warning for you specifically was 5 hours ago, at least twice more from that point on I gave you all warnings about spoilers, whenever the topic came up since A LOT of people clearly didn't want to know about it. How can you have a conversation with someone about the movie while somehow disregarding all the people asking you to stop? Come on man, how can you not expect people to go see the STAR WARS movie tomorrow, when it just came out and tomorrow is Saturday? At least bring it to PM's and don't ignore everyone asking you to stop... This ban will remain. I wish you the best.
  12. Your ban will be moved down to 3 days. You had been warned about spoiling the new star wars movie multiple times. I was afk, and you started doing it again for some reason even though every time everyone freaked out and told you to stop. This is also besides the fact that you had been combative in voice chat with people. I was about to come back and ban you for 3 days but found it had been done already, and people we're happy about it You knew people had plans to go see it tomorrow and wanted to ruin it for them. Stop ignoring warnings, and be more considerate of other people. We're all trying to have a good time, and I really wish you'd join in on the fun. You're welcome to come back and have fun with us in the future!
  13. Im done

    Ketter I always really liked you, I'm sorry that it's come to this. I wish I could do more to change your mind because you were always one of the few who stood out to me, and watched and cared about. You've been watching me grow from the very beginning of my journey here, and I'd be really sad if you left. I don't give a shit about what other people think of you, if you want to talk about this stuff in private I would gladly. I have the power to ensure your game play is not hindered by people targeting you, and I'd love to make sure you can enjoy the game. I really wish you the best man.
  14. The reason I even got on the server to begin with is because I got pinged on discord to come deal with you specifically, because I was told you we're being toxic and racist. I get on the server, and you're holding your mic button and very loudly repeating the same word. I recall within the last couple days you being muted by me for being toxic, and every single person on the server was saying how toxic you were being, and how toxic you have been in the past. This doesn't include you using the report function to hit on a girl. This is a false report, and I didn't even include this in the ban when I did it. Come on man. You know you were acting obnoxious and there are multiple trusted long time regulars telling me about times no admins are on and you're just being a jerk to everybody. You're banned for a day, and I will not be un-banning you. You are known in the community as a toxic player. I have been told to perma you by so many people who I trust, who have played for dozens of hours without ever breaking rules. Take this as a chance, and please actually just play the game and be nice with us. I really do wish you the best.
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