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  1. Introduce Yourself!

    @NullUsrname Nobody said you couldn't frequently masturbate anyways, Selah. Lol.
  2. Pantropy Expansion

    Why didn't you cunts post this sooner, I'd have backed it. Pledges are closed now. D:
  3. Step in the Right Direction

    I was in the middle of typing a giant thought dump/rant that was already 3 pages long, but quite frankly, I'll just tell you to listen to Joshy, guys. Seriously. He's chock full of wisdom, make use of it. I think I've pretty much agreed with 99% of what he's ever said on GFL... Hell, most of the things I typed on this thought dump were already covered more charismatically and succinctly by him in recent times. We could all stand to learn something from him. I worked with him as an admin back when I was just the manager of the CS:S RPG Surf server, and damned if he wasn't a valuable asset to me. He got promoted but apparently he just stepped on the wrong toes, garnered a bad rap? Why all the hate? See the logic, the reason behind the words... Not the person speaking them. Let's make an effort to be a little more sensible about things, more realistic, yea?
  4. CS:S Division Update Post

    I think that's what a lot of GFL needs at this point, a fresh start. While I've officially stated that I'm no longer interested in CS:S division affairs, and pretty much all the old regulars/admins hate me... I still put a lot of heart and soul into it. I just want to see it succeed, all said and done. Good luck, guys.
  5. What is the best game you have ever played?

    Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction... No contest to me.
  6. Religion discussions

    Jediism because I believe in the truth.
  7. feedback on something

    Looks like AK-Colt on steroids. I'm down AF for that.
  8. [CSGO] Jailbreak Suggestion Thread

    I have to agree with Denros' idea of making it so Warden can disable ghosts... But ALSO have it so that admins can do ghost bans/kicking them out of ghost. Having these would bypass the need for anything else, like disabling it during LR, or timer disabling it, or having to restrict it to certain players. Post-Edit: That's what I mean. Have it so you can kick people off or ban them from ghost.
  9. [CSGO] Jailbreak Suggestion Thread

    I don't see what the harm is in making it a member+ perk. That way it'll draw more people into applying for membership, for a perk that's otherwise completely harmless and affords no certain advantages. That, and ANYONE can apply for member. So, again, what's the harm? It just makes them go an extra step to show they care enough about GFL to apply for member, as well. ...... All that said, I really think we just need to have a way to deal with ghosts. Mitigate the need to limit it and nip the issue in the bud. Remember. The best way to deal with an issue is to tackle it at its core, not deal with the side affects or skirt around it. I propose maybe adding the ability to do ghost-kicks and bans.
  10. Best gamemode in Gmod??

    I really enjoy TTT, but that's because I have nostalgia with it and I've been playing it as long as the mod existed, way back in early days of CS:S. TTT can be super fun if there's an admin online to keep things in line, but it's a game mode that takes a complete nosedive as soon as people start shitting around.
  11. What drives you to keep on playing ze?

    I don't play on the ZE server personally, but I'd have to imagine it boils down to the people that play there, the community, and the interactions between the players. Whether this be considered "Toxic", "Autistic" ( I really do hate that term, it's offensive to actual autists... But, since people use it, it has a place in describing the case. ), or whatever the case may be, I know the main reason -I- tend to stick around on servers is because of the conversations or interactions with other players, or the whole community at large. SINCE it's a low skill ceiling and floor, as you say, it makes it an effortless kinda gamemode to play while you mess around and have fun chilling with people. Kinda like how I'll hop on Warframe and mess around because it's such a mindless game after you build the muscle memory for it.
  12. Ah, good old Angry Soccer Mom. One of my favorite trolls of all time, I'd have to say.
  13. #ReviveCSS-SURFRPG

    Serverslayer meme aside, (Which I find cute, and hilarious. Read forward.) I'd like to call to light only 3 major changes were made after I resigned, only thanks to Roy's intervention. (Which, is a resource I didn't have at the time.) The map chooser plugin, which, even though having it configured properly, was still broken. The sv_tags, which was probably the main reason the server traffic slowed down. This was something that Dubstep did back when he was still around, and I never realized the server's tags were cleared. I wasn't aware they were ever cleared since I never touched them. And the spawn protect plugin, which, was still in a fully functional state, but now we have Roy's original plugin that we had from before. Something I'd have wanted back in the first place, but we didn't have it available originally, so we made due with the best one we could find. Didn't really think twice about it. Other than those 3 things, the server was left in an altogether complete state. I cleaned up every single error in the error logs, and I got rid of all of Dub's old files. Everything that was there after Dub was exiled was my own handiwork. I cleaned up and finished what we had, 'tis all.
  14. #ReviveCSS-SURFRPG

    I'd be more than happy to try and recruit a server manager, but that sort of thing needs to be a process that occurs over time. Can't just go and hire somebody right off the bat.
  15. server is dead

    I'm not going to bother trying to defend myself against any sort of comments or attacks against myself. However I will say the same thing I've been saying for the past quarter of a year. At the time I decided to recruit Dubstep_kicks to develop for the server, I have to mention that our server player metrics were WAY down, and continuing to decline fast. This is a fact and that can not be disputed, I saw the player graphs with my own eyes and that much was acknowledged by other team members at the time. I have run my own server before, and I have helped run several other community's servers as a critical member of the staff team, and all of these were very successful communities and servers, in which I was well liked and respected, but that's neither here nor there. I admit I don't know all that much about code, but this much was said when I was recruited for manager in the first place, and for Division Leader. Everybody already knew this, it wasn't a secret. I'm perfectly competent in dealing with the face-value of plugins and other file management needs in the back-end as well. I would also like to call to light that a lot of the issues we had were tied to the code of the plugins in question and, as previously mentioned, the code aspect is over my head. I used the resources I had, insofar as our technical administrators and fellow knowledgeable staff, in order to deal with these issues. As it stands, yea, the server is pretty much complete, excepting the one glaring issue of the map chooser plugin being somewhat broken, but it was still well possible to pick the maps that were to be played by means of Nominate and RTV. As for how I choose to run the server... I have heard that apparently I have been 'doing whatever I wanted'? Not the case at all. I have run votes on all major aspects of the server that were changed, and I have stayed true to the results of those votes. If I weren't listening to people, I'd have kept things how they were during the overhaul, which I personally thought was a better product to offer to the players, hence why I allowed it to happen in the first place. I chose to do the overhaul because the player population was quickly dying, and I saw something needed to change soon before the server simply outright died. As I have mentioned before, I have been watching the player metrics, and I can beyond all doubt confirm this to be true. I closely followed every tidbit of feedback from it and made all of the adjustments as quickly as possible in order to bring things in line with how the playerbase wanted them. Any changes that I pushed into the server that weren't directly preceded by a vote were concepts that have been discussed for a long time, where interest to have these features done have been expressed before. (I.E: Store, Prestige, Sticky Nades, etc.) If anybody would like to personally discuss with me why I did things the way I did, feel more than free to drop me a line. I have nothing to hide, and I was doing my very best for the server, which seems to have come to naught anyhow.