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  1. I appreciate the unban. I'm going to give a donation for the hassle that this caused. This will not be an occurrence you should see from me again
  2. Is there any recording or logs for matches? I have been detective plenty of times before and never had this issue. I almost never have a karma below 1000. This was all accidental but if you want to keep the ban keep it
  3. Not trying to start an argument but it was a detective shotgun. I caught his name and was going specifically for him. There was a lot of movement going on right there and crossfire
  4. Name: stanzi Steam ID (or steam profile link): stanzibuh Banned by: karma ban Ban Reason: mass rdm attempt Why should you be unbanned that last round I was attempting to shoot someone who I had dna on in house on 67th and 2 people came out of rooms right as I shot. the kill before was someone started shooting me and I killed them. I have never had issues on here before in the 5 months since I started playing on this server. I try my best not to cause problems and never intentionally rdm
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