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  1. I've never done this but I can see how annoying it would be. +1 from me.
  2. How did you ear rape louder than all of them? Let's do it for breach
  3. Your name does not define you who are. You do that by your actions and words. You define your name. But if you want a different name to define, the choice is yours.
  4. I change my vote. Billy_Ariana_Man just fits you :D
  5. "Never could have guessed you were obsessed" he says as the Ariana Grande videos in you signature keep playing.
  6. So my last name has "Duc" in it and it's said like "Duke" Actually. Theres an old Dunesbury book called Duke2000 so I made my name Duc2000. People on TTT said it like duck, and I liked that better so now its this.
  7. +1 sounds cool Incase you don't know what 005 is it's a key that can unlock anything. Wiki page
  8. We had site 56 Do you have a link to the steam page for site 52?
  9. Wow no tag </3 Cya bud. Hope you come back someday.
  10. Puts
  11. Or title it "useless t buds"
  12. You probably have one better but here's one I did that was pretty good.
  13. Which server is this for?
  14. Audio/Telemetry Log Epsilon-12-1555: A story about a MTF unit's venture into SCP 1555
  15. Fits