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  1. read what bae said whats wrong with the spray
  2. I told you to change you're spray 3 times i also said that its not allowed
  3. peace out brother thanks for everything thanks for helping me with all my questions good luck with everything god bless you brother ❤️ see you in the next life lmao
  4. Your username: MR. JIHAD Why do you want to be admin? i think i will be a great part of the team i am super active do to the fact that i only go to school 2 times a week i already know the rules and follow them ofc Discord Tag: MR. JIHAD #6390 Past Experience: i am a admin on the ttt mc 24/7 server for a good 4 months now
  5. i un banned u just next time relax with these plzz
  6. dont worry how many i have when the time is right they will be ready for evidence
  7. i got more reports all lined up
  8. you have more then 3 reports right now i have them all saved if you want to see i warned you so many times to stop. you rdm and the replies to these reports are a joke u dont take this serious man i banned u for one day to sit back and think. dont rdm and stop being so toxic to other players
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