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  1. You'd basically just have more armor before it runs out. Normally you'd be dead before it runs out, but if you can out-play people with your high health and vampire, sometimes you can survive long enough to deplete your armor. This is where armor regen comes into play. Having higher capacity would just enable you to take more damage before your armor chips off.
  2. @MrManslayerX here! I'll throw my hat in the pile.
  3. As it stands right now, you spawn with 0 armor, and get a CHANCE at getting a helmet with the Armor Helmet upgrade. This will be a three question vote. - Should we make it so max helmet upgrade always gives you a helmet? - Should we make it so you spawn with the full capacity of your armor upgrade level? - Should we make it so you can get more armor? As always, feel free to post an extended response in reply to this post if you need to expound on your choices.
  4. Well we can always look into nerfing it in particular put it more in line with the other weapons. There was a bug with the old RPG system, that's probably still present here that makes reloading shotguns incredibly fast and broken... Not going to say what it is, but yea. The issue was always there, I imagine this is just in a slightly different form because the fast reload is faster than it used to be as well. We will add longjump back, we just need to decide on what we're going to do with it. It's not going to be a very powerful long jump. Just enough to aid basic bunny hopping. We'll make a vote on the armor system- I'll add a link to it in the MOTD shortly.
  5. tas

    ... It seems my fellow staff jumped to the conclusion that this was done on our server. My apologies, I was misinformed. Carry on.
  6. Damn. Can't believe this isn't here yet... "Dixon Cider" Go ahead, say it slowly. xD
  7. We may have to consider nerfing the XP rates for our next reset. The system we had before took longer to level, and even if we roll out our prestige benefits, there's still people that are going to be well over level 1000 by then anyhow. I was told about this authentication error, but it seems to have passed. I'm not sure what caused it, but when I was told about that, I was able to join myself just fine. I'll take a look at that map ASAP. Thanks for reporting it.
  8. Yes, on our application guidelines we have it so that veteran members and operators may speak as well. Also, yea, I see Toxic on all the time. I just don't personally know his personality or such. Going to let this one sit and collect opinions while I add him on steam to get to know him.
  9. tas

    If you wanna cheat it out on some other server, be my guest. But if I see you doing this on GFL turf again- especially in my division- I will personally blam you. Topic locked.
  10. Personally, I started disliking the new pokemon designs @ and after gen 5.
  11. @Sephnessed Eh, I started falling out of Pokemon when Megas were starting to be introduced.
  12. Gunna let this application sit for a bit to observe current player activity. I'm familiar with Surprise, as was mentioned before, but I want to see if consistent activity can be kept now. If this comes to be proven true, the application will be accepted... As for now, neutral.
  13. This application will be accepted. Sorry for not responding sooner, I've been very busy dealing with the feedback from our recent overhaul. You'll start as an operator, and your training will come at a later time, probably tonight/tomorrow.
  14. Sorry I haven't been looking at the admin apps, I've been spending all my time working on this new update. I'm going to accept this application, but your training will come at a later time. Probably tonight/tomorrow. You'll start as an operator and what happens from there is up to you.
  15. Locking topic, this one is out-dated; especially in the case of the new overhaul we pushed.