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  1. Hey there everyone. Bad hitboxes are not a new thing to Gmod. Unlike some more competitive shooters like tf2 or CS:GO, Gmod isn't designed for highly accurate hitboxes. This results in a more competitive gamemode like TTT to suffer bad hitreg. Is all hope lost? Not yet it isn't! There are ways you can improve hitboxes. Lerp is one of those things. What is Lerp? Lerp is a fancy way of saying lag compensation. Hitscan weapons like shotguns, pistols, m16's, etc. need to communicate with the server to detect a hit. Hitscan weapons use player hitboxes to detect if a bullet has hit or not. Unfortunately, this game isn't optimized to keep hitboxes close to client-side player models. So more often than not, player hitboxes lag behind the player model you are shooting at. How do you know if lerp is the problem? Simple. If you have ever seen blood particles emit from a shot but the person you hit didn't take any damage, that means it's a lerp issue. How Do I see Lerp? Open your console and put in net_graph 1, this is what should show up: By default, lerp is going to be at 100 ms, which is TERRIBLE. We need to change this. Your lerp settings are dependent on a few specific console variables that are used to determine various network configurations... Or in English: "Console commands can change lerp to be better". Now, lerp is not one size fits all. You need to determine the correct lerp settings based off your connection speed to the server. On slow connections, I highly suggest you use this configuration: cl_cmdrate 40 cl_interp 0 cl_interp_ratio 2 cl_lagcompensation 1 cl_pred_optimize 2 cl_smooth 0 cl_smoothtime 0.01 cl_updaterate 40 rate 35000 This should result in this lerp: What this will do is purposely delay your hit registration. If your connection is poor, hitboxes are very likely going to lag behind the player models. With a high lerp setting, the hitreg will be delayed long enough so the bullet actually connects with the hitbox. If you have a good connection, you might want to consider using this configuration: cl_cmdrate 67 cl_interp 0 cl_interp_ratio 1 cl_lagcompensation 1 cl_pred_optimize 2 cl_smooth 0 cl_smoothtime 0.01 cl_updaterate 67 // The tricks to get 1.4ms lerp are placebo you're still forced to .0152 rate 60000 This will ensure that your hit is registered as soon as it possibly can without killing your internet speed and eating up bandwith. Your lerp should look like this: Running these commands with a single console command: Now, if you don't want to manually input this every single time, there is a way to run this with a single console command. Step 1: Go to the garrys mod files. Step two, navigate through the following folders: garrysmod > cfg and click on the cfg folder. Step three, download this zip file, it holds a .cfg document. lerp.zip You can open the .cfg document in notepad to make changes to it. Now, extract the zip folder and drag the .cfg file into the cfg folder. EVERY TIME YOU LAUNCH THE GAME: Put in the console: exec lerp This will execute the lerp file, which will input all the console commands automatically. Make sure you do this every time, otherwise your lerp settings will remain unchanged. I suggest you open the lerp.cfg file with notepad and read everything for your own piece of mind. This may not completely fix bad hitboxes, since some of it is server-side (and some of it is just Gmod itself). But this should help a decent amount at the very least.
  2. I love your avatar

  3. Merry Birthday Miboi

  4. I am open to helping the team to keep the ball rolling. I can care less if I get some official "Team Leader" title lol. As it stands, I have recently gotten a lot of free time on my hands. Free time that I can't spend on what I actually WANT to do (which is programming). So most of my days are just nothing but trying really hard to occupy myself. With this being said, I have the time. It would give me something to actually *work* on, something I've lacked here lately (and it's driving me up a wall). This may not mean I'm always gonna be available 24/7 of course, but I'm gonna be open for a while. I know this is gonna be a decision that takes time to make, Roy. So if you ever need to contact me, you can. I just want to let you know I am open for that position. But even if I don't get the position, I'm still here to help out if needbe.
  5. Okay so game time. I got an idea. You see, I used to play a lot of racing games on the PS2 as a kid. That console had the best damn racing games. My all time favorite was easily Need For Speed Most Wanted 2005. That game is often held in high regards, mainly due to the amazing police chases. Here recently I have been thinking about possible game projects. When I am finally able to get a job (when I can get the proper transportation for it), I'll start getting money to come in. I could actually invest in artists, and pay the fee to submit a game into steam. Aka, I can actually start making games for steam. Actual. Official. Games. My first idea? I'm thinking of making a top down game. I like open world games... So, my idea? Make a huge open world racing type game. Like, when I say a huge map... I mean something massive. I've been considering using the US as a model for the map. It couldn't possibly be completely 1:1 scale of the US, that would take years of development to complete. Maybe something smaller scale, but still the same idea. I would take inspiration from Need For Speed's pursuit system and add my own twists to it. This could result in tense cop chase sequences across the US. Now the visuals aren't exactly gonna be *stunning*, not in the slightest. It's a top down 2D game. I'm not entirely for sure if I can get artists to draw the whole map either. Something might have to be made to generate the scenery... Maybe an algorithm of some sort that I could design. I don't know. A lot of ideas are still half baked. The main goal is to make a huge map of the US. And the pursuit system is gonna be designed to be challenging but fun. I have ideas for racing, but I'm not for sure yet. What do you guys think of this idea?
  6. ah yes very elegant and clean code. There's a few small formatting changes I'd personally make, but programmers tend to differ in how they structure their code. What really matters is the code itself. And yes miboi, that's clean shet. I will always love the freedom you have in if statements or while loops. It's something languages that Java and others just miss out on. if((err = function(args)) > 0) With that one line alone, you were able to assign a value to the err variable so the if statement can use it if the result is greater than 0. A bad boi would do this: err = function(args); if(err > 0) Dirty code. Don't like it. Not elegant. Get outta here with that. Actually, it could be worse. if(function(args) > 0) { err = function(args); } Just looking at that hurts my soul D; Case and point, very dank code.
  7. The code you provided was elegant, simple, thought out, and well formatted. Hello there Splewt. I do not think we have had a single applicant who has worked in your field. That is honestly really exciting. Right away I'm getting very good signs from this application. Even the small things matter. Your response to LilyShiro was a treat to read. I always love programming discussions. You may be wondering why it has taken time for us to get back to you. Do not worry, it isn't due to lack of interest. We have had an influx of applications here recently. And the truth is, we can't accept them all. As it stands we don't have very many projects going on development-wise. At the very most we can use a little help in some areas (Unless I'm completely wrong with that statement, feel free to correct me on that @Roy), but nothing major. With this being said, we have most definitely considered you. Just looking at your example makes me a little excited because I love elegant code. And the fact that you made a demonstration using GFL is already a good sign... Maybe you could help give ideas and solutions to improve our site. Maybe 😄 Just give us some time and we'll get back to you when we can. Thanks for your patience Splewt! Hope your day is going well.
  8. Bold of you to assume I can have a partner, Reaper. The only girlfriend I'll have will be digital and written in C++
  9. You know that's the thing that I hate about distancing myself from GFL, Royal. I don't feel as if I've done enough for everyone. I didn't finish the GFL game, I didn't finish the addon I was developing for Dark RP, etc. So far all I have done is just talk in the forums and moderate the rotation server. That's not enough to say I've changed GFL for the better, or I at least gave something back to the community. And I really don't like that. I didn't do anything for anyone yet. Which is all the more reason why I so very dislike disappearing when I did. I should be doing more. I am capable of doing more. But I can't. I'm restricted. And it's irritating. But all that aside, I still more than appreciate the kind words. You have always been a great guy Royal. Congrats on getting the staff position in Rotation. You'll do great miboi.
  10. Hey there everyone. Friendly neighborhood programmer boi here. For those of you who haven't read my latest status update I posted a while ago, please do so: https://gflclan.com/profile/42374-_rocket_/?status=11077&type=status Now that you are caught up, here's the update. Some people might have assumed I just left the community. That is partly my fault since I didn't make an official announcement here until tonight. But I haven't left the community. My situation has gotten worse. The apartment that me and my family live in had a monthly rent increase. It was increased by $100 a month. Yes, you heard that right. An extra $100 every month for a 950 square foot apartment that has terrible internet. Things haven't gotten any better. I am getting stir crazy over here. I'm not able to program anything despite how badly I want to. I don't feel like I'm doing anything with my time, and it's eating away at me. I'm not in the greatest headspace due to all this. So I distanced myself from GFL for a while. I plan on continuing to do so. I would much rather be active here when I'm feeling happy... Or at the very least content with my life situation. Right now I am far from content. I couldn't even describe my situation as remotely comfortable. Frankly I'm stressed out. I'm a little lost. I don't know what to do each day. I don't want you all to feel sorry or upset, but you all have a right to know why I'm so absent. I didn't distance myself from GFL by choice. Honestly I don't think I ever felt so accomplished and so fulfilled with my life like how I was a few weeks ago. I was starting to make video games, a dream I've had since I was a kid. I was meeting new people and making friends. I was learning so much about my programming practices. I felt amazing... No I'm not depressed, don't worry. I'm not incredibly sad, or overly stressed. I can manage. I still have a few close friends I talk to often, and they help me get by. Things will eventually get better. My family and I are trying our best to get out of this damn situation. We currently have a plan... So we have that going for us. I might be able to come back in a month, or two months. Hell it might not be for another 6 months... I'm optimistic, and hopeful. I'm trying my hardest not to lose hope. But man... It can be hard sometimes. Hope all your days are going well.
  11. Hope you bois and gorls find nerdy to be sexy
  12. Being a developer is a lot more than just helping out the GFL game servers. Do you have any experience with programming... at all? If you do, we would like to see some examples of your work. Please let us know if you have any programming experience as soon as possible. Thank you.
  13. Well, since I am unable to do anything, explained in this status update: https://gflclan.com/profile/42374-_rocket_/?status=11077&type=status I am instead just gonna do nothing but speedrun Hotline Miami. I will post any PB's I get in here cuz ynot. If you wanna see the PB I got yesterday, here's a link to the speedrun.com record page of my run: https://www.speedrun.com/hotline_miami/run/z1jke67z If I can't put my mind into programming and other things, I'm gonna put my mind and my time into bashing peoples heads in as fast as possible. kthank have gud dai
  14. Some important information in regards to what my activity will be like in the coming month(s):


    Some of you have probably heard me say that my financial situation isn't very great. Well, I don't go into great lengths in explaining exactly how bad it actually is. Hopefully this paints a picture.


    My main internet has been shut off. We can't afford the internet bill right now, despite how much we have tried. We can't trade food expenses or other expenses for this since the internet isn't a necessity for living. So as it stands, my computer has no internet connection. And it will likely remain that way until we finally get ourselves in a better position.


    We do not have a wifi adapter, only one we can sometimes borrow from a friend who comes over once and a while. This means any mobile hot spots using the wifi adapter will be the only way I can get internet on my PC. So... Yeah.


    I hope you all understand why I am doing this, but I likely won't be able to work on any programming projects for a while. It's hard to stay motivated in the current situation we're in. And while I do have a strong passion for programming, it's a passion that takes a lot of dedication. Right now? I'm not too sure I'm in the mood to give that kind of dedication.


    I'll update you all when I can in regards to my situation. For the time being, I probably won't be very active. I'll be on my phone using my mobile data if I'm browsing here, so I'll still be around don't worry.

    1. Duc2000


      Sorry to hear that man.

  15. I enjoy your passion. I would like to believe I share that same passion for programming. I often give myself big projects to work on so I can get more experience with any languages I work with. As of right now, I am most interested in software development or GUI development. Mostly with C++, but I have been learning C and plan to learn other languages to expand my knowledge even further. I mean after learning a few new languages recently, I have already found it much easier to come up with creative ideas to fix a problem that comes up when I wrote code with C++. With that being said, my time hasn't been spent on a lot of scripting languages like sourcepawn and Lua. So I can't make a valid conclusion on your programming practices just from the code you provided. Of course that's nothing on you, I am just too much of a stubborn boi to make scripts instead of making software haha. However, that progress bar code does look clean, especially for something written in Lua. You organize the code in a way that is easy to follow and read. I also enjoy that you actually use local functions instead of cramming everything into a single drawn out function. It is very good practice to split your code out into multiple functions. Every function should serve 1 job, not multiple. It improves readability, and it makes it much easier to expand on the code later. And good god does it make bug fixing 10x easier. And that is not an exaggeration, either. For the time being, I am going to remain neutral until I find a time to contact you directly. Unless you can provide a discord tag of some sort, I'll likely contact you through this sites PM's. In the meantime, thanks for applying Cryotheum. Hope your day is going well!
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