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  1. I had like 100 hours k get off my back.
  2. That was perhaps the dankest video I have ever seen.
  3. Hey guys I know you probably expected this because I wasn't active whatsoever on either server I was staff on. As you can tell from the title, I will still continue to play bhop probably but I feel like my spot as operator on Bhop and Admin on Jailbreak could be given to someone more deserving and active. I have a few people on here that I can call my friends so thank you so much for that. I will miss everyone from Jailbreak and many more. I have left and returned to GFL before, but I'm fairly certain this will be my final goodbye. The reason I am leaving is just because I haven't found myself enjoying being an admin anymore. I used to love doing it, but I just can't say that anymore. If anyone from GFL wants to play games with me, shoot me a message and I will definitely play with you. Sorry for lack of proper grammar, I just woke up.
  4. The winner is... @TheBrownFoxJumps Congratulations! PM me within 7 days to arrange a time I can trade your 19m over OSRS on a FTP server. If you don't reach me in 7 days I will re-draw. Proof:
  5. Update: The draw date will be moved to November 10.
  6. Honestly, there is no way to tell whether a giveaway is rigged or not. Someone could still use random.org and just roll as many times as they like until it lands close to the number their friend guessed. Although I do believe that they should use random.org (or something similar) regardless, I don't think Skittles should be banned from giveaways..
  7. Nice stats! You're entered in the giveaway.
  8. I will close the giveaway on November 14th.
  9. Don't make fun of my stats. I was maxed back in the day!
  10. Hey guys, I used to play a lot of Runescape, but I quit a while back. I have a few millions lying around in my bank and i thought I would give them away to people who play Runescape in GFL! I'm not going to give it away to just anyone though.. If you can prove to me you have an overall level above 300 (not very high), I will enter your name in a draw. Only one account per person, so I don't want to see multiple accounts listed. To enter: 1- Take a screenshot of your entire screen on Oldschool with your skills tab open. Make sure you have typed in your forum name in the RS chat so that I can see it is indeed your account! 2- Post screenshot in this thread and say something funny! Example of Screenshot: Proof of Cash: Notice how I put my forum name in the chatbox? Do that or you won't be entered. Good luck and happy Halloween! Entered Players: - @KeeD (Neko) - @Benroyjam - @Binny - @TheBrownFoxJumps - @Leks Leks ur gay and I know u want this 19m
  11. So I can say I won a giveaway. 58
  12. Can you play the space jam theme song for me? Thanks.
  13. I thought @denros was already in the BoDs. Shows how much I know Regardless.. congratulations to the both of you @denros, @Dano. Well deserved promotions.
  14. BF1 Key Giveaway

    Thanks for doing this giveaway! I want a new paintball gun for my birthday.
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