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  1. Me and my voice go wew over the sims presented here: I also do a little voice over of a new TDI sim before giving up and dying. So ye enjoy: And as the comment states:
  2. Doing a live voiceover of the hunger games sims 


  3. I start this little thread with me practicing Cream - White Room. A lot of falsetto here. Probably sounds awful. Don't care. Would still appreciate feedback! This doesn't showcase my normal head voice at all lol. This mostly showcases my "deep soul" voice and my falsetto. This is my normal voice singing and my deep voice singing. SVID_20200830_152921_1.mp4 Feel free to tell me I absolutely suck, I already know I do ;D
  4. Well it depends. Remember, the rule of an infinite universe is: if it's possible, it's certain. That means it *must* be possible in some way. If it is scientifically impossible for something to happen/exist, it will not exist anywhere in an infinite universe. If those two things are possible, then ye they will exist in the universe. But they may never exist on our planet. Remember, our planet would simply be one among an infinite amount of other alternate earth's. That kind of technology may never be accessible on this Earth, even if it does exist somewhere in the universe. So you could be stuck on this planet without a teleporter. Hell, even a teleporter might be impossible to invent. It's pretty crazy stuff.
  5. @Duc2000 good luck. Even moving 100% the speed of light it would take you 100,000 years to travel across the entire Milky way. @Joshy I swear you have an abundance of life stories. I should read into some Steven Hawking books in the future. I could read some on my phone if they were free to read, I don't have anything better to do haha.
  6. I  l i k e  t h e  n a m e


    No joke tho, top tier


  7. @Ben I have a library that allows you to create massive multiplayer games, where people across all GFL servers can play multiplayer games together. It's not perfect, I think it can be re-written one more time once I get the chance to. But it still does its job. I could help run the Developer through how to use the library and make some pretty spicci stuff. And no it's not the JDA only version. I made a new library that can be used on all languages.
  8. @Ben hm. Okay well, that's only for the nadeko bot. We have our own bots right? We can implement the reward functionality into our own bot, save the win counts into our own database (if that is possible).
  9. One idea. Theoretically, the moment someone receives the moneybag role there will no longer be a reason for that person to try and earn more money. I'd recommend you store how many times someone had the highest amount of money before a wipe. If someone wins, you can give them the role AND increment their "Moneybag Wins" counter. And if they want to check/show off their win count, they can input a command like .checkWins or something and it'll display their win count. If they win another time in the future (aka they already have the moneybag role) you can just increment their counter. As a matter of fact, since you are using a discord bot you could just program an admin only command named .rewardPlayer or something. The bot can automatically assign the moneybag role to the person you provide and increment their win counter. That way you don't have to worry about checking if a person has the role when rewarding them.
  10. I am unable to do any programming whatsoever, and I want to solve some problems. So I'm just gonna come up with something. Okay so let's have a theoretical situation. Let's say our universe is infinite; You could travel across it endlessly without ever reaching a dead end. Due to the universe being infinite, any possibility becomes a certainty. For example, the chances of there being an EXACT IDENTICAL copy of our planet, including all the living organisms within it, is extremely close to impossible. However since this theoretical universe is infinite, there WILL be an exact copy of our planet somewhere in the universe. This is due to how infinity works. As long as something is not impossible, it is certain in an infinite universe. Since there is an infinite amount of space, every single possibility is happening somewhere within it. The sheer size of the universe will exhaust every possible outcome continuously until the day it dies. So every possibility is a certainty. So much so, there will actually be an infinite amount of Earth duplicates. Not just 1, not just 1000. An infinite amount of Earth duplicates. This is also the result of infinity. The concept of infinity can make other things infinite. Aka, if you are reading this, there are an infinite amount of duplicates you's reading this exact post in an infinite universe. This also means there will be alternate Earths. Earths that have small and/or major differences. For this reason, an infinite universe will emulate the parallel universe theory. What are the chances of there being an exact copy of our planet, except you are playing games instead of reading this post? Extremely unlikely. But in an infinite universe it is certain. This means there will be an infinite number of alternate Earths. And each one of those Earths will have an infinite number of duplicates. A near-perfect emulation of the multiverse theory. Now that you have a rough idea on the side effects of an infinite universe, how could we use a teleporter to travel across these alternate Earths? The First Goal For starters, we shall pretend we already have a teleporter. Our goal is to find alternate Earths in the infinite universe and teleport to them. First we need to have a scrubber. We are going to assume that this teleporter has a ridiculous CPU that can scrub the universe faster than the speed of light. It can also analyze planetary bodies near-instantly. The scrubber will analyze the space around it constantly until it is stopped. If a planetary body is encountered during the scrub process, the planet will be analyzed. Once analyzed, the planet and its coordinates will be indexed. Test 1 We start the scrubbing process. During the process, literally every single planetary body is indexed. This works, but we only want Earthly bodies. We need to limit what gets indexed. Our new goal is to find a way to only index Earthly planetary bodies. Our first problem is a lack of restrictions for indexing. We need to add search terms. Terms of which each planetary body must satisfy to be indexed and not ignored. To solve this problem, we need to consider what Earth consists of. Every planet has a composition of matter. For example, gas giants mostly consists of hydrogen. However, our planet has a few different materials in its composition. Earth consists of organic materials, a few metals, and a very small portion of water. Our planet also has an atmosphere. All of these details can be added to the search terms. The teleporter will analyze a planetary body and identify if the composition of the planet matches ours. If it does, it will be indexed. If it doesn't, it will be ignored. This method of search has a massive problem. A planets composition can *slightly* vary at any given time. This means our search method will have the potential to ignore Earthly bodies. So we can solve this problem by giving a range instead of an exact planetary composition. For example, instead of our search terms saying "Planet must consist of 0.0685% water to be indexed", we can say "Planet must consist of min 0.06% up to max 0.071% water to be indexed". This method could potentially ignore some alternate Earths, but it will do for now. However, this method still has a major issue. We now have the potential to index non-Earthly bodies. This means our search terms are too broad. A potential solution could be to also factor details like axis and rotation speed. Unfortunately, it could potentially require nanoseconds to detect rotation speed. This would have an extreme impact on the scrub speed. How can the teleporter analyze a planetary body's rotation speed without blocking the processors scrubbing process? Simple, by utilizing things like async, multi-threading, and any other means of doing multiple processes at the same time. This would effectively test planetary body rotations and compare it to the search terms without blocking the CPU. This method is still flawed. Some Earthly bodies can be ignored. Plus, there's the potential of some very rare non-Earthly bodies being accepted. But they will have to be accepted for now. But, there's yet another issue. The teleporter will index duplicate versions of each indexed planet. Remember, every alternate Earth will have an infinite amount of duplicates in an infinite universe. We need to filter out all duplicates from being indexed. The possible solution? The teleporter could have an array of unique planetary bodies. If a planet is indexed, the details of the planet will be stored in a container. That data container will be inserted into the array. And lastly, every analyzed planetary body will be compared to the elements in the array. If there are any matches, the planet will be ignored. This method yet again has an issue, however. The data in the array will become outdated the moment any time passes. This can be fixed by storing the "coordinates" of the planet instead of the planets details. This gives the teleporter a means of finding and re-analyzing a planet that was stored in the array. The analyzed information will then be used to test for any duplicates. This requires more processing power, but guarantees no information is outdated. Test 2 The teleporter scrubber is ran. Earthly bodies are indexed, and any duplicates are ignored. At least that is theoretically what would happen. There could be unconsidered problems that would show up during the scrubbing process. Next, we need to run an extra test to filter out any faulty indexed planets. For example: is the planet safe to teleport to? An alternate planet could have a number of problems. There could be a lot of radiation after a nuclear war, the surface temperature could be extremely hot or extremely cold, or maybe a small portion of the ozone layer was ripped open and the sun is roasting all living organisms alive. Since I want to give my brain a break, I'm not gonna go through every single possible problem. Let's just pretend we found a way to filter out faulty and unsafe Earths. There are other things I would like to consider and figure out. But I should probably do that in my freetime. For now here's an utterly useless forum post about theoretical ideas coming from a mentally insane person lol So yeah here's some things you might need to solve if you wrote a universe scrubbing program for your teleportation device, a device that has an extremely powerful CPU and the ability to analyze the universe itself at a speed faster than light. I hope I was helpful on your journey!
  11. Yes, thank you Firelord, but I wanna play some more before deciding to commit. 

  12. I'm really glad it did 😸 Honestly I thought I have been making a total fool of myself all day. Though tbh I'm having fun, so I can care less. Everyone was gonna find out I'm a total idiot eventually haha.
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