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  1. nice color, cute

  2. im denying sponsor, u never asked for me to sponsor you and i never agreed
  3. +1 cool dj, a hightower 2 regular ive seen her on before anyone else really joined, very cool easy to talk to, VERY EZ TO FARM HER. Also wtf is that pfp.#MHT2GA
  4. hightower 2 doesnt have carts and is a cooler map check it out
  5. +1 I have known him for years now, he was admin on the PG/EGO servers where he was well known for being one of 2 admins who actually did something, i would say that hes very knowledgeable of how to admin a server well, and i do see him more often on Gfl. I think he would be a great addition to the team
  6. I present the ultimate hightower2 experience: RTD No carts random crits/spread random headless horseman event hehe homing projectiles snipers can only kill on headshot(bodyshots no damage) A HIGHER TOWER those jump pads that launch u more than 3 exits(cant complaint about spawn camping now) and finally a mejilla death counter
  7. +1 he is on often, he doesnt break the rules, can be trusted, very good at the game and bullies mejilla as spy
  8. +1 cool guy seems will be useful to have on team and is on often
  9. i can vouch for him hes on never breaks anu rules, repots hackers consistently and is mature. I trust in his judgement to make the right decisions in the right circumstances.
  10. I am poopi4 #makedodgeballgreatagain
  11. My Top 10 Games 1.dota2 2.elder scroll Morrowind/series 3.Quake3 4.Halo trilogy 5. Sly 2 and 3 6.Bioshock 1 and 2 7.gears of war 1 and 2 8.PaRappa the Rapper 9.Borderlands 1 and 2 10.Anything but tf2
  12. Steam Name(s): {k4, smile, tmags, tmagnesium} SteamID: {https://steamcommunity.com/id/K4pipegod/ Age: {21} Hours played: {4763 + 4700 from other accounts} Timezone: {mountain } Past Admin experience (if any): {was admin in grimfortress, #1 on their ranks was respected and liked by everyone } GFL bans you have and why: {no} VAC bans you have and why: {no} Why should you get Admin: {i am a well respected and liked regular, i always try to make the server a fun and positive environment and i enjoy being in the server, im always recording so nothing gets past me and ii be a just and fair admin} Sponsors: {dalaw}
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