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  1. Server reset is complete. Closing topic.
  2. As it stands, the max XP required to level was 50000. You reach this point at level 995. The XP required to level goes up by 50 per level. I was thinking, should we uncap it so it continues to require more XP to level past this point, or leave it as is?
  3. That said, we'll be doing the reset at 3 PM EST tomorrow! The reset will be for both RPG AND Store credits Added note: Added a 20% chance of a gift dropping on death that rewards credits upon pickup.
  4. Fixed AFK manager, fixed spawn protection. Only two issues remaining are map chooser and RTD. RTD I should be able to get soon. Not entirely sure map chooser is even broken, but if you don't reach atleast 80 frags, the vote for that won't come up. Not sure about how the map timer would even work. But. You can always nominate/RTV.
  5. I believe all the plugins we needed are back on the server, I just want everybody to come on and do one last playtest and make sure everything is peachy before we do it. If all the feedback is good and there's nothing else that needs to be added/done, then we'll go ahead with the reset by the end of the week. More on that later.
  6. Zoose doesn't 1 shot at max health anyways. And throwing knives are harder to land, zoose is hit-scan. You ever try to consistently land throwing knife headshots? It's very difficult. I'd say it's worth the difficulty reward. It can be an acquired skill, adds another dynamic to the game. Also, IIRC, the thing with throwing knives > spawn protect is that Throwing Knives use a different hook in the code for damage. Should be easily patchable.
  7. +1
  8. Iteration I have it on my server is just a very mild boost to help fight the effects of gravity, that's it.
  9. Not really my place to speak, seeing as this isn't my server or division. However. It was mentioned before that the timer for jetpack would be extremely short, @Baked. At that point it'd only be good for gaining a few inches or breaking your fall slightly. Which, wouldn't be overpowered. Just another feature. Food for thought.
  10. IIRC, the max level on my server is 1872 or something. 100 starting credits, 5 per level. Just go in the configs and tweak the costs if you have to.
  11. Pretty sure the reason throwing knives were removed is because there was a conflict between the Berserk RTD and the throwing knives that would crash the server. Dunno what the case is for that right now, since, yanno, we haven't run it on the server since. On CS:S Surf, we have throwing knives as a standard feature. Jetpack is also another possible idea, but maybe make it just, 1 second of minor thrust, as mentioned. If you guys do want to re-add throwing knives though, hit me up for some recommendations, seeing as I've been running it for like a year now. Zeus regen is a neat idea, but yea, definitely have it on a longer timer.
  12. Pffff. Who needs a poll, this is something we'll probably just try anyways. I can't see it having a negative effect on the server.
  13. So I was thinking of ways to spice up the server to bring players back, and @dubstep_kicks, @Tordentrond and myself came up with a good idea... Running certain game-mode mods on certain maps! This started with Dub posing the idea of an FFA DM mode to the server. Then Torden messaged me about possibly adding KotH to the server (Which doesn't exist) but there IS capture the flag mod. We could do gungame as well. Basically what we would do is set the game modes to load on certain maps, or we could have it so it comes up after the vote-map. Whatever the case is, I think this is a great idea that could add a new dynamic to the server. Let me know what you guys think below- Adding CTF, FFA DM, and/or GG to the server in some iteration.
  14. Since I changed the RPG system big time, I gave everybody max level and 999999 starting credits until we do our reset. I figured, since the reset is inevitable, we can figure things out and play test everything now.
  15. Wait, you ARE admin. Lol. Topic closed.