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  1. This will be my final response to this and i wont answer regardless, your original idea is dumb just like blackout Tuesday was a retarded idea that muted information from getting to people , you trying to force this downs peoples throats doesnt help, it pushes people away. People are allowed to have fun and enjoy the entertainment of their choosing all while acknowledging And caring about real life problems, their is nothing wrong with wanting to distance themselves and to take a step back from it. the posts here have been reasonable answers from reasonable people, if you dont like it make your own community, shut it down for a day, congratulations you ended racism and police brutality
  2. If people weren't aware of this situation already,thats on them, it has nothing to do with the servers, GFL in no way effects the lack of education on the topic, turning the servers off will literally change nothing, “What important information do video game servers contain?” I dont know what sever u play on but i can happily say that the tf2 servers has been A very positive environment for those who are trying to take a break from what going on outside Rn, And they have also been very helpful in giving info such as the details about whats going on and helping others in finding ways to help, as for donating, you are right not everyone has the privilege of wealth, And for those who cant donate luckily theres a video that Has been made where all the revenue made from it will be donated.
  3. If you truly want to honour George flyod, you should encourage for more communication and discourse on the issue at hand amongst the community rather than to shut down servers and prevent healthy interactions . All the blackout had done was mute important information from being seen for a day and it was a dumb way of saying look i did my social media activism and in no way is a form of solidarity to those who are affected by police brutality. Stop having a sheepish mentality by following dumb trends like this, actually donate, sign the petitions, if you are going to protest make sure you are safe first and stop those who are there only to cause destruction and hurt others , if you see someone in need help them, if you see racism call it out
  4. Marrying you, i mean who wouldn’t want that, i know all dem hoes jealous
  5. The simp and the E-girl have retired
  6. You have been unbanned, if you have a VPN I recommend turning it off before joining our servers.
  7. @Mejilla definitely the best thing to ever happen to me in my most recent memories, also the best person to ever join and be part of gfl PERIOD, a true friend Is hard to come by yet shes been here during some of my hardships And we have had long hours of talk of which I would do all over again. Also I enjoy being her simp and my greatness wouldn't be here if is wasn't for her. @Saizy although we just met recently, i cant say i have found someone who enjoys the weeknd as much as I do which was nice since we bonded off of that and i cant wait to endlessly suffer in terraria with him @braed probably the nicest person i have ever met,really funny, been providing me with some good show to watch, also knows when to pause love island 😉.
  8. it is to my understanding that you were still asked by the admin several times to stop. this admin was in fear that the more times you do it, the more prone you were to exploit it. in that case i’ll lessen the ban to 2 days for refusing to listen to an admin, but with that being said, please make sure for the future that you are listening to an admin when they tell you to stop doing something. thanks!
  9. You have been unbanned If you have a vpn I recommend Turning it off Before joining
  10. You have been Unbanned the reason for your ban was most likely due to using a VPN, i would recommend turning your vpn off before joining our servers
  11. Since the quarantine has begun i have been experimenting with different cuisines and techniques to make the perfect chicken dish and to figure out the perfect chicken temperature. After weeks of testing foods such as chicken sushi, to 2 week Sun dried age chicken to burnt to an atomic level chicken. I can safely say that the perfect chicken dish is a chicken welligton with a medium rare cook on the chicken
  12. you have been unbanned, be careful with the vpns chef ;-;
  13. my guess would be that you used a vpn, be careful with those, you have been unbanned
  14. You will be unbanned, be careful next time
  16. sorry for the inconvinience you have been unbanned
  17. You came to highschool, i came to school high
  18. It doesn't show exactly what server you were banned on, but it did show your ban was from 5 years ago. Due to the ban being from so long ago, you've been unbanned.
  19. YOU'VE BEEN ACCEPTED! Always feel free to ask me questions whenever you need. Congrats on making the team! Make sure to read those guides: https://gflclan.com/forums/topic/42811-tf2-admin-commands/ https://gflclan.com/forums/topic/45518-tf2-punishment-lengths/ https://gflclan.com/forums/topic/45533-tf2-hightower-admin-guide/
  20. +1 reports often to men and other staff, super nice plays frequently, tried to populate ht3
  21. Rl craft ptsd starts kicking in
  22. Moving On

    I want you to give me the pain
  23. we like fortnite! We like fortnite!
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