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  1. get the fuck off my profile

    1. Rick


      fuck off bitch

    2. Omid


      i love u

  2. Gametracker is actually the biggest joke of the century.
  3. I Lied

    awww I got happy for a second
  4. Yeah I have around my Dad's house around 5 years ago. It was scary for me back then but looking back on it is actually heart warming, but we had a dog called Benji who passed away not long before this encounter. I was in my room pitch black and I had a small light from an extension lead or something. Anyways I was trying to sleep and heard what sounded like paw prints walking around in the hallway. I then remember looking at the light and seeing him sitting there staring at me. I wasn't around my Dads when he passed away so I would like to consider this his final farewell to me. Either way I screamed out for my Dad and looking back at it he was gone. Never seen him since but I kinda wish I do. I'm still not sure if I 100% believe in spirits though. I'd very much like too as of this encounter but like I said it was 5 years ago I was young maybe my brain was playing tricks on me.
  5. I used to play a shit ton of this game. Would be cool to play it again.
  6. Restarted, thank you for letting us know!
  7. Guess i'm not important enough to be worth a mention
  8. Take F please k thanks.

  9. Hello GFL, I'm going to be stepping down from my position as a Director since I have no motivation for the position anymore and I'm currently not doing anything at all, paired up with college work and all of the personal issues I simply think this is for the best. I will still be around to offer my advice as much as possible to help keep this community growing and may still take part in opening up future servers but as for the time being this is all for me. I wish you all the best of luck, Ya boi Rick (now the 'Best Community Advisor')
  11. No clue this is a suggestion. I'm not personally working on it.
  12. obviously the look will be adjusted to best fit but its to help give a rough idea of what you would basically hope to see ingame.
  13. So we all know that Purge's endgame is rather boring and just consists of getting as many cars as possible so why don't we come up with something that is really cool huh? This would be of course implemented with our current HUD and would showcase titles that player can earn throughout the game by reaching certain milestones. These milestones could consist of raiding the bank 500 times or selling 1000 meth bags to the dealer or something like that. It would quite possibly look something like this. It would be really interesting to see players work towards something like this and may encourage people to actually step outside their base for once and conduct mischievous acts to gain these titles.
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