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  1. Good luck with everything!

  2. Session mutes are only place and can be removed by rejoining the server. I'll be talking to the Admin about this issue on warning players before issue mute/gag However, Since you admited on Mic spamming, I want to remind you that any sort of Mic or Chat spam is not allowed on any TF2 GFL servers. Thanks
  3. Unbanned, Please let me know if you have any issues
  4. Looks like you were using a VPN, I'll go ahead and unban you. Please do not use a VPN when connecting to any GFL servers Thanks
  5. After talking with the other staff, the plugin was dedicating points for every time Waka left the match However, Using Homophobic slurs on our servers is against the server rules which Waka will be silence Thanks for the Report EDIT: I forgot to mention about Waka info about the spy glitch that happen on BlackWater server that its not something we can do much since this wasn't on GFL server. However, We will keep noted about the information with bans from other community that Scratch/sodomize
  6. I'm going to go ahead and lock this since this is just getting out of hand I look into this with the other staff Thanks
  7. I don't see anything wrong with this player. I don't see any sort of Aimbot doing its work, I only see him using a bind that makes him do the spin (`cl_yawspeed 100000;bind q +right;` for example). I even took the time to slow down the videos to see if there any toggle was happen but I didn't see anything. Only thing I found that some of his shotgun shots were little off but I can only concluded that it's a ping error when you are spectating another player vs what the client see. I cannot also take the conversation seriously since you went ahead and started disrespecting him by calling him a f*ggot,= I can't tell if he was serious or not. Sorry but this player will not be banned Closed
  8. Sourceban automatic bans players with the same IP address that the player has, this is why you were banned with "Duplicate Account". I'm going to Go ahead and unban you.
  9. Hello, by the chance you are using a vpn?
  10. I'm going to go ahead and unban you since I did some testing and seems the plugin was doing its job. But you need to understand the golden rule is that You are not allow to leave the arena, especially if the match has lasted long enough to be 18-18. if its not exploit, then it is griefing the other player. This is what I mainly ban you for and as you said, done this in the past because you don't want to lose elo to hackers and toxic players, which is not enough good reason to do it. If you really suspect a player really cheating. You going to need to make a player report if a admin is not responding to your calls. As TF2 Staff member in General, If you feel like I'm not doing my job correct or feel like I being unfair to you, You going to need to fill this form out (https://gflclan.com/forms/11-abuse-reports-form/) next time other than making a ban appeal so the Directors can review the situation Thanks.
  11. I'll remove your ban. Please try avoid using VPN on any gfl servers thanks
  12. Hello @@pwnage765 by the chance you are using a VPN?
  13. Unbanned don't use VPN on our servers
  14. Random Ban

    Sorry for the inconveniences
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