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  1. Name: Billy_Catmeme Steam ID (or steam profile link): https://steamcommunity.com/id/kazemeka Ban Reason: Toxicity Why should you be unbanned This ban came as a surprise mid-round. I do not know why as I tried to keep as docile as possible, even complimenting people when I saw that they were playing very nicely. The only memorable bullying that did happen was that the entire server was joking about KOS'ing Maks at the start of each round. I won't lie, I did shout in VC "KOS Maks" at the start of the whole joke, but later on after the map changed into the minecraft bedroom one, most players agreed to stop the joke, me among those. We all actively asked to stop KOS'ing Maks. Hence, the surprise about this ban. If the reason is other than this, please explain it. I would be really thankful for that.
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