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  1. Going to Slap you Silly

  2. Quarantine

    Mostly play animal crossing now days, but I'm little worried about my job, but in the bright side, I don't have to get up so early to do 1 hour drive to school
  3. Build in peace my dude, sad to see you go.

  4. Very sad to see this division go, Rest in pieces GFL Minecraft You'll be missed
  5. Niice Also you shoud do voice_loopback 1 so we can hear you
  6. Congratulations on your promotion of member now let me teach you how to sub-net ipv6 address:llama:

    1. Roy


      Gimme the run down of IPv6 ;) I've only been doing IPv4 network programming thus far. Though, adding code for IPv6 won't be too difficult and I already know some of the basic things I need to change to make it IPv6 compatible.

  7. what should I give away next :lenny:

    1. Mejilla


      Nitro or spotify premium :lenny:

  8. Happy birthday stinky!

  9. You're old but happy birthday
  10. ok so I don't really have like a favorite music artiest or album bah bah, I just listen on the radio KONO 101.1 on Spotify
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