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  1. About the retry as last zombie, I really don’t know at that time, after I joined I found there are two zombies, so I said “let’s c, is someone get infected by me?”. Also gfl is good at stripper, what’s wrong about that? For example, GFL strippered top floor delay point at map ze_atix_apocalypse and etc, which I think is really good. In stripper part, GFL in deed did the best among all servers. And what you replay to me is something like “how is SG” “still dead?”. I am not owner of SG, I am not SG admin. So you want to think me as a SG representative? This is even worse than the map exploits kick or ban. You talk about respect, where is your respect. I respect you, so I come back and talk to you, or else, I can just say “shit admin” and go play other server.
  2. Sabe, hope we can have a nice conversion here if you dont want to argue with me in game.
  3. Things happened at 27-th April. I got a 30 minutes banned for exploit the map and the system. Details: It was at when we are playing ze_gods_wrath_p2, in this map there is a zombie tp that tps you to the final room before human. I used that , but I did not killed any human. After that, due to people were rtving, I retry to server as a last zombie in order to start a new round faster. But the game did not end with my retry. (I did not know at that time, if last zombie disconnect, one random human will get infected.). I got kicked for that with a message "if you do the exploit again, I will ban you". So i joined back and talk to the admin. He claim that if I use the zombie tp, I am actually exploit the map. So I said just fix it, use a stripper. After he mentioned about the system exploit. He said: "You left as last zombie". And I said "wuts about that". Two seconds later I got banned. After I got banned, one of my steam friend told me what will happen if you left as last zombie. I apologize for that. So, the admin warn me about the map glitch with a message "if you do that again, I will ban you". After I rejoin, we had a argue, I did not do anything to exploit the map or system, but he still banned me because I argued with him. He could just say you god banned with reason "I dont like to talk to you", and thats the fact what happened. Did I exploit the server again? I was even suggesting that you can stripper that tp if you dont want zombies to use it. I did not record, and did not screenshot the warning he kicked me before, but there are tons of people in the server can prove what happened. HAVE A NICE DAY, GFL ADMIN.
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