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  1. Someone posted it this is the vid thanks
  2. I know how that sounds but somone payed a guy on fiver to make a funny Minecraft meme and was addressing some problems can somone give me the link?
  3. I don't get what you guys understand it wasn't bams land he unclaimed it then I claimed it this was more of me pointing out multiple things that shouldn't of happened and it should not have been a ban for sure I claimed unclaimed land and mined 1 block of my claimed land then get banned for it that's a blatant false ban I got my home removed for no reason and I got tped for no reason accept for helping other people and fucking me over
  4. My other discussions got denied even though it wasn't really a ban appeal because it wasn't in the appeal section and I figured that I would just get fucked over but I don't think leui or the person that was in the situation understands what my problem is. It shouldn't matter what my intentions are if I didn't do anything wrong at the end of the day all I did was claimed unclaimed land someone else wanted. I broke 0 rules at all and I got punished at least I should have my home set because I never said and I never did have a problem with being killed. leui said it was a problem but they were the problem he should have banned them for being toxic but I really didn't care which I would also consider that a false ban but their intentions were to make me mad and to make me quit the server as they stated in the discord. Anyways I claimed unclaimed land that used to be theirs and now was mine so they way I told other people in chat shouldn't make me banned and get the land unclaimed. I also mined 1 block 1 fucking block in my own claim even if it was the 20 blocks away from them which is like another 20 block claim if you ask me and they mined one block on accident like I did they wouldn't get banned for greifing its 1 fucking block ONE. IT WAS IN MY OWN CLAIM. in conclusion sorry if some of my typing doesn't make sense because im not rechecking it. I claimed unclaimed land that used to be somone elses mined one block in my claim and got banned for 2 days when it said it was a one day ban. I can almost garentee hes gonna fuck me over again and type the same shit in the comments but I don't think what I said in chat should make me banned or have unclaimed land. also the land WASNT FUCKING THERES GET IT THOUGH YOUR THICCCCCC SKULL IT WASNT THEIR LAND THEY UNCLAIMED IT. Last thing is I think atleast I should have my home set because I never asked for it to be removed at all if your gonna fuck me so hard for claiming unclaimed land and not breaking any real rules accept for my intentions that you assumed based of off what I typed in chat then go for it man I was so false banned and I know for a fact atleast 1 of the major 3 things that happened to me was bulshit and abuse of power but its fine. Just give me my /home back please. or you know give me back the claim that I claimed because I could claim that fucking land.
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