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  1. I'm kinda neutral on it, I can see it being kinda cool and possibly changing the game around, but also not that based in lore... And do the D class need more diversity? It seems like a bit of a buff to the D class. Are they unbalanced in the game right now? To me, not really.
  2. Sure, if his content is moderated for a bit.
  3. Factory of the Future Been a bit since I've done one of these. I played Project Ozone 3 for awhile but didn't build anything worth showing because it was skyblock; I just built a bunch of platforms lol. But I'm playing Omnifactory now, and so I decided to make a base in it: If this build looks good it's not really because of me, these blocks are really interesting. I especially like the angled struts on the left. That large room on the right is basically the disks just stacked and hollowed out. I like how it looks but still, the similarity to the other disks doesn't look right. All the buildings in the background that you see weren't built by me, it's a mod called Lost Cities which adds a world type by the same name with old, destroyed cities. Another angle of it because why not. Here's the inside of the square building-I like the railing/catwalk. I need a lot of open space for this modpack as there are a LOT of really cool multiblocks. To be honest, I may need to build another giant room-but I don't want a repeat of the dark castle from SevTech, where I used only 2 floors. Here's where I'll try to fit some big multiblocks... Inside of the lower disk. I want to again comment on those angled struts, those are so cool to me lol.
  4. I'll try to show up, even if we aren't watching Megamind.
  5. #BRINGBACK008

    When the round existed, it occasionally bugged out and spawned zombies on the following round, it was removed because of that I believe but if that could be fixed I'd want it back. It's where the image of me killing 3 scps in a row in my signature comes from because that round was really fun as a guard... maybe a bit less fun as 008-2.
  6. Invest it all, making sure to diversify so if 1 thing doesn't go well I don't lose my million. I'd also probably have to spend a bit to hire someone who actually knows what to invest in and more important things about investing. THEN, one day, when I have made millions more, I'd get my parents a house and money so they can retire (if they haven't already), get my siblings stuff they want, and of course, get myself lots of nice stuff (House, Legos because I'm 8, car, other shit) because TEMPORARY HAPPINESS!!!!
  7. It's time for us to again question if we should have a dislike button. I have a good feeling about it this time
  8. How the fuck did I die on the first day from hypothermia?
  9. SCP 038 Again

    Yeah, that's generally how it would work, basically all copied items get nerfed in some way, for most it would be a chance to break but for scps/people they would only live for a few minutes before dying/would have different health.
  10. Please use this format https://gflclan.com/forms/19-ttt-rotation-ban-appeals/ Anyways, I believe this is your ban https://sourcebans.gflclan.com/index.php?p=banlist&advSearch= STEAM_0:1:128934533 &advType=steamid so @BraeLyn2212 will handle this
  11. I suggested this a while back, but Xy never did it so yesterday I took matters into my own hands and made this: You press e on the tree with an item, and after 20 seconds, it spawns the item. It then has a 40 second cool down I didn't show in the video because I didn't feel like sitting there for 40 seconds. But it's there and it works. Currently, the only copied weapon I have coded is the GMod pistol. It acts the exact same as the normal pistol but has a 30% chance to not fire when you click. Basically, the rest of the guns would also have a chance to not fire when you click, SCP-500 would have a chance to not work, the MedKit would have a chance to not work but a little smaller of a chance than 500, and possibly players/SCPs could be copied with a longer cool down. The only thing I can see being difficult for me would be copied players/SCPs.
  12. Do enough heists to buy some business and make more money off of that
  13. Lego gives you a mini set if you spend over $40.


    Question is, what did I get? 

    1. Jerry Hat Trick
    2. Duc2000


      I meant what did I buy that is over $40 that got me that set for free.

  14. The way it was described did not sound similar to the lore, especially with a shop
  15. Anything here or elsewhere on the wiki http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-457
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