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  1. Being a developer is a lot more than just helping out the GFL game servers. Do you have any experience with programming... at all? If you do, we would like to see some examples of your work. Please let us know if you have any programming experience as soon as possible. Thank you.
  2. Well, since I am unable to do anything, explained in this status update: https://gflclan.com/profile/42374-_rocket_/?status=11077&type=status I am instead just gonna do nothing but speedrun Hotline Miami. I will post any PB's I get in here cuz ynot. If you wanna see the PB I got yesterday, here's a link to the speedrun.com record page of my run: https://www.speedrun.com/hotline_miami/run/z1jke67z If I can't put my mind into programming and other things, I'm gonna put my mind and my time into bashing peoples heads in as fast as possible. kthank have gud dai
  3. Some important information in regards to what my activity will be like in the coming month(s):


    Some of you have probably heard me say that my financial situation isn't very great. Well, I don't go into great lengths in explaining exactly how bad it actually is. Hopefully this paints a picture.


    My main internet has been shut off. We can't afford the internet bill right now, despite how much we have tried. We can't trade food expenses or other expenses for this since the internet isn't a necessity for living. So as it stands, my computer has no internet connection. And it will likely remain that way until we finally get ourselves in a better position.


    We do not have a wifi adapter, only one we can sometimes borrow from a friend who comes over once and a while. This means any mobile hot spots using the wifi adapter will be the only way I can get internet on my PC. So... Yeah.


    I hope you all understand why I am doing this, but I likely won't be able to work on any programming projects for a while. It's hard to stay motivated in the current situation we're in. And while I do have a strong passion for programming, it's a passion that takes a lot of dedication. Right now? I'm not too sure I'm in the mood to give that kind of dedication.


    I'll update you all when I can in regards to my situation. For the time being, I probably won't be very active. I'll be on my phone using my mobile data if I'm browsing here, so I'll still be around don't worry.

    1. Duc2000


      Sorry to hear that man.

  4. I enjoy your passion. I would like to believe I share that same passion for programming. I often give myself big projects to work on so I can get more experience with any languages I work with. As of right now, I am most interested in software development or GUI development. Mostly with C++, but I have been learning C and plan to learn other languages to expand my knowledge even further. I mean after learning a few new languages recently, I have already found it much easier to come up with creative ideas to fix a problem that comes up when I wrote code with C++. With that being said, my time hasn't been spent on a lot of scripting languages like sourcepawn and Lua. So I can't make a valid conclusion on your programming practices just from the code you provided. Of course that's nothing on you, I am just too much of a stubborn boi to make scripts instead of making software haha. However, that progress bar code does look clean, especially for something written in Lua. You organize the code in a way that is easy to follow and read. I also enjoy that you actually use local functions instead of cramming everything into a single drawn out function. It is very good practice to split your code out into multiple functions. Every function should serve 1 job, not multiple. It improves readability, and it makes it much easier to expand on the code later. And good god does it make bug fixing 10x easier. And that is not an exaggeration, either. For the time being, I am going to remain neutral until I find a time to contact you directly. Unless you can provide a discord tag of some sort, I'll likely contact you through this sites PM's. In the meantime, thanks for applying Cryotheum. Hope your day is going well!
  5. Well the fun thing about programming is the fact that there are many different areas you can choose from. There is software development, web development, scripting, OS development, etc. If you are wanting to learn how to program for Gmod, you will need to learn GLua. GLua is the same as Lua, except for a few small extensions and the Gmod library. And of course, Lua is a scripting language. The great thing about many scripting languages? They tend to be "high-level languages". In lamens, that means they have high level compilers. This actually makes it easier to learn the language, since the compiler does a lot more of the work for you. Unfortunately, you won't find very good GLua tutorials. A lot of the information is either outdated or false. You would have better luck having someone in the development team teach you the basics of GLua. That way you have a more hands on experience. Though, I do want to mention. If you are interested in learning other languages, I highly suggest starting with either C or Java. Those are incredibly good languages to learn programming, since they help you understand more about how programming works and some of the things that happen in the background of everything. Learning new languages often help me come up with more creative ways to solve a problem in any other languages I use. If you ever want to learn some stuff, I'm usually available. I won't be able to become a teacher for a few days though, I got hours of recording footage to edit. But when I'm done, I can most definitely help you out 😄
  6. Hey there everyone. Whenever I am working on big programming projects, it helps me a TON to just isolate myself from people to focus on my work. It helps me stay productive and keeps my mind engaged into what I'm doing. Right now I am working on a personal project. Whenever I have new ideas, they stick to the back of my mind, which can make it hard to work on anything else. So, I am going to temporarily disconnect myself from discord, YouTube, etc. So I can put all my focus on my work. As soon as I am finished, I will come right back and continue working on all the things I'm currently working on for GFL. I believe I do my best work if all my focus is put on my GFL projects. If I am distracted by this personal project, any add-ons or other things I work on will come out rushed and incomplete. It might be a few days before I'm finished, I'm not 100% for sure. @Mejillalet the guys in DarkRP know I will be back, but I'm going to be gone for a few days. Send them a link to this if you want. Cya bois
  7. C++ code I wrote about 6 months ago. Wow it's amazing how much better you can get at something after 6 months.




    we are gonna build a great great wall across our southern border, using nothing but logical operators and shet

    1. Xy
    2. _Rocket_


      That's the devs of C being bad ;D

  8. We won't be providing any information about professions, roles, and other things inside the server. Not until beta testing is complete at least. This is for a couple reasons. -To keep things confidential -To ensure new additions to the server will remain in the server -To avoid spreading false/outdated information -Not to finalize anything that shouldn't be confirmed or finalized yet. (What Mejilla provided above is an exception of course haha)
  9. Oh yeah I'm getting prepared for the hell that is customer requests. You think understanding these instructions are hard? Oh boy I can only imagine. The goal is to find important details. Find out what requests can be variables, what can be calculations, and what can be inputs. Find any constraints as well. Since you are learning, I am gonna provide some hints only for day 1. At the start you are just being fed useless information. You still want to read it just in case, but none of if really tells you any possible details you need to consider while writing your code. Your first details lie within the expression to handle the fuel calculations. It gives you an exact process. n / 3, round that down. Then subtract 2. This will be your fuel count. It then gives you examples. These are just examples, so they really don't tell you any new ways to write your code. So ignore the examples unless you need them to help understand the expression better. Next, there's one thing that is only said once. If you do not read carefully, you'll miss this in the sea of information. It asks for the TOTAL of all the fuel amounts. This is a vital part of the equation. Every time you calculate the fuel, you are going to need to add that calculation to a total. I suggest you use an unsigned int or some other variable to store the total. You will be constantly adding to this. Lastly, it gives you an input. The input has MANY numbers. Like a list of them. The way you handle this is up to you, but I would suggest using a file I/O to cycle through all the inputs inside a text file. All this should fall into place. You got an expression, you got a request (the request being they want the total of all the fuel values), and lastly you got an input. This is all you have been provided. Now try to write a program that gives the customer what they requested. And again, remember, they requested the total. So yes, this means you should only be submitting a single number as the answer. Not a list of numbers. No letters or anything. Everything else you will be doing on your own @Joshyi hope this helped you out a little.
  10. Make sure to read the instructions carefully. Read it out loud. It helps you notice small details you may have missed. The entire question description needs to be read.
  11. I was able to get day 1 completed in under 40 minutes 😄 Man this is already fun! I can't wait until these get hard. I can only imagine how challenging they'll start getting after a while. I don't know if I'll be able to do them each day, though. Big rip right there. Good luck to anyone who is participating. If you are stumped on day 1, don't worry. This is very good practice. Programming is all about problem solving. It takes time to get better at solving problems quickly. This is how you do it. The only reason why I am able to do this so quickly is because I have already made games. And that? That took HOURS upon H O U R S of problem solving and bug fixing xD It's the only reason why I know I can do crazy stuff like this with for loops: Censored so the solution isn't completely spoiled xD Don't worry I won't provide anymore code from now on. All the other solutions are up to you guys. Good luck mibois
  12. You know, I haven't ever seriously tried developing a GUI program with java. I just found SFML with C++ to be a much more enjoyable experience. But at the same time, I tried making a GUI program with java when I only had like 2 months of programming experience. I should probably go back and try it again when I get the chance. Hell I might even use this tutorial to get myself started with it haha. Thanks for the tutorial Joshy, hope your day is going well miboi
  13. You would think being the last comment on this forum would be a triumphant moment, but if your comment was the last comment that would imply that GFL completely died and no one cares about posts anymore. Wew that feels great :D
  14. We appreciate the concern you have for the server. Seriously, we do. But I would have liked it if you contacted me or mejilla privately first to discuss these things. Since this server is still under works, there is bound to be some rough edges that are yet to be smoothed out. The rules that are currently displayed in the MOTD belongs in the "rough edge" category. Right now our main priority is getting the server started up and running smoothly. We also need to add all the different features and things to make the server functional and fun for all players. The rules are not currently a priority, and will not be a priority until we begin considering making the server public. If you have any suggestions, we will be glad to hear them. But we would like it if you kept these suggestions down somewhere for a future time. That way, when we do begin working on the MOTD you can provide any suggestions you thought up. Thanks for your concern. We appreciate it. And don't worry, everything will turn out just fine haha. Hope your day is going well.
  15. Hello there Thanos. Firstly, I'd like to thank you for providing more of your work. We appreciate seeing some more from you. I know it's hard to get more items to provide, but these things really help us. Secondly, and more importantly I would like to address something. Perhaps you didn't realize this, which is okay. But there is something you should know. There is an unspoken expectation of all development team members. In fact, it is an expectation for all team members in the GFL Staff Roster. Every staff position in GFL has its own job title. And of course that job has a list of its own unique expectations. But! There is a single thing that every single staff position expects. Someone who can represent the team, have good leadership skills, and be able to represent the social side of each team. This is for a very good reason. We are staff who look over an internet gaming community. Any gaming community will have a group of toxic members. These members can insult you, criticize you, judge how well you preform your job, etc. And a big expectation we have for team members? We expect team members to handle these people with respect, even if they don't share that same respect. Applying for a development position is a bigger deal than you may realize. If you are accepted, you will officially be a member of the GFL Staff Roster. And therefor, you will be expected to meet the same standards we have for all of your staff piers. You will no longer have the luxury of always speaking your mind without caution. Now you will need to consider perspectives, and be smart with how you respond to fellow GFL members. This does NOT mean you cannot speak your mind. You can say as you please. But you must say it with respect and consideration. This is a SERIOUS expectation we have for every single member on this team. This includes Directors, Server Managers, Technical Administrators, everyone on the team. It does not matter how the others on the development team have treated you. If you have a problem with their attitude towards you, you are free to address your concerns privately through PM's or Discord DM's. This is fine. And if they are being unfair towards you, you are free to consult me or higher ups in the GFL staff team and make a report about it privately. With this being said, my problem? You have displayed a strong ego with each response in this application. This is a slight red flag in my eyes. I have also heard a lot of concerning reports about you from others in the GFL roster. However, I have disregarded all reports for my own sake so I have a clear mind. And even if I disregard all I have heard, I still have gotten questionable vibes on each response you have made. And a big ego is one of the big red flags. Anyone with a big ego is prone to become defensive when they are criticized. And I can guarantee you one thing, people are going to criticize you in the future if you get this position. I need to know that you can handle these people with care and respect, regardless how they treat you. You can still inform your staff piers about what happened, but you shouldn't get angry at the member who criticized you. And so far? I cannot trust you will be able to handle that kind of situation with care. Due to all of this, I will remain neutral. This way, you have a chance to respond and potentially convince me that you can demonstrate good leadership skills and good self control. If you chose not to respond, this is fine. I just wanted to inform you about this, because it is important for you to know.
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