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  1. Guide to be gud

    I have a here a rubric for an assignment in a class I am taking: In row 6, "Apply Conventions" you'd receive a score of 0 because it is a response in a language other than english.
  2. Breach Staff List

    List has been updated, grats to @ProfessorViper and @EvilCheeseBurger on full admin and welcome @Ravelord and @MrNoobyNoob to the team.
  3. Rip prop hunt and you. It was once good.
  4. +1 he does need a buff
  5. Missing Textures

    Or go to that websitethat has csgo maps/textures for free and download them.
  6. SCP-008

    We used to have a 008 special round, think it was removed because it was broken-Some people would be 008 the next round.
  7. It is tiny af. If you don't like the position, then change it in settings. It is better than the last ad system even though those made us money because it does not stop you from playing and does not take forever to load.
  8. There are two OTMs going on rn:


    Go be creative

  9. The One Who Remembers “See ya tomorrow Johnson” Sam’s boss said to him as he walked out of the museum. Sam only grunted in reply as he brought out his cleaning supplies to begin work. As he cleaned the different messes made by the museum’s visitors that day, he looked at the artifacts. One piece in particular stood out to him, bringing back a memory from nearly four thousand years ago… “HOLD FAST! WE NOT LET THESE DIRTY BARBARBIANS IN!” Arthulian heard the call to action from within the castle just as he could hear the orders given by the “barbarians”. He looked down on his people, struggling to keep hold of the land he had given them. And they were losing against a people with no military power. Even if those people had asked for help, Arthulian would not have given it. Perhaps the new people who live on this land will be much more generous in their offerings he thought to himself. Maybe the barbarians would have precious gems never found this side of the Darklands. He watched as the invaders pushed open the gates with a massive heave and began to flow into the castle. Their leader raised his sword and pointed it towards the palace at the center of the keep. I wonder what it is like to fight in a battle like that… Jamis fought towards the palace with a grimace on his face. At long last, he would finally make these strange people pay for destroying the gift his ancestors had sent them so long ago. Stabbing a man through the chest with a shout, he reached the gates to the keep. No one was inside the keep. Servants would be hiding, and the king who had started it all would be as well. He slashed the paintings on the walls and knocked braziers over. Finally, he came before two massive doors. The throne room. Forcing them open, he saw the ruler sitting on his chair. “I have been expecting you” the man said meekly, “I expect you have come because of the Winter Bascilla?” “Of course.” Jamis replied, walking down the carpet slowly. “Quite a beautiful place… but like all things, its time had come. A symbol for something that does not exist is useless.” “It is still a symbol. Even if our alliance was over, you could have kept it.” “And leave a reminder of your traitorous acts for all to remember?” The ruler said with a laugh. “Remembering is important.” He said. “I do this in remembrance of those that died just building the Winter Bascilla, the architects who went mad designing it, and above all, my ancestors and yours, because I still remember what they did, even if you want to forget.” And with that, Jamis plunged his sword through the heart of the old King. Arthulian looked down at the city as it was ramshackle by the invaders. He pondered what Jamis had said before he killed that old fool. Serves him right, he thought, not even listening to the god that gave him that land. Swiping his hand, he obscured the vision of the castle far below the heavens. But still, maybe I’d do well to listen as well. I won’t forget you, Randha, the land that once was perfect. Sam looked away from the tapestry with a start. He looked at the details in it for once, instead of the memory behind it. It showed him in the clouds, staring down at the castle below him as Jamis stabbed poor King Eigma. Randha was long gone, as were those that had taken it. He had decided to become mortal, to hide away from the past. But he couldn’t forget it. He had promised to remember. Maybe it was time for him to stop trying to forget.
  10. Duc's Ted Talk

    Excuse me this is a Ted Talk, you don't call people out of the audience in those.
  11. so what? not the most far out from the lore thing ever, we have a killable 682.
  12. Well, he does sometimes attack humans if he has bird poop on him. So he could be hostile… and it has reportedly become distressed when it has had a large amount of feces on it, on some rare occasions even firing at humans.