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  1. Hello, I have looked up your IP that was used to ban you. It's indeed from a VPN. Please don't use VPNs on GFL servers as almost all our bans are based on IP rather than Steam ID. Tagging someone that can remove your ban. @FrenZy
  2. Honored to be a part of your signature bro ❤️

  3. Husk's Ban appeal

    The IP that is recorded for your ban is indeed a VPN. Please don't use VPNs in GFL servers. I will now tag someone that has the power to unban you. @FrenZy
  4. Hello Toxic Paki: Sorry about the confusion with the reason “racism” for your ban. It would have been more clear if I put the reason as extreme antisemitism. And no, it wasn’t because you said “F*** Israel, Free Palestine.” It was instead the line after that where you said along the lines as “F*** Dirty Jews.” Of course, i’m paraphrasing here. I wish I could show you the clip with audio, but my Nvidia Shadowplay didn’t record audio because of a dumb function of Nvidia Shadowplay. This might seem like I’m trying to frame you, but there are discord chat logs to prove that this was the case, and there was another Head Admin (@Dini) there because of you at the time. This is also not the first time you have been banned, you have been banned before for a week because of racism by another admin. These are only bans, you also have a laundry list of communication bans. In fact, I made a helpful chart. This chart separates all your individual communication bans into categories. A total of 33 individual instances, with racism being the most common. Your comm bans go so far back that my good friend Weeaboo was still an admin. There could be some errors in there, as I only counted once. If you want to see the records yourself, here is a link: https://sourcebans.gflclan.com/index.php?p=commslist&page=1&searchText=STEAM_1:1:93538533 This begs the question, how did you get away with it for so long? Comm bans are supposed to stack, and the general guideline (for CS:GO surf) is 30>60>360>a day>a week>a month>permanent. I believe it has to do with you changing your name so frequently. On sourcebans, you have 9 different names recorded. Makes it hard for an admin to remember you. We only recently realized how bad it was because someone sent me some messages in discord saying how you were harassing him. Wrapping things up, I believe you won’t be missed. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get a clip with audio. But I believe that there shouldn’t even be the need in this situation. In fact, there was some talk in admin chat about just getting it over with, but I wanted a clip. Sadly it didn’t work out. Time and time again you were muted due to racism, even banned at one point. This is why I believe this ban should remain. Regards: yuptodat P.s. The kid that said the hard r, that you talked about in your appeal, was banned for comm evading
  5. Title says it all, just looking to play Sea of Thieves with some people . If you want to play in the future, just hit me up. Couldn't think of where else to post this, so I posted it here.
  6. Bye Spaced, it's been fun o7
  7. Good luck Guary, you were a staple of CSGO GFL.
  8. Nice! Sounds like a headache to deal with. I wish you further luck.
  9. jams ban appeal

    Technically weren't banned for posting the links, you were banned because of a duplicate account. And the admin that banned you wasn't FrenZy, it was Ancliz. If it's fine with Ancliz, i'm fine with it, especially if beary forgave you. @Ancliz
  10. Feel like it's time to resign. I have always said that I would resign when there was enough admins to police the server, and with the addition of drink as admin, I feel like there is enough. Another factor is that CSGO surf got yet another surf server. This means I'll have to focus even more on surf. I will still be around sometimes, just not looking for cheaters. p.s. Please take into account my opinion on the admin apps I already responded to before resigning. Luv Y'all
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