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  1. Also @Worgee *Spams notifications*
  2. @Diablodoggy28 Someone's trying too hard..
  3. 1v1 Awps IRL @ZombieSurvivalist224
  4. @NullUsrname Nobody said you couldn't frequently masturbate anyways, Selah. Lol.
  5. Why didn't you cunts post this sooner, I'd have backed it. Pledges are closed now. D:
  6. Alright, on that note, I'll be lifting the ban to 1 week. Had another staff member review the footage and say it's inconclusive. My apologies for that, I guess your inexperience in the game made me think that you firing in odd times/ways was an auto trigger. Just note that there will be a sharper eye on you henceforth.
  7. Whenever the aimer hovers over someone's head it fires... Like how in the one part the deagle firing 3 times as the dot hits the head even though it's not recovered from recoil. Or perhaps the part where he's not shooting at the person right in front of him and just waving his mouse around by his head. Or where he drags the mouse in a swathe over someone's head and it fires without hitching even slightly, as the motion continues... On the off chance that I'm wrong in this notion, sorry. I'll have a higher up examine this; if that part is inconclusive then I will edit the ban to whatever time is left into the one week mark.
  8. I was in the middle of typing a giant thought dump/rant that was already 3 pages long, but quite frankly, I'll just tell you to listen to Joshy, guys. Seriously. He's chock full of wisdom, make use of it. I think I've pretty much agreed with 99% of what he's ever said on GFL... Hell, most of the things I typed on this thought dump were already covered more charismatically and succinctly by him in recent times. We could all stand to learn something from him. I worked with him as an admin back when I was just the manager of the CS:S RPG Surf server, and damned if he wasn't a valuable asset to me. He got promoted but apparently he just stepped on the wrong toes, garnered a bad rap? Why all the hate? See the logic, the reason behind the words... Not the person speaking them. Let's make an effort to be a little more sensible about things, more realistic, yea?
  9. I think that's what a lot of GFL needs at this point, a fresh start. While I've officially stated that I'm no longer interested in CS:S division affairs, and pretty much all the old regulars/admins hate me... I still put a lot of heart and soul into it. I just want to see it succeed, all said and done. Good luck, guys.
  10. Jediism because I believe in the truth.
  11. Looks like AK-Colt on steroids. I'm down AF for that.
  12. I have to agree with Denros' idea of making it so Warden can disable ghosts... But ALSO have it so that admins can do ghost bans/kicking them out of ghost. Having these would bypass the need for anything else, like disabling it during LR, or timer disabling it, or having to restrict it to certain players. Post-Edit: That's what I mean. Have it so you can kick people off or ban them from ghost.
  13. I don't see what the harm is in making it a member+ perk. That way it'll draw more people into applying for membership, for a perk that's otherwise completely harmless and affords no certain advantages. That, and ANYONE can apply for member. So, again, what's the harm? It just makes them go an extra step to show they care enough about GFL to apply for member, as well. ...... All that said, I really think we just need to have a way to deal with ghosts. Mitigate the need to limit it and nip the issue in the bud. Remember. The best way to deal with an issue is to tackle it at its core, not deal with the side affects or skirt around it. I propose maybe adding the ability to do ghost-kicks and bans.
  14. I really enjoy TTT, but that's because I have nostalgia with it and I've been playing it as long as the mod existed, way back in early days of CS:S. TTT can be super fun if there's an admin online to keep things in line, but it's a game mode that takes a complete nosedive as soon as people start shitting around.