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  1. Restarted, thank you for letting us know!
  2. Guess i'm not important enough to be worth a mention
  3. Take F please k thanks.

  4. Hello GFL, I'm going to be stepping down from my position as a Director since I have no motivation for the position anymore and I'm currently not doing anything at all, paired up with college work and all of the personal issues I simply think this is for the best. I will still be around to offer my advice as much as possible to help keep this community growing and may still take part in opening up future servers but as for the time being this is all for me. I wish you all the best of luck, Ya boi Rick (now the 'Best Community Advisor')
  6. No clue this is a suggestion. I'm not personally working on it.
  7. obviously the look will be adjusted to best fit but its to help give a rough idea of what you would basically hope to see ingame.
  8. So we all know that Purge's endgame is rather boring and just consists of getting as many cars as possible so why don't we come up with something that is really cool huh? This would be of course implemented with our current HUD and would showcase titles that player can earn throughout the game by reaching certain milestones. These milestones could consist of raiding the bank 500 times or selling 1000 meth bags to the dealer or something like that. It would quite possibly look something like this. It would be really interesting to see players work towards something like this and may encourage people to actually step outside their base for once and conduct mischievous acts to gain these titles.
  9. Purge Changelog

    Hello ladies Added: Jobs: FBI Hacker - FBI job that can use a keypad cracker to get into bases (does not have a silent keypad cracker) Job Changes: Paramedic - Now has IFAKs alongside the medic kit for more healing and to essentially make them a bit more useful. Black Market Dealer - Can now sell single attachments For some reason it didn't make it in the update so it will be in the next one FBI Slot reduced to 3 to compensate for the new FBI Hacker job which has 2 slots therefore ensuring there can only be a max of 6 FBI Door Changes: Bank doors can now be locked and unlocked by any job that has access to unlock the Mayor's Office. Ammo Changes: Increased ammo from 30 to 60 Reduced Hemostats and Quikclots from 30 to 15 Cars VROOM VROOM Added S.W.A.T VAN to Police Car Dealer - Costs $1,500,000 and can only be used by S.W.A.T Added a lot of new cars to the regular car dealer Overall not a big update but its something to help ease the life of players on the server. I would also like to mention here I have big plans for the map and will be making some very nice changes to it. If you want to suggest things please head over to the discord and enter a suggestion in the map suggestion text channel.
  10. M24 is probably still the worst gun but it'll be slightly better.
  11. We'll see how these changes go first.
  12. Purge Changelog

    Weapon Changes: M14 - Reduced damage from 55 to 45 - Increased weapon delay from 0.08 to 0.1 M24 - Increased damage from 55 to 75 - Decreased zoomed recoil from 1.8 to 1.4 seconds M82 - Increased weapon delay from 0.35 to 0.6 "We felt like these guns needed tweaking to encourage the use of other weaponry. These changes are relatively minor however we may tweak a few more weapons in the potential future." M14 Nerf - Means no more 1 tapping to the head unarmoured opponents. We felt like with the combined fire-rate and high damage it was way too overpowered. It will still be very powerful as it does 90 damage to the head still. The M21 which is very similar to the M14 will remain the same due to the fact that it has a high zoom in scope which makes taking out enemies close range difficult. M24 Buff - This gun has been one of the weakest in the game so far. It still is relatively weak against armoured opponents however it will be much easier to use with the reduced recoil and with a slight increase in damage will cause people to more likely back off instead of take you head on. M82 Nerf - The fire rate of this gun was a bit too insane. I've tweaked this a little bit but skilled players will not notice much of a difference. Accessories: Added: Lego Head 1 - $50,000 Lego Head 2 - $50,000 Police Armory: Removed: Ammobox since it could can be used to explode which has a stupidly high radius inflicting a high amount of damage to nearby players.
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