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  1. Why the decision on allowing T/CT's to fire in/out of stack? I honestly don't know the mentality behind this one, I feel it's a horrible idea- Someone enlighten me? I know T's are allowed to move away from rebelling T's in order to avoid being shot accidentally, but is that going to be the rule of the land now? (Not that that's in the rules, but that's sort of always been an unwritten rule) And how do we distinguish between free killing and a guard that just mowed down stack to kill someone that was shooting in stack? What about someone that fled from stack in order to not be killed because a T is rebelling in stack that gets killed "accidentally" or otherwise? I know if they missed their shot and it went wide that'd still be considered a freekill, but there's a very, very fine line here that I know is going to draw a lot of controversy. Post edit: No cheating is always implied for LR's... Are we still allowed to specifically permit cheating in LR, though?
  2. Hell, I remember when you first got the position- I was still DL at the time, lol- And I remember how closely you tried to work with the different divisions to try and run a tight ship. It was an appreciated effort, and it helped motivate me too. Honestly, you were an inspiration at least to me, Rick. It was definitely good working with you, and I'm sure you'll be missed in active duty.
  3. Welp. I know you've always put a lot of effort into the position Rick, thanks for your service, and good luck in your journey of life. 😄
  4. It used to be a !freeday command as well. Only issue was you had to use the command the round before, so you couldn't just spontaneously do a freeday with it. Also wasn't it sort of an unwritten thing that that's how all freedays should go, so they don't take forever?
  5. We used to have a freeday command that would make the next day a free day, lock the timer to start at 4 minutes, and give T's respawns. Which was pretty good IMO, but the command itself was kinda inconvenient and obtuse to use. If it were to be re-iterated, that would be nice.
  6. I agree that LR's should be kept to one last prisoner, and I disagree that picking a freeday for next round should be an option for LR.
  7. I wasn't aware that they were causing other issues. If that's the case, (and this vote passes, which it will;) we should try to look into it in the future.
  8. I believe fists can disarm as well. Plus we can still use the glove skins.
  9. That's why I said we should try to remove the shake.
  10. I think we should keep them, fists are a great tool for prisoners to use. If anything we can try to remove the aimer movement on them so people can't troll for AFK freezes. (AKA that shake/distort that Chef referred to)
  11. Unfortunately I have to agree with Leks there, about the trust system. Reason being, well, misuse/abuse. Shouldn't have to say much more on that. I do like your initiative though Remu!
  12. How about a plugin that allows custom sprays for VIPs? Before we had a plugin that would allow spray (Which was great because then we can do good old fashioned CS 1.6/CS:S JB style spray contests) Kinda like custom sign on/sign off messages, the player would submit the image to the manager, and pending their approval, it could be set as their spray when they use the sm_spray thingy. Of course this is assuming we're able to re-add the spray plugin. Not sure if that was removed for any Valve particular reason.
  13. MrManslayerX#1479 Fancy seeing you here Jguary. I'll play any mode, but I haven't the first clue about all the satanic ritual shit you gotta do in Zombies.
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