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  1. Make 173 immune to tesla gates

    eh Idk. 173 is pretty op, and this helps nerf him. not that many people are smart enough to think to do this. I would say tesla could be made to do 250 or so maybe but not 100.
  2. SCP-Nerf Suggestions

    I like this idea better As for the other 2 haxray suggested +1
  3. Will Be Out A Couple Days (Surgery)

    When I first heard about the operation, I was against it. But then I thought, if Roy wants to be a women, who am I to stop him? Best wishes from me, I hope everything goes alright :D
  4. I might be leaving GFL

    OOF you posted this in ideas lol -1 to this idea I hope you have fun whatever you do but don't forget about ttt pls
  5. Friendly fire: The first idea about it is too complicated, the second is as maybe. Also, admins will usually respawn you after you are rdmed, just ask them about it but don't be annoying. Adding more o5 members: +1 but the number of them should depend on the player count. For no double scps, It would depend on the SCP. 2 of 096 is not as op as 2 of 682. Also the gamemode is literally based around SCPs being OP o5 with omni? hell no. omni is A) only used by CI B) there are no doors that require an omni, so its essentially a lvl 5 035 with level 5? NO. He already has a chance to get a level 4 if he knows where it spawns. Assualt: I think CI should spawn in the HCZ and the LCZ checkpoints should stay off rather than switching the sides. And no. We are not going to "backlist" people from SCP. That's the main difference between us and other servers, ANYONE can get scp. And I would like to keep it that way.
  6. Evolve Traitor Weapon

    Like I said we could make it so you need like 8 bodies or something. Also I would like to see the dead ringer added I made another post a while back about that. Edit: Dead ringer (one of them) http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=254779132&searchtext=Dead+ringer
  7. Evolve Traitor Weapon

    Just one t Weapon suggestion from me. This time its the Evolve Traitor weapon aka the evolved knife. Holding mouse 1 on a corpse with it will "eat" the corpse and leave bones. After you have eaten 4 (this can be changed to more or less corpses) you can press mouse 2 to evolve. You have claws and some buffs in the evolved state. Evolution stuff: Health : 200 Speed : +30% MOUSE1 : Claw continuous attack MOUSE2 : Leap Claws: Instant kill dunno if their damage can be changed. If they cant I would make it take 5 corpses instead of 4 to make it a bit les op. Workshop page: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1240572856&searchtext=evolved Basically this is a better flare gun but it takes time to eat them and evolve. Lemme know what you guys think!
  8. Welp, i did my song (even if its bad) time for more of them


  9. 17 dead in florida school shooting

    Idk why humans call themselves sentient beings.
  10. Music of the Month - February

    Ok so here's my song. Its a version of Hallelujah (the one by Leonard Cohen) Personally I don't think I did it justice, I messed up a few times plus I don't have it memorized so there are some gaps where I have to turn the page. Just don't expect to much. In following contests I will try to get the song perfect, I wish I could have done that for this but I don't want to wait until the end of the month to do it. So here it is.
  11. Yea, using the report subforum (link in my first post) Use screenshots of logs or videos for proof and make sure to get their steam id
  12. Resignation

    You ducking bitch ily wife come help out at the daycare center once in a while also now we play duc game
  13. Currently a lot of our admins are US admins. At that time, they are usually at school or a job or asleep. On the weekends I can play at that time. It would be better to get eu admins but since the server is based in the US we don't really have devoted EU players. I will try to get on in the mornings when I can but other than that Make player reports If you see a player breaking a rule and no admin is on to handle it, use this guide to make a player report of them.
  14. Probably not coming back

    dammit I remember when you were demoted to trial for tping out of dm you better come back soon or else...