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  1. Your name and Steam ID: MrManslayerX - STEAM_1:0:38429208 The players name and Steam ID: YAHHHH! - STEAM_1:1:126751099 Tony Suprano - STEAM_1:0:487744912 What happened: YAHHH MFK'd. Tried to act all cheeky about it, but he knew what he was doing. (Middle of the demo, sorry I can't time stamp, my demo UI is broken) Tony Suprano is multi-hacking, at least has aimbot and hop hacks. (Near the end of demo when Fugitive announced restricted freeday) PS: Thanks to @fugitve111 for helping me get the evidence needed. Video/screenshot: https://drive.google.com/file/d/17NVlbSBbOy5bYW5S-XXK2idpiXtL0Szn/view?usp=sharing
  2. It used to be a !freeday command as well. Only issue was you had to use the command the round before, so you couldn't just spontaneously do a freeday with it. Also wasn't it sort of an unwritten thing that that's how all freedays should go, so they don't take forever?
  3. We used to have a freeday command that would make the next day a free day, lock the timer to start at 4 minutes, and give T's respawns. Which was pretty good IMO, but the command itself was kinda inconvenient and obtuse to use. If it were to be re-iterated, that would be nice.
  4. I agree that LR's should be kept to one last prisoner, and I disagree that picking a freeday for next round should be an option for LR.
  5. I wasn't aware that they were causing other issues. If that's the case, (and this vote passes, which it will;) we should try to look into it in the future.
  6. I believe fists can disarm as well. Plus we can still use the glove skins.
  7. That's why I said we should try to remove the shake.
  8. I think we should keep them, fists are a great tool for prisoners to use. If anything we can try to remove the aimer movement on them so people can't troll for AFK freezes. (AKA that shake/distort that Chef referred to)
  9. Unfortunately I have to agree with Leks there, about the trust system. Reason being, well, misuse/abuse. Shouldn't have to say much more on that. I do like your initiative though Remu!
  10. Not that I play purge at all or anything, hell, not that I have anything to do with this conversation... But I LOVE to see an admin trying to collect feedback from the player base to improve their performance! I love the initiative, kudos to you.
  11. How about a plugin that allows custom sprays for VIPs? Before we had a plugin that would allow spray (Which was great because then we can do good old fashioned CS 1.6/CS:S JB style spray contests) Kinda like custom sign on/sign off messages, the player would submit the image to the manager, and pending their approval, it could be set as their spray when they use the sm_spray thingy. Of course this is assuming we're able to re-add the spray plugin. Not sure if that was removed for any Valve particular reason.
  12. MrManslayerX#1479 Fancy seeing you here Jguary. I'll play any mode, but I haven't the first clue about all the satanic ritual shit you gotta do in Zombies.
  13. Pff... Hoo boy. I remember when this fiasco happened in the first place... Quite clearly, actually. Suppose .com is struggling that hard nowadays, huh. This must be a sign of the times. Ah well. Welcome back I suppose, not my ship to run anymore. lol. We can use the population boost.
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