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  1. You can report abuse here https://gflclan.com/forms/11-abuse-reports/ and follow the ban appeal format sent by Zero to try to appeal your ban.
  2. So while on the road to get to where I'm going I still have my phone. I've been watching Sjin's Let's Build Erebor, which was what inspired me to start building stuff in Sevtech. Now I think I want to do a build series eventually, but I'm trying to think of what to build. I'll likely do it in Vanilla with Worldedit and a texture pack, unless I build Artemis, which I'd do using some mod to go to the moon.
  3. Goodbye forever everyone... See ya in a week. I'm leaving tomorrow on another mission trip, I'll be back next Saturday. I'll have my phone for tomorrow and Saturday I believe, but not Monday-Friday. Don't have too much fun without me. Bye!
  4. Thanks for being a cool dude. Glad someone likes my ted talks cya around
  5. I've always loved this idea; if I ever become a teacher (which lmao I shouldn't) I would do this with my students and extra credit.
  6. Eh, seems like it wouldn't be that fun to play as. He wouldn't kill people. What's the point of him? Wander around and escape? The only fun part would be hurting people some as you get mowed down. Also, SCp 682's SWEP does ~1000 damage I believe, so lmao he would lose 500 health if he killed Cain. Still a -1 from me unless you can think of a purpose for him.
  7. I did it. I've been playing Sevtech for awhile now. I've had a lot of fun. But I got to a point where the only thing in front of me was way too much work. I'm not normally one to back down to a minecraft challenge, but when part of a recipe is a paperclip singularity singularity-which is made from 10000 paperclip singularities, which are made from 10000 paperclips, so 10000 x 10000 paperclips-you just get tired. I never did the singularities. Nor the creative items. But I did my goal, which was to make 1 ultimate ingot Totally not stealing the Yogscast's goal But I made this post because I made some SERIOUSLY cool shit in sevtech. And I want to show it off. So just a warning, lots of images ahead, I don't want to put it in a spoiler because I feel that takes away from it. So without further ado, here is Sevtech. Here I am making The Ultimate Ingot in the Ultimate Crafting Table. And now the infrastructure begins... This interface puts stuff into an Enrichment chamber to craft a variety of things. This assembler and interfaces crafts a lot of things; I have 2 more of these setups. Here's the core of my computer. This system makes parts for the computer very fast. Upstairs, this system makes plastic whenever I ask it to be crafted. More specifically it makes HDPE pellets, but I just turn that into plastic. This makes refined obsidian. The left-most machine is a sawmill, which makes wood planks/sticks. The center one is the metallurgic infuser, which makes a bunch of mekanism resources. This makes steel. It was difficult to figure out because I had to round-robin 2 compressed carbon, but they didn't want to separate right. So I had a clock and a hopper, which made the hopper drop an item then wait, which let the conveyor belt split the items. This makes advanced wafers for the Machine Cases. It was easy to do compared to the machine case themselves. Here's what I did with the dome. These cloches grow resources for me. My proudest creation. It makes machine cases. A device you can't see builds the 3x3x3 structure you see on the left in that orange spot, out of the resources I'll show below. The dropped on the platform then drops a wafer on it, and a case is made by shrinking the 3x3x3. The dropper part was hard; I had to add a timer that got activated only when a wafer was inside of the dropper, then the timer waited before dropping it. Here's the recipe for the machine case. The wool farm and collector crystal-which turns kepler 22b copper ore into Prosperity Ore. The steam turbine, which took about 400 steel, and the oil towers/pump. The Astral Zone. This auto-workbench makes vacuum tubes when I tell the computer to make them. And these 6 metal presses make, from left to right, Metal plates, metal rods, metal gears, metal wires, 3x3 blocks, 2x2 blocks. I love them. This arc furnace makes glass and some alloys. It's important to note that all this stuff is not being made continuously. I click a button in the computer, and it crafts it. This is the crusher and the old steel making stuff. This is the plastic making machine line. This is how I made nether bricks. It's hard. And where the saw used to be. I moved it to the side of my Age 5 building to make wooden half planks. And here it is. The Age 0 base. I've done a lot of jobs in this modpack because I was the only one to do it. I've been an explorer of multiple dimensions and lands; including the Dark Lands, the hunting dimension, the beneath, the Betweenlands, The Twilight Forest, the Nether, and the moon; I've been a fighter, an engineer, a technician, a farmer, an astronaut. I made a system of making resources quite complicated, to me. Thanks for reading this whole thing. I put a lot of work into this. I want it to mean something to someone other than me, but I don't need that. I had so much fun playing this modpack, but it's time to move on. Goodbye Sevtech.
  8. Happy bday!

  9. <insert meaningful goodbye here> Idk what to say except hopefully not goodbye forever.
  10. Ban Appeal

    Your IP address appears to be banned. This could be for a number of reasons, such as you using a vpn that made your address the same as the banned player or him using one that did that for your's. Tagging @Ralsei to handle this.
  11. I'd rather he be able to throw the mop as a spear like in this tale: http://www.scp-wiki.net/site-30-s-janitor
  12. Happy bday! 

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