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  1. Admins doesn't have to warn you if you put down an inappropriate sprays. Hotgrits happens to get on and see your inappropraite spray. as far for other players, we can't punishment them without knowing if they are saying racial and homophobic slurs on the server. That why we have a !calladmin and a player report if an admin is unavailable. Here are some useful links you can use if you see anyone you feel is breaking the rules. Player Report https://gflclan.com/forms/139-tf2-2fort-2-player-report/ MOTD (Rules) Denied
  2. You weren't ban for using racial slurs, you were banned because you put down a Inappropriate Spray, which is also against the rules. You will wait out your ban Denied
  3. This appeal is now closed due to no feedback from the player
  4. Happy 4th of July, too bad no bars are opened
  5. Hi looks like your ban was attached by another ip that is banned on our server, by the chance you are using a vpn? Edit: you account look almost new
  6. You were banned by hotgrits for putting down a Inappropriate Spray, which is not allowed on our TF2 Servers. You going to have to wait until your ban expires. Denied Edit:take the time to review our rules in our motd
  7. So.....we are fucked? right? 

    1. Roy


      probably rofl

  8. It would be best to resolved your brother account first before I do anything. Feel free to appeal the account here https://gflclan.com/forms/41-csgo-1v1-arena-muteban-appeals/
  9. Yes I can agree 2fort 2 could need some work, but problem is that I only down to 3 admins (including myself) that are not always available. We also have a !calladmin plugin that pings admins when there issues on our servers. If an admin is not available, you can create player report here We are also looking for player that are interested helping out on moderating our servers so If you want to lend a hand, Feel free to apply here as well. Other than that, I do appreciate the feedback you provide with me and I'm sorry you had to experience that on our servers
  10. Alright we have our winners Congrats to: @XavierDD @mbs @ScorchGamer123 You should be receiving your VIP soon
  11. I would recommend try to get that ban resolve first before try to appeal here. This appeal will stay open until further notice
  12. I have decided to reduce the ban to 3 days. When you join not just our TF2 server, but any GFL server you join, Read the MOTD/Rules before you start playing. We have a Zero tolerance when it comes to this stuff. becareful next time thanks
  13. Denied for the following reasons, Spam in Chat Use a Alt account to avoid mute/gag issue Will wait until the mute/gag and ban expires
  14. Unbanned Avoid using VPN on our servers thanks
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