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  1. Gonna hit you with an uwu and a OwO and a ewe and a zwz and a >.< And a >T< and a <π> and a [=] and a 9#9 and a >(< and a ({( and a >\\\< and a iei and a xrx. This was a fun erp hope to talk to you soon cutie😘



    No homo





    what the hell did I just type

  2. Okay so I am supposed to be turned on. Cool
  3. I don't know if I should laugh, be concerned, or be turned on.
  4. We understand exactly what you are trying to say Andrew. We are saying that letting randoms in the server vote on if someone should be banned isn't the brightest idea. An admin should be able to make that decision. If an admin in the server is failing to do their job, you can contact the server manager or someone else in the staff team directly to address your concerns. Because in the end, mic spam is not a banable offense in any GFL server that I know of. Let alone a permanent ban. We are glad you want the server to run well, and I'm sure the staff appreciate your concern, but allowing people to vote on if someone should be banned *permanently* is NOT how this problem should be fixed.
  5. Really close to 1000 reputation points miboi. Congrats. Now just get another 2000 and you will own GFL



    Jokes aside, I'm sure a lot of people appreciate your activity in GFL forums. Thanks for being so active man, congrats on 1k

    1. Duc2000


      Thanks! You're working your way up there too

    2. _Rocket_


      Pff nah, when I expose to the FBI that Roy has kids in his basement, my reputation count will mysteriously turn to the negatives.


      You didn't hear that btw.


      @Roy isn't that right Roy miboi?

  6. I have never played Zombie Escape, but I will say this. Banning is a kind of power that admins hold because banning can easily be abused. Bans happen when people break the rules. If randoms were given the ability to vote on someone being banned, there could potentially be false bans that have no justification whatsoever. This is made especially true when you make the ban *permanent*. Even if the vote is initialized by the admin, the admin should be smart enough to tell if someone is breaking server rules that justify a permanent ban. They should not be giving randoms the ability to decide for the admins. Because it isn't very responsible, and it shows the admin cannot make their own decisions. If admins are failing to do their job, that's something you can bring up to the staff roster in private DMs. But I STRONGLY suggest a "vote to ban" system to never be added. The admins should be able to decide if someone is breaking enough rules to warrant a ban. Plus, this system could be very easily abused. I'm sure the staff team appreciates the suggestion of course, but I'm not too sure if this would be the smartest idea.
  7. But... Prop pushing/killing doesn't give DNA, does it? I'm not going to comment on anything else since I have no right to, but I just wanted to mention that.
  8. Hey there Alasses! I'm not for sure if you have gotten in contact with anyone else on the team recently. But I wanted to make sure, are you still interested in getting a development position? I don't think anyone in the team has heard from you in a little while. If it's any issue, if you're still interested in the position I would like to speak with you so we could talk directly. Maybe we could figure out a way to bring this application back to life!
  9. Hey there Rizse. I don't believe I've had a chance to talk to you. Is there any chance we could get in contact with one another so we could discuss some things? That way I could get a chance to meet you and conversate directly. It would be much appreciated. If you wish to contact me, you can contact me through the sites PMs or through my discord by adding me with this tag here: Dustin#5962 I'm looking forward to meeting you. Hope your day is going well!
  10. I can most definitely relate to the "surrounded by productive people" thing. When I am around people who are getting things done, it makes me want to do the same thing. Problem is all the people I am friends with are online so... Finding productivity is kinda hard hahaha. Still though, thanks for the response here. I'm glad my random rants interests someone hahaha. And I do understand what you are saying about forcing. But my problem tends to be: I don't feel like doing something, but once I start doing it I start to enjoy it. It confuses the hell outa me trust me. So when I make myself do it besides my apprehension, I tend to suddenly feel good about it. Most of the time. Sometimes I just genuinely feel like being a lazy faf boi hahaha
  11. pff, nah I can be a bit of a bone head sometimes. I just like teaching people stuff. If it be about programming, math, or psychology. It's stuff I'm interested in, so if anyone else wants to learn more about it, ey I wanna be a teachur eggs dea.
  12. I agree. It's why it took me so long to make this poll. In fact I was originally planning on never making it at all. However, there has been some more people saying it's overpowered. So I needed to make this poll just to make sure the majority is heard on this. I still strongly believe the gun is perfect in its current state. But in the end, if the majority want a change, I will make that change. But only if it's a majority. Because. Democracy. America. Or something. Idk.
  13. Depression affects optimism in a heavy way. Depression reduces the production of the "happy chemical" in your brain. That chemical is essential for a lot of your moods. Without it, optimism is almost non-existent. When you lack optimism, you have a hard time seeing any reason to work on projects. It isn't due to procrastination. That is something different. Procrastination is common to everyone. People who suffer due to depression just lack the ability to see the gain of working on anything productive. They are very fully aware that being productive is going to be good for them. Just because they are depressed does not mean they lack intelligence. They just struggle to see the point in working on anything. It's not due to lack of intelligence. It's all because of the happy chemical missing.
  14. I know that not everyone wants to do math, so if any of you want some raw numbers for each change, here they are. I do not know the exact numbers so just bare with me here. I am going to calculate these numbers using rough estimates and figures given to me through TTT itself. Body armor reduces damage by 30% Damage scaling on limbs reduces damage by 44% (is applied after the body armor damage reduction as well) Option 1: Damage per pellet: 20 (11.2) , 14 (7.84) Option 2: Damage per pellet: 18 (10.08) , 12 (6.72) Option 3: Damage per pellet: 16 (8.96) , 11 (6.16) Option 4: Damage per pellet: 14 (7.84) , 9 (5.04) Option 2 is okay I guess. The gun is already pretty bad at long range. All this does is render the gun even less viable at medium range. Option 3 renders the gun completely useless at medium range. You'd be better off using the HUGE as a medium ranged weapon than this. Option 4 would render this gun slightly less viable at even cqc. It would only have serious use point blank. I think this would be too much. A headshot pellet would do the following, note numbers in parentheses are what you do if the person has body armor: In the guns current state: 50%: 30 (21) 70%: 34 (23.8) 100%: 40 (28) Damage reduced by 10%: 50%: 27 (18.9) 70%: 30 (21) 100%: 36 (25.2) Damage reduced by 20%: 50%: 24 (16.8) 70%: 27 (18.9) 100%: 32 (22.4) Damage reduced by 30%: 50%: 21 (14.7) 70%: 23 (16.1) 100%: 28 (19.6)
  15. And honestly, I think I have said all I need to say on this discussion. I have posted on this thread a few times now. All my opinions on the matter have been stated and put out there. I think for the most part this was a healthy discussion. And I think it was worth some of the time we all put into it. But for the time being, I think I have shown everything I need to show. I'm just gonna go ahead and unfollow this discussion. Please be sure to remain civil everyone. Remember, solving a problem is about focusing on the solution, not the problem. It appears some people think favoritism is a big issue in GFL. They have most definitely already stated the problem. The next step is for everyone to think of a solution. And no, I don't mean saying "everyone stop being gey lol". I mean actual genuine solutions. Like compensation, planning, private discussion hashing out any problems. Anything of the sort. Just as long as it's civil. Keep it clean everyone. I hope you all are doing well 😄
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