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  1. Great... I wish you the best of luck anyways, you are someone the community needed to look up to,
  2. This was a bit too close for comfort just like this thread.
  3. secretly he never left, what a fucking weeb...
  4. Oh boy I didn't realise that you could get a cheater ban for griefing because that's cheating right? anyways i'm going to go ahead and lock this. Denied
  5. Some of those shots look pretty sketch to me but then again I've hit pretty sketchy shots too. I'll remain neutral on this one really up to the admin. Based on history you've been known to cheat too so chances are you probably have not learned your lesson.
  6. How old are you now? 12? 12 and 1/2? 

  7. I still need you to know that you are my hero mang.


    we out here jaming

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  8. Violator was good at what he did but that doesn't deny the fact that his attitude was terrible. I tried for him to keep server manager for TTT as sticking him down one rank would've definitely done him some good. It just seemed like he really wanted to be a Division Leader and decided that he didn't want to be apart of us because we removed his rank (respectively). However to say that we was harsh on him is a long statement as we appreciated all hes done but he could not continue with us as a Division Leader since we want to push forward and he was holding us back and causing drama in the discord. We thought it would be best to share this as being transparent is key. I just hope this drama can stop and we can improve relations.
  9. Sorry dude I like to keep a fresh look so I don't look like some homeless guy rocking up to college.
  10. I'm willing to give it another chance especially with the new machine. I will have a talk later with Roy tonight about this.