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  1. 049 WTF

    It's more lore friendly, he also has pretty low health to make up for it. You can suggest a balance if you think he needs it.
  2. I still gotta add that raccoon x duck Easter egg. What's your favorite position? Thank

    1. Duc2000


      Idk but apparently ducks occasionally rape each other... this took a dark turn.

    2. _Rocket_


      Man this is turning into a very different kind of game. This is spooki

  3. 1. The bullet spread can be changed but I never really have a problem with this, the guns do high damage so you don't need every bullet to hit unless it's an SCP. In that case, aim down the sights. 2. I don't know if this still works but doing ulx tfapref in console would help with FPS issues. 3. Doesn't seem that big to me and IT'S ACTUALLY USEFUL. Don't complain about not hitting people and then not be using the thing that lets you aim... 4. No. We don't have enough players for that; it would split the population and make both servers have less population. 5. Don't think the crosshair is bad tbh, we can change this though if other people want to I'm not entirely sure but I believe changing this would be extremely difficult. A lot of stuff on the server is now based on TFA. It's far easier to just change the stats on weapons
  4. Breach Changelog

    - Removed 2 special rounds, SCP 106's Funhouse and Hide and Seek.
  5. Breach Changelog

    - SCP-106 Buff: - Each doorway in the pocket dimension now teleports you to a random spot. - You also have a 1 in 8 chance of dying when going through a doorway. This chance is subject to change to make it more balanced. - Tell me immediately if you find any bugs; me and a couple people playtested it (Thanks to those who helped!) and didn't find anything. - Is only on site 19 for now, it's rather difficult to add to other maps so we'll see about that in future.
  6. You are a good duck man.

    1. Duc2000


      You are a good raccoon man.

  7. I was about to suggest a way to do it but you figured it out Good job though
  8. May I ask why? Likely the end of the obstacle course will be left alone and thus lead to the same place it does right now. We don't necessarily need to have the entity kill people as I do agree that it might be too overpowered; we can reduce the chance of dying due to it though.
  9. Yesterday we were talking about buffs to SCPs in the discord, especially to 106. @Felix whiston suggested an upgrade to the pocket dimension using entities placed in the doorways. When touched by a player, the entity would either kill them or teleport them to a random spot. That sounded doable to me, so this morning, I got to work. It has a 1 in 6 chance to kill you (guess I just got unlucky here) which is easily changed to be a lower chance or a higher chance; we can set the chance depending on what people think is balanced. It currently has 2 locations to teleport you to but more are easily added. Basically, we'd set this entity up to spawn in each of the tunnels in the main room of 106's pocket and put the tp locations at place you go after exiting, the obstacle course, the 4 hallway room, and the place you go when you go through the secret exit. For now it would just be on site 19. I'm not saying we have to do this. If people just want 106 to get a buff where he does damage to people on clicking them or something else, that's fine. I just thought a random pocket dimension would be neat. So I'm looking for feedback here-is this something people want?
  10. Oof you haven't been here in awhile. Happy B-day m8 if you ever come back.

  11. Breach Changelog

    Halloween Update 2019 Halloween is here, and with it, 6 new skins for donators! Researcher skins: -Jack Skellington -Oogie Boogie Man -Michael Myers -Nightmare Bonnnie Class D skins: -Nightmare Chica -Headless Horseman Loot Crates: If you win the round, you have a chance to get a loot crate with one of these skins in it, even if you are not a donator. If the skins are too large, I should be able to scale the model size down.
  12. you can put me in, make sure to have me fucking a racoon at some point
  13. Garfield himself likely won't added because he's so short; Jon is still a possibility.
  14. Breach Changelog

    Added - One round item: - Paintball gun. A VIP gun to just decorate stuff with paint (Does no damage to players) Bugs - One round items can currently be bought as SCP and spectator but will not do anything. So don't buy them as spectator/SCP for now. When you join the server you will download the paintball gun materials, but the pointshop icon will be an error until you close gmod and start it up again.
  15. I'd like to, we'll see we can pull some stuff together for it
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