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  1. bias

    @Doogla There will always be someone available to help you. If a division leader is breaking rules, then gather the evidence and contact a GFL Director. Because if this is true, this would be a serious issue. You always have options. If you are speaking the truth and admins are treating you unfairly, it should be really easy to gather evidence to build up your case. And again, handle this privately. Making things public isn't going to solve these issues, it complicates them. If you have the evidence and a strong case, we WANT you to report any rude behavior from our staff roster. Because rude behavior is unacceptable from any staff member. If it be a server admin, server manager, or division leader. But we can't take action without evidence. And we'll definitely have a hard time taking action when you make things like this public.
  2. I genuinely appreciate that, Abyss hahaha. Seriously, I do. I promise I'm not going to stop working on the server. There's a lot of people wanting to play this game mode... And hell let's be real here. During a stressful time like this? We could all use something to look forward to. I'll just have a few days where I can't do any work (as much as I strongly dislike it). But when I can work, I'll do what I can. Besides, Tetris will help me stay sane so I can continue doing my best work lol
  3. bias

    @Doogla Hello there, Doogla. I am not a staff member for zombie escape, but I do have a few suggestions on actions you can take to solve this issue. If you feel an admin is treating you unfairly, you can DM a ze server manager inside GFL or through discord. Just bring proper evidence and explain your case. They are server managers for a reason. They were trusted enough to earn their place because they are reasonable people, and more importantly good leaders. They will listen to you. If no action is taken, there is likely a very good reason why. But they will still try their best to help you and listen. They care about this community just as much as you do. They are going to do what they can so others may enjoy it, too. Please don't make something like this public, either. This has happened times in the past, and it has resulted in heated arguments and unneeded publicity. A server manager can do a lot more if you contact them privately. Trust me, they'll appreciate it a lot more. I hope this helps you. Thank you for reading.
  4. Hey there everyone! A previous post mentioned a lack of status updates in regards to the GFL Dark RP server. I personally agree that we should keep everyone in the loop on our current progress. Some details are going to remain hidden as not everything is finalized. We do not want to make any false promises. But there are a few things I can share with you haha @TheSadBandit has been making good progress on finding fun content for the server. He has a much better insight on front end related things than I do. If I was in charge of models and other asthetics everything would just look like a toaster. A lot of this content isn't finalized so as much as I would like to, I can't spill the beans on any nifty tid-bits in the server. But he's working hard on it. My progress was unfortunately halted for a period of time due to life related issues I needed to attend to. I was able to return to my work roughly a week ago and did my best to catch back up. My work on the server is mostly backend related. There is a custom script being developed by me that is unique to our server. While the code itself isn't complicated, I am taking a lot of time to ensure the script is well crafted so it works when the server goes public. Our beta testers will be a pretty big help to get certain important details ironed out, like the economy. It'll also help us get some feedback. We acknowledge the anticipation for this server. And we appreciate the love and support. We are taking the time to get this server in a really good place. We're gonna make the server fun, trust me we will. Just give us the time to get things ready, and it'll be worth it. Hopefully a few occasional status updates and terrible jokes from yours truly will help with the wait. I hope your day is going well.
  5. Got to transition Had to edit out a song because a particular Frank Sinatra song got blocked isjdifjisfj, if you came here early it might be processing the video right now.
  6. It was a TTT game. Me and @KeiraJJ were both traitors. We were playing on 67th way. Now, you know the underground part of 67th way? There are two ladders that lead into it. Dark tunnel ladder, and what I'll just call "well ladder". If you go down well ladder and take a right, there's a hallway. The first door to your left goes into this dead end area. Me and Keira ended up fending off against 4 or 5 different players while disguised. We were up on the stairs, we had the high ground. And we were fighting them like it was some high stakes action movie. Me and her were both getting shot at and trading guns/ammo during the firefight. The whole thing lasted at least 30 seconds which is CRAZY when you're already called out as a traitor. We both got kills during the firefight and it was so tense and fun haha. Keira got killed, and I finished off the remaining people who were shooting at us. I was left at 14 hp. I was never called out because I was disguised the whole time. So I walked out, literally walking past a complete warzone. And of course, traitors won that round 😄 That was the most fun I had in TTT. Period.
  7. Hey there everyone. So I would like to update everyone on what I'm doing now. I am making a .dll library for this lobby system! This will be designed to be bindable with many different languages. This will give all the various discord APIs the means to utilize this technology. In other words, this technology will no longer be limited the JDA. The library will be written in C++. This is so it can utilize dynamic arrays and a few other tools. But due to how binding works, a lot of the code will be C style. Once complete I will be learning more of Lua, Python, and JavaScript so I can cover how to properly use this library in all the different languages. In the meantime I will be testing the API using Java since it's the language I know the most about (when compared to Python, Lua, and JS) Special thanks to @Xy for coming up with this idea. When I told him about this project, he said I could try doing something like this. Now I'm doing it. If you wish to see a little bit of the code and it being put into action, here's some examples: https://pastebin.com/LPARG5UX https://pastebin.com/ZYqxkZW6 And the result:
  8. I made a video that covers base number systems. I did have an older post that covered this topic, but this video is way better with explaining it. It is also a lot easier to understand and digest.
  9. Wherever you are bud, hope you're doing well

  10. The moment I saw Go in the title, @Xy popped in my head immediately. I could just hear and see him bust down a wall while wearing a sign saying "GOLANG"
  11. Nope. Viruses cannot "combine". I suggest you do some independent research on what viruses are and how they work. A virus itself is essentially a shell with instructions inside. You can't combine viruses because that would require genetic engineering, which engineering a virus is Illegal across the entire planet since it is considered a kind of chemical warfare. COVID-19 is a branch of an already existing virus. Coronavirus has existed long before the COVID-19 outbreak. I'm not experienced in this field, so doing independent research is recommended instead of listening to some random programmer on the internet lol
  12. Honestly I don't think we will ever go back to our "normal lives". Even when we get a vaccine for the virus, we will now have two viruses to deal with. Kids don't think much of it since we've all had yearly influenza shots our whole lives. But the flu is actually a rather dangerous virus. You can catch the flu when you're 20 years old and reach a temperature of 102. Despite how strong your immune system is at that age, you can still get pretty sick if you catch it. Covid-19 is even stronger. It has the capability of permanently damaging your lungs. It's all around a scarier virus. Even when we do find a vaccine, we are going to have to keep up with it like we do with the flu. Hygiene laws and regulations are going to be more strict. Hand washing is going to be a requirement in schools, restaurants, and stores... Overall our lives are going to change due to this virus. It's not gonna go away. This virus is here to stay.
  13. You don't click to select an option in the input method select. You press the button that's inside the (), like (W) to select WASD. I might need to hint at that on the screen. The looseness is on purpose. It's kind of like super meat boy and how the character controlled in that game. It's fast paced. I purposely designed it that way. It forces the player to learn how the character controls, and how to utilize the movement properly. Movement accelerates and decelerates... Kind of like Mario. If there was no acceleration/deceleration the movement would feel clunky if not unresponsive. I was worried people were going to try and wall jump on that part first. I might need to reconsider how I handle that part. You aren't supposed to wall jump there. You're supposed to time the jump to land inside that toggling block in the middle. Then time your jump to jump out of the block when it disables. Wall jumping is supposed to be an advanced mechanic. Wall hoping is a 5 frame window, wall jumping is a frame perfect window. I think I know how I'll teach the player about jumping inside alternating blocks beforehand. It'll be subtle but it should be enough for the player to notice it, and utilize it when that part comes in.
  14. lol the computer needs some form of binary to execute, of course there's a .exe
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