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  1. Still awaiting a reply...
  2. Anyone can run it but its not putting players in wireframe it breaks the game models to make them invisible so i dont have to see them. Feel free to jump on a Free account and try it thats prime.
  3. Name: Arcomvii, Legit bhopper, Hacker, script kiddy, cheater, onetap, optimizer, autostrafer Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:513080597 Admin who banned you: CONSOLE What kind of punishment was it (mute/gag, server ban): SMAC ConVar r_drawothermodels violation Why should you be unbanned? SMAC ConVar r_drawothermodels violation Why should we reduce or undo the mute/ban? As i have not committed anything that breaks the game in any way, making it unfair, causing issues or any harm to the server or it's community i really think i should be unbanned, the reason is i typed the console command buildcubemaps so i didn't have to install the addons it basically hides everything. I use these names to make people think im sus on bhop and spectate my bot records, they are legit i don't use any third party assistance i use the names for the meme's should you say. Before you come to your FINAL decision please consider trying "buildcubemaps" on your server. It's a Exploit to hide all addons etc. basically only good for bhop / surf for hiding errors thats about it. Buildcubemaps is only very exploitable on CSS not csgo however SMAC thinks CSGO is CSS so it bans you for it.
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