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  1. +1 Basically what everyone else has already said: chill player, knows the rules and doesn't get in trouble. I think he would make a good addition to the team.
  2. +1 Confirming Sponsor! I think Womburt would make a good admin, hes taken on a lot of the feedback that we gave him first time around and has improved which is a great sign. I see him on the server a lot and he's always helpful and doesn't get into arguments with players or is toxic. Sorry it took so long to confirm this, I've had to deal with some IRL stuff with jobs and it was pretty sudden and urgent due to coronavirus shutting everything down, but I'm back now
  3. Here is the code for the Bullet Bill project, I've added a file Original Code where I've dropped the main functions I made myself with some extra comments. https://github.com/PaulC95/ttt_BulletBill This was my first attempt at Lua scripting so its a little messy and almost all the filenames and paths are still left over from the original addon I used as a template. I will be going through and cleaning this up but I thought I should post this version so you can see my approach. As I said before my background is science and in research labs the goal is get something working fast and then improve on it later. With code this often means don't reinvent the wheel, if someone else has written what you need (or close to it) then use that for now and figure out how you need to change it later. I tested a few different rocket launcher addons from the workshop and found one I liked, I then looked at a few different Bullet Bill models until I found a good one. The next step was to replace the original missile files with the Bullet Bill models and get that working. Once I had a rocket firing bullet bills I then had to figure out how gmod handles collisions, this lead to me writing the code inside the ENT:PhysicsCollide function (in Original Code). The next step was to get the bullet bills to track players. My first attempt was just have them find a player and point towards them which worked but looked really wonky and was impossible to avoid. I decided to have them turn towards their target player more smoothly, this is the code inside the Track() function. After the functionality was there all that was needed was tweaking the values for balanced gameplay and then hopefully getting some feedback from a live server.
  4. My Age: 24 My Talent: My background is in science so that's where most of my programming comes from. I started learned java and really enjoyed it and then moved on to python and matlab as well as arduino coding for robotics/sensing. My projects have usually been heavily math based, such as plotting solutions to complex field equations and generating equation based masks for optics fabrication. Recently I decided to get into lua development as I wanted to make some traitor weapons. I started by decompiling some addons I was a fan of and realised I could read along and follow the code very easily. For the past 2/3 weeks I've been developing a traitor weapon gmod ttt. It's a rocket launcher which fires Bullet bills in two sizes, the larger of which scans for players infront off and within a certain range and then slowly turns towards them. This project has forced me to learn a lot about how mod handles collisions/traces/player interactions and more and I think I've picked it up fairly well. I'll include a link to the workshop page and I'll add the GitHub link for it later as well (on my phone at the moment.) Bullet Bill addon: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1988998212&searchtext=Bullet+bill+ttt I work well as part of a team and I learn fast. Although I spend most of my time on TTT rotation I'm happy to help out with any other aspects of development that GFL needs. Please feel free to ask my any questions you have or pm me here or on discord (TTTPaul) if you want to chat. Thanks for your consideration, Paul Hours/Week: 6+
  5. much confusion also +1 Keira is V good admin and would be great to have her back on the team
  6. +1 for reasons stated also I've had lots of playtime and cap is a good noodle
  7. +1 Reasons stated and personal experience playing with them makes me think they would be a good addition to the team.
  8. +1 I agree with all the positive things people have said and I've had good interactions with you on the server and discord so I think you'd make a good admin on rot.
  9. I put a ban on for 2x rdm and leave because you shot a barrel in the middle of a group of people and killed 3 of them. one of them forgave you so it was borderline mass rdm and then you left. I didn't realise it was a karma ban at the time so I put a 2x rdm and leave ban on you but I called it 3x rdm and leave so I would remember the situation. Please don't shoot explosive barrels in the middle of groups when you're innocent. Im gonna deny is appeal and please try and be more careful. DENIED
  10. New Map Vote

    Island is iconic but my canyon is an amazing map, I would like to see both added imo. I've seen some comments that people are worried about camping on the bottom of canyon but this is a non-issue. there are no parts of the bottom of the map that you can't see from the top so its impossible to camp there 😄 plus you can flood the map, can't camp underwater (for long)
  11. Don't forget to drink water and sleep at least once
  12. +1 Very active on server and never seen Royal have issues with anyone. Would make a great admin in my opinion.
  13. I've been on this thread every other day or so for the past couple of weeks but nobody else has responded so I wasn't sure what to add and I didn't want to just comment for the sake of commenting. I'm happy to answer answer any questions you have on here or through steam or discord. I'll send you a message if I see you online
  14. ok cool

    Kiera killed Rocket, KOS Kiera
  15. Absolutely, I do not and would not consider myself more important than the rest of the server population. In addition I would still keep pushing for better/clearer rules and any changes that I think would benefit the players and the server. I hope that answered your question? Let me know if you want me to expand on it.
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