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  1. My Steam Profile (from SteamDB) Worth: $1784 ($475 with sales) Games owned: 190 Games played: 148 (77%) Hours on record: 4,880.6h sad that like half of my hours on record are gmod
  2. Accepted! Welcome to the Writing Team!
  3. So i made it to the top twice and still someone was chosen over me. Sounds familiar here's some of my highlights, my personal favorite being my cry for help
  4. i have a dual monitor setup and like to have the background continue onto my second monitor:
  5. You may want to check this out: it explains the few official rules that the server has.
  6. something like this?
  7. this is something i just now worked up as a test, but would something like this work? (i don't really have much to go off of so it was kind of just something i came up with)
  8. Moving this to completed, if you would like any changes made feel free to DM @Pachimo
  9. hi

    1. Mrs. Salad
    2. Shuruia


      Salad's making moves!

  10. Hello @Zeins. The GFX team has decided to allow you the opportunity to be "tested" on your skill and knowledge of creating artwork. This test will help us determine if you qualify to be on our team. Below I have listed two prompts with descriptions on what is expected for each. You only need to complete one of the two options provided. You will be given until August 6th to complete your choice of prompt. Once you have completed one of the two prompts, post the files in this thread. After you post your work, the team and I will evaluate what you provide us, and make a decision. If you choose to not complete one of these two prompts, or if you fail to submit your work on time, your application will be denied automatically. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask them within this thread, or DM me. Option #1 Artwork Type: Banner Theme: Tropical Paradise Size: 1024×256 File Format(s): PNG & .PSD Text(Centered): Chillin' Details: Design a custom profile picture based on the theme described above. You may use assets from online sources if need be. OR Option #2 Artwork Type: Profile Picture Theme: Liloz01 Dog as a Character Size: 1024×1024 File Format: PNG & .PSD Text: None Details: Design a custom profile picture based on Liloz01's dog profile picture. You can find the assets required to begin this here: Within that thread you will see examples of what you are being asked to create (I would look at the ones RVFK and I have posted, as those are good examples of what we are asking for). I would recommend picking a recognizable character, but not one that has previously been done in that thread. The choice of character is up to you. Overall scoring: How you choose to manipulate the resources provided and how much attention to detail you provide will influence how the GFX team will respond to your application. We will also be reviewing the .PSD file submitted to properly view your creative process.
  11. I moved this to general Rust because i don't know what server this is for. GLHF @Skittlez
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