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  1. Alright, so. Get your calculators ready, I did some hard math and adjusted the numbers of the costs of upgrades on the server. So. Before, in the real old, OG setup for RPG, when I first took over as manager, I believe our system maxed out at... Around 1600-1800 levels. Now, I ran the numbers on the RPG upgrades, tweaked them a little, and came to the total... With these modifications I made, max level is 1724. Remember, you start with 100, and get 5 each level. What follows will the price totals of each RPG upgrade - This is the TOTAL it takes to max each upgrade, and how many levels worth of credits it takes to match them out. So, even after me tweaking the prices, I think there's a bit of work to be done here. Lower some things, raise other things. All I did was slightly increase the price intervals, and starting prices, of each upgrade. Very. Slightly. And that's what brought us to the total max level of 1724- Which is much closer to our original setup! I didn't want to go too overboard before I consulted the community about things, though. If people are happy with these numbers, and this level total, I'd like to propose a new, and more controllable system for how we level our skills and how we choose what RPG upgrades and skills we level, and at what rates. But as for right now, let's focus on these totals, and figure out if we want them to be more, or less. The way it is right now, seems to be pretty solid. Your important upgrades have a healthy price tag, (such as health, health regen, armor regen, etc.) and your 'utilitarian' upgrades have a higher price tag, (Frost pistol, medic, ice stab, etc.) There's a few outliers here, but before I went hog-wild on things myself, I wanted to address the players first. So, guys, let's talk turkey! I want to make this server the most enjoyable experience for everybody, let's take it one step at a time and work through the numbers together, as a team- as a community.
  2. Server is back up! Everybody should have the levels they had in their skills immediately before the revert. You may also have a few additional credits, consider this a gift
  3. I'm going to be shutting down the server so I can get all the RPG upgrades back in place. This process should take anywhere from 15-30 minutes. I'll keep ya's posted!
  4. This one was good, so I had to keep going... "You don't know how about it though it was just the same as it came a man who was a good friend to be the one to say good to me but that's not even a bad thing lol"
  5. @ahigherhumanform Nope. Skybox is still broken. I wish I could be more insightful with this, but I've never really dabbled into mapping, so it's over my head.
  6. I had a general tendency to agree with you, @Joshy. You were always the one to make a lot of valid points, and myself personally, I did my best to follow your guidance while still trying to maintain the scope of my own visions on things. Perhaps that sounds like a bit of a selfish thing to say, but I mean that in the most altruistic way possible...? I had an idea for this server, and I wanted to try my best to keep everything in line with that core idea. As for the whole 'overhaul', well, I saw the server was dying out, and that something had to happen. I'm aware, there was no magic solution, and as you said in Roy's announcements, you can't just say what people want to hear. But when I met this Dub fellow, he had promise and he seemed very motivated to help us. Quite frankly, I had nowhere else left to turn. With nobody to work on code, or plugins, CS:S division would have swiftly met the same fate as TF2 division. Problem with the overhaul, as I said earlier in this thread, was that there was a massive disconnect between the intended experience and the actual experience. We were planning on adding features, and ironing out the features that were already there, but we hit turbulence with that, and it ended up not coming to fruition. So not only did we kill people's hopes, we also tampered with their beloved system. I managed to take a swing and fail to hit either of the two crowds I was trying to appeal to. I wasn't shooting wildly before asking questions, I was aiming, I just wasn't aiming in the right place. I fully admit that what happened was by and large my fault, but I expected our progress on the back-end to keep up with the progress of our players in the new system. It didn't. That was the major flaw, I feel. Another thing, as you said, is when you left, I had nobody to work on code/plugins. Meeting Dub on that one faithful night, I had to seize the opportunity while it was there. If I didn't take that, I'm damn sure that CS:S division would have already died. Although, now, it's basically on machine-assisted-living. I have to work with what I have, and as I posted earlier in this thread, there's essentially only 1.75 people working on the server here. Dub is the sole person we have working with the plugins and code, myself counts as about .5 of that effort. I can do a little bit of rudimentary work with plugins, variables and the such, but I don't have the knowledge I need to go in and debug/fix things, which is our main issue. Thomas is there, yes, and he is helping, but he knows even less than me when it comes to the back-end, so again, when it comes to the technical aspect of the back-end, it's a one man show, and that shows when it comes to the slow progress we're making with the server. As I said a few times before though, and now I sound like a broken record- I feel it's necessary to mention that we're very close to completing some of these projects we talked about for so long! Of course, with every new feature that comes into the game, we need to iron and pave it out as we go. Hence, the need to put things in one at a time, so our community develops familiarity with these new aspects before we push the next one in. But at this point in time, we seriously can't afford to drag our heels and implement things back in slowly. By the time everything is done, all our players would have already left us. So I'm trying my best to find a healthy medium between VIABLE progress, and pushing new features, hence that massive 25-poll. I want to see where people stand on each given topic, and we can iron things out and be certain things are how we want them to be. And of course, we can always modify it further from there. I would like to stress to people that any change we make is open to feedback and re-visioning. That's what I've striven to achieve with this server- Actively incorporate the community into each major decision, so we can move together as a whole, not me pulling everyone along behind me, like it or not.
  7. Sorry, @Joshy. It seems to me that in times past you've been quick to point a finger at me. Which, yes, I admit. I deserve at least SOME of the flak. I could have done a better of job of going about these things, but what was done was done. I'm trying to learn from my mistakes as we move forward. I'm doing my damnedest to make the best of a bad situation, and I'd appreciate constructive criticism as opposed to mockery. What you said earlier in the thread seemed to be smearing me. Perhaps I took it the wrong way, if that's the case, I apologize. Aside from that, though. As I said. We're coming close to finally being able to hatch these plans we've had for some time now. I can only hope that it's not too late.
  8. Sorry for the double post, but, @Joshy, feel free to demonize me all you like, that doesn't change the fact that I'm trying to actually make a coordinated effort. If I were to just throw everything back in, we'd be right back at square one with an unorganized mess. I figure, this way, we can iron everything out, and discuss everything, come to an agreement as a community, THEN implement these features once more. I'm aware that leaves us very bare-bones for the mean time, but as was said, doing everything all at once is just going to generate shell-shock and make a giant mess.
  9. @SoundOfMusic The lightmap is incredibly dark for me, but it still seems like a pretty cool map, adding it to the server meow. Post-Edit: Played it on the server for a while, seems people liked it. Nice! @ahigherhumanform I tested your maps again, and the skybox was still going all crazy with the reflections. Going to be looking at the other maps on the server and adding them to the rotation now as well.
  10. The 'remain as is' is how it was during the overhaul. I took these exact values so we can avoid what @SoundOfMusic said- We know exactly what they were, and we can tweak them precisely if we so choose. I know we want the RPG upgrades back in, yes. But I'm trying to make a coordinated effort before we just throw everything back in how it was. Because people didn't like how things were during the overhaul. I'd like to see what the community has to say about each individual thing. Also, what's the point in putting each RPG upgrade back in one by one? Especially when we all know what they do already. As I said, the 'previous values' and 'remain as in' indicate exactly how they were during the overhaul; so we all have a known and experienced basis on it. Also. We couldn't do a FULL revert, because, I had to reformat my computer after I took the backup, and, the one that I gave to Dub was missing the Sourcemod folder... Go figure. The most important one. Either way. There's more features to come here. A more advanced RTD system, more maps (Yes, I'm going to look at those as soon as I'm done typing this,) store, additional donator perks, et cetera. And these are all very near goals. Like. Actually feasible and will come shortly.
  11. Maps are coming.
  12. Alright, henceforth, let's post feedback for the server here. Thanks.
  13. So this poll is going to be about all of the RPG upgrades we previously had, which ones we want back in the server, and a bunch of others we have for the server. What follows will be all the RPG upgrades we had, and what values they were at. This is so we, as a community, can decide what exactly all our RPG upgrades will be, and what we want them to do. In this post will be links to respective sub-forums for each given RPG upgrade, which we can discuss there. This base thread will be locked, but you are encouraged to vote and give an extended response on your thoughts in each given sub-thread. Please keep discussions to their respective threads. Please post your suggestion line; as well as your extended thoughts on the manner, if applicable. If you want things to stay as they are, you do not need to post an extended response if you don't want to. *NOTE: If you also want to address the price of the upgrades, feel free to do so! *NOTE: It took me a few hours to work out all this data mining and the logistics, so, please make good use of it! *** I should make note that these are how the values were DURING the overhaul! *** --------------- Voting has concluded! We'll be adding the upgrades back in today!
  14. -1 for either position. I spent a bit of time playing with this fella today, and he was pretty obnoxious. I recorded a demo of a bit of gameplay after I was there for a bit, if anybody's interested you can PM me for it. I told him, if you wanna be admin, you need to behave all the time, not just when you feel like it. He said that he's more outgoing and fools around when there's friends on, but yea. Don't get me wrong, he doesn't seem like a bad guy. He was just exceedingly obnoxious when I was playing with him in the server.