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  1. Imagine using walls for an advantage on a jailbreak server..
  2. It's sad this is needed, but thank you for the clarification and I hope that all CT's can get to learn these guidelines and everyone can enjoy Jailbreak! Thank you Vin!
  3. Very impressed, round two eta?
  4. Thoughts? trim.2315E4A9-0DE1-4008-AEE6-1E8BBED597CB.mp4
  5. Sounds good, make this happen!
  6. I gave him VIP when he was New user, when it ran out, it defaulted him to member rather than new user, and he wants the in-game tag back not forums.
  7. AFK Fweeze

    Can you notice who’s voice it is?
  8. AFK Fweeze

    See ya on the forums kid.
  9. AFK Fweeze

    Well maybe he should learn the rules
  10. AFK Fweeze

    Thoughts? IMG_0589.mp4
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