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  1. In Game Name: Lord Chungus the BigSteam ID: idkBanned By: WuffyWufBan Reason : Speaking a few words in my native language which I didn't know wasn't allowed.Why I should be Unbanned: Okay, I have been permagagged before. I was acting like a clown the whole time because I didn't think I would be playing on this server alot. So I really didn't care if I got gagged or not. It turned out that I really like this server (I really do) . So when I got ungagged, I just stopped acting like a fool and I'm always nice to people now. ------------------------------ I was cool in voice chat on the server the whole time until I spoke a few words in my native tongue to a fellow Dutchman. It was like 5 seconds. That was the reason I got gagged. I really like this server and I've spent a lot of hours on it the past month. I really regret speaking a different language other than English for 5 seconds. It would really be a shame if I got permagagged because I wouldn't be able to communicate to other players on the server (which I enjoy a lot) . I always speak English (except for those 5 seconds) and I'm always respectful to other people that play on the server.
  2. In Game Name:Lord Chungus the BigSteam ID: idkBanned By: wuffyBan Reason : mic spamWhy I should be Unbanned: I can be a cool guy instead of mic spamming. Please give me a chance to prove myself. If I don't behave you can gag me again. Thanks
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