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  1. I've lowered the RTV time to 8 minutes and we'll go from there to see what fits the server best! If there is anything just add me on steam. I'll look into adding nightvision again.
  2. Joking about you cheating openly on a server is stupid and you know that. I'll be giving you three days starting from when you were banned.
  3. Rq's Ban appeal

    Hope to see you on the server in the future
  4. Rq's Ban appeal

    Considering how long ago it was since your ban I think it is fair to give you another chance. Hopefully you know better than to cheat again!
  5. We'll unban you. I was on for a long time yesterday and you were never suspected of anything. All the admins I spoke to that were on never suspected a thing either.
  6. I have told you more than once that you can add me to talk about these things. It confuses me why you'd take this to the forums considering I spoke to you the same day about it.
  7. CS:S Ban Notice

    It says it has expired
  8. Frank has been unbanned, so you can go enjoy the server together now!
  9. ban appeal part 2

    Is there any good reason you should be unbanned other than "giving you another chance"? Since you mentioned your age, I don't expect a 14 year old to be much smarter when it comes to cheating. Still immature and lack of thoughts about the consequenses that may come with their actions. I'm willing to unban you but not if it's just to "give another chance"
  10. ban appeal

    I spoke to the admin that banned you and got the information that you have been banned three times for cheating. Each time you had apparently promised you would not do so again.
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