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  1. When you, me, Satsuki, Korowa, and Syrus went full retard.
  2. However Violator is the manager of the server.
  3. Truth be told, I have been that person behind the screen that helped many, many people through their lives. Not trying to brag or anything, but just trying to reinforce your point. Those are people behind those screens.
  4. What we've learned today: GFL can't count
  5. jailbreak

    How about Trident Layers?
  6. jailbreak

    I personally never tried Gmod JB, but I think I might have to now that this one... Is it actually back up yet? I don't see it on the website's master server list. I helped run a JB server back in CS 1.6, and those were some of my most enjoyed times in gaming. The CS:GO JB is pretty cool too, although I may have butt heads with the manager there before. But, all said and done, JB has always been a very enjoyable mod for me, and you'll probably see me hanging out in GMod JB, whenever it does publicly release, or if it has already, expect me making a presense there soon! Cheers :D
  7. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is by far my favorite RPG game ever. If you don't fancy yourself a Star Wars fan, Dragon's Dogma is my 3rd favorite RPG, also VERY good. If you like a challenging game, try your hand at the Dark Souls series. If you have an iPhone, Square Enix released Chrono Trigger for that as well, another excellent RPG. They also re-released a few other good titles on the iPhone. The Elder Scrolls games are always a solid choice. If you like RPG/Shooter hybrid games, or you think that's a cool concept, check out the Borderlands series. I recommend Borderlands 2, the plot isn't thick enough to get lost at all, it's mostly just subtle references. In that same vein, the Fallout series is also very good. RPG/Shooter hybrid. Fallout 3 is very good vanilla, otherwise New Vegas is also very good modded. Fallout 4 is a bit lackluster, imo. Again on the vein of RPG shooters, check out the Deus Ex series of games. Excellent. Disgaea is a classic-styled 'tactics' kind of RPG game with sharp witted, sometimes crude, and slapstick humor, and very colorful characters and plot. You can find they made a PC release on Steam. Divinity: Original Sin is probably my 2nd favorite RPG, but the one I enjoyed most overall. Very rich plot, environments, characters and gameplay that'll keep you coming back for hundreds of hours. If you can get your hands on Dungeon Siege 2, that's another one of my alltime favorite RPGs. Dungeon Siege 3 feels a bit more like Diablo, but it's also a very fun game in its own right. DS2 however, I've spent many hundreds of hours on. If you want a game you can just play absentmindedly but still make progress, there to use as a time sync or just to mess around every once in a while, the Fate series is very good at that. Mass Effect is another series of RPG shooters with very rich characters, plot, and gameplay. Highly recommended. I could continue the list for a while longer, but these are all very good game options that I recommend checking out, and most of them will keep you going for at least hundreds of hours.
  8. This is gunna be a long post guys, so I'm going to throw it in spoiler tags so I don't wall the thread.
  9. All good, it's not like anybody uses this thread anyways... *Cough cough* -.- Lol
  10. When I say "reflecting render", that's my unprofessional way of saying... Well, you know how when you move your eyes rapidly you get that repeated image effect? How previous vision stays in your sight for a split second before it vanishes? It's kinda like that, but instead of vanishing, it imprints, so you see whatever you saw at that particular point continue to be rendered, such as you see in that screenshot. I've never really dabbled into mapping myself, so I can't quite tell you how to go about it, but. I'm sure someone else will be willing to give you pointers!
  11. @ahigherhumanform Did you put a skybox in the map? 'Cus it's reflecting render.
  12. I still prefer DotA 1 to either of those options. And Heroes of the Storm isn't up there either.
  13. Multiplayer... Probably Earth Defense Force 4.1 Singleplayer, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
  14. Forget the tens of thousands of hours I spent between CoD games, several thousand hours on Diablo 2, and several hundred hours of KOTOR, SWAT 4, etc... I play games too much.
  15. Yes, I'll check them out tonight.