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  1. @Roythis guy shows some decent potential. Hey there Loke. Right away you are showing dedication which is very promising. I also like the fact that you're a mapper (which is irrelevant to what this position is about, but a couple servers could still benefit from that). At the very least it shows you are capable of putting in the hard work. How long have you been programming for? Are there any other languages you have experience with? Hope to hear from you soon!
  2. Grab a gun on your way in, you can never be too safe in case a zombie outbreak starts up. Bring a mop, too. Someone already got a little trigger happy and we got a lot of mess to clean up.
  3. Here's a challenge. Try to change the sprite based off how much health it has. sprite.setTextureRect(); uses all 4 values in sf::IntRect. The first 2 values corespond to the exact pixel in your sprite sheet, the second 2 values represent the size of the texture. You can dynamically change the first two values to jump between rows and columns to make some pretty cool stuff. Another little thing you could fool around with is sf::Image, which allows you to actually edit whatever texture is loaded using various functions. And if you really wanna get some game development practice, try to make the controls smooth. An extremely key part of making good 2D controls is adding weight to your characters movement. If your character instantly switches direction upon pressing a directional button the controls are going to feel stiff and weirdly unresponsive. Try to see if you can't fool around with floating point and make the movement feel smooth. Make your movement have acceleration. Make your character have to gradually shift from one direction to the next if you move your character from one direction to another direction.
  4. Miboi still making donations to the community ❤️ 


  5. Quarantine

    @Nickasked in one of the GFL discords why there's been a spike of gun imports since the outbreak occurred. Simple: They're preparing for when this outbreak turns everyone into zombies.
  6. Quarantine

    My life has remained relatively the same since this whole social distancing thing started. Shortly before the Covid 19 breakout in the US I had already started my game development project. So the whole time this virus has been spreading around I've been working hours straight on the daily. I was already doing that before the outbreak haha. Guess this just acts as extra incentive. My "workout routine" is simple. 3 sets of 12 reps every day, push ups. It's nothing special, but it keeps your arms from turning into mush. I have too much damn work to do, so I don't binge Netflix and I sometimes watch YouTube. I've been averaging 6 hours of work a day this past week and I'll probably continue to do so for a little while. I'm extremely motivated to make this game. I'm hoping it gets me and Gamer Rocket Studios on the map as a development team. So in short it's my typical every day life, just everyone going crazy outside of my house and buying barrels of toilet paper.
  7. Firstly, Joshy you have some interesting shit going on. Secondly, Bae I am sincerely sorry if number 1 is a true fact. Much love goes out to your family. Well guess it's my turn. 1. I have written erotica before. 2. I played Viola before and was a star student in the orchestra class. 3. I currently have a major in computer science.
  8. It is time to flex your program'r skilz and count to 10 like you learned in school. I challenge everyone here to create the most complicated "count to 10" program possible. The goal is simple. All you need to do is make your program print numbers 1 through 10 into console OR by using file I/O. You can separate each number using a space or by inputting a new line. HOWEVER, here's the catch. You need to make it as complicated as possible. Each number should take a ridiculous amount of code to print. Now please, don't just spam if else blocks. Try to be creative. More creative "solutions" will be loved more than quick and sloppy ones. Being able to make your code run in a loop would be really cool if you can pull it off. But you have the freedom of choice here. When you make something, please provide the language you used. If you use assembly, don't just copy off a compiler like godbolt. Everything should be original code wirtten by you (besides the printing method or file I/O of course). I'll pitch in a few when I get a chance 😄 You can paste them in a code block here. You also have the choice of GitHub and other platforms if the code gets REALLY complicated. The obvious rule is the code MUST compile/run. Errors are not accepted. And of course if you really want to, you can use a web designing language to print these numbers out onto a localhost page. This is also acceptable. Have fun! And feel free to use a variety of languages! It would be super interesting to see other languages get utilized in this weird challenge haha
  9. You want cringe? I got just the thing for you. RivalRevival is the Rival I'd love to revive 💗 Did I win?
  10. Drawful 2

    Is there a voice channel or some place we'll be connecting to? I'm no longer in the main gfl discord so I'd need to be re-invited if the voice call takes place in there.
  11. Drawful 2

    Good news is: I want to attend! Bad news is: My internet is so damn slow I can't download the game without disrupting everyone else in the house. Conclusion: well shit
  12. So this is going to be a little unorthodox. But I am looking for composers. Right now the team Gamer Rocket Studios is developing their first game. This game will be submitted to steam once finished. With it being our first game, it's pretty obvious we have no damn budget lol. So as much as I HATE it, people are doing wageless labor for this project. Right now I am looking for anyone with good composing software. FL Studio, garageband, Sampletank, whatever you have that can make at least decent quality music for a game. What We're Looking For We would like scores to be loopable. The music will be on a loop as you play. The duration will range anywhere from 30 seconds to a full minute. More information will be provided in private if you express interest in taking part of this project. All music will be credited. You will be credited as a composer in the game credits. Your name will also be next to your score(s) in the OST. Sadly there will be no form of payment. If you are a huge help, I will keep that in mind. Major contributors will hopefully receive some kind of payment in the future when I am able to get some money. So if you stick around and make more than just 1 or 2 songs, I'll try to give something to you in the future. But that cannot be promised at the moment. If you are interested, contact me through my discord: Rocket#6688 Have some examples of your works ready. Oh and pink floyd is absolutely wonderful. One of the greatest music artists to ever live.
  13. Honestly @NickI appreciate the response. I love being able to learn new things about programming. There's still a LOT I'm yet to learn. Just because I'm a game developer doesn't mean I'm a better programmer than everyone else. Honestly the only reason why I can develop a game is due to my crazy work ethic. I might eventually look into how to further optimize my code writing. I want to finish this game project first, though. Otherwise I'm gonna add extra stress to myself. But when that time comes I would actually like to see if you couldn't give me a few pointers about properly structuring .cpp's and headers because I never actually bothered learning about that stuff hahaha. I just went off and did my own thing with them. I'm still gonna do the if(!bool) return; thing though, even if it does result in a couple extra instructions during compile time. It just looks so much cleaner to me. And yes you can see "pointers" as a pun.
  14. My programs usually have a single .cpp file. Yes, it is main.cpp And of course, all the function calls are called inside main() to get the code running. Most of the code is ran though various core.h files, which usually has some kind of void process(); method that I can call. core.h will import all the different header files needed. And of course each additional header file can import other header files if needed. This helps me know exactly where I need to go to add any additional functionality that my program has. It might not be the most efficient way to do this, but it's how I like to do it. I write my code to be as efficient with resources as possible. Sometimes this can sacrifice readability. For example: //How a normal person does this: bool check(unsigned int& x) { if(x < 10000) { x += 1; run(); return true; } else { return false; } } //How I do this: bool check(unsigned int& x) { if(++x >= 10000) return false; run(); return true; } It isn't instantly readable but it DOES actually use less resources to run. ++x and x++ is kind of "built in" to the CPU's functionality so it's actually ever so slightly quicker. And of course, a single if is faster than if else. It's negligible, but it's still faster. It saves a single jump call when you look at this code in assembly. (At least I'm pretty sure it does) Doing it like this does not have any impact on resource use since you are technically running the same code. It's just spread out into different header files. I think it might take slightly longer for the compiler to compile your code, though. But in conclusion, your programs performance during runtime is not influenced by how many header files you have. Header files or no header files, it's going to come out as machine code anyways.
  15. It's amazing how differently every C++ programmer writes their code. My writing style is a little unorthodox. I am a C-style/OOP hybrid. I don't use headers with classes like a normal person either haha. I pretty much just use header files as a way to segment my code and make it easier to navigate. I might be able to provide some examples at some point. Maybe. The issue is my best code tends to be for projects that AREN'T open source. Like games. I'll provide an example of how many header files I'll use with a few snips of the code I'm currently working on. This is code for an actual game that'll be published to steam once finished. So this is all I can show you. Another habit I tend to have is to do this: void functionThing(int x) { if(x != 0) return; runOtherFunction(); setUpStuff(); Stuff::GetStuff(x).wew(); } Rather than this: void functionThing(int x) { if(x > 0) { runOtherFunction(); setUpStuff(); Stuff::GetStuff(x).wew(); } } I always get the boolean stuff out of the way first. That way resources are never wasted for code that doesn't need to be ran.
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