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  1. Feel like it's time to resign. I have always said that I would resign when there was enough admins to police the server, and with the addition of drink as admin, I feel like there is enough. Another factor is that CSGO surf got yet another surf server. This means I'll have to focus even more on surf. I will still be around sometimes, just not looking for cheaters. p.s. Please take into account my opinion on the admin apps I already responded to before resigning. Luv Y'all
  2. @Dini should get a trillion mentions with how many maps he zoned xD
  3. I just saw you today. Hope to see you more!
  4. Take it easy Roy, we are here for you. 🙂
  5. Hey PERRY, You were muted (this is going to sound a lil' weird, not to mention funny) for making the Perry growl from the cartoon Phineas and Ferb. Example from the show- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G44Lono1xkc (This is pretty funny...) You were warned many times before this, and you were muted many times before this. The reason why the mute was so long though was because of your previous warnings/mutes. To be honest, after I mentioned your mute in admin chat, another admin was quick to point out that I should have instead given you a week long mute (as you were muted for a day already), and he is right. In fact, the other day mute has this in the reason. But, I didn't want to spring that on you after I already gave the mute as I thought it would be unfair. I'm going to say this however... You are a recognizable figure now in the GFL surf community. The more you micspam, the more it becomes noticeable. The next time you micspam, it WILL be a week mute. So my advice is, don't micspam. 🙂 Since your mute was only for a day, you will unmuted at 1:06 pm EST tomorrow...
  6. Did some snooping into your ban. Here is what I found. You were banned because another account has been banned that uses the same IP. First I checked if you were banned because of a VPN, which your not. Then I checked to see if I can relate these accounts together. All of these accounts are related besides IP because I have managed to find my way to each account via their friend lists or profile description.
  7. I found your ban and looked at SourceBans for all bans related to your IP. What I found was this. As you can see, an alt account of yours was banned for an Eye Test Violation. Because your alt was banned and shared the same IP, your other account was banned for being a "duplicate account". I don't have the authority to say your account will/won't be unbanned, but that is the reason your account is banned right now.
  8. Disclaimer: I don't have the authority to unban you, nor can I say with absolute certainty that you will be unbanned. Disclaimer aside, I took a look into your ban and looked up the IP. The organization that "owns" the IP is listed as M247 Ltd. I thought this was weird and did even further digging and came across this Reddit post. As you no doubt have guessed by now, is that you were probably using your favorite VPN at the time by accident. The duplicate accounts reason for your ban comes into play because someone else was banned using the same IP. The lesson here is to please refrain from using VPNs on our servers. I will now tag the people that could unban you, unless they see something that I haven't seen. Getting unbanned isn't a guarantee yet (I could be wrong), I just thought I should let you know of your circumstances. @FrenZy @Reaper
  9. I'm going to refer to what I said before on your previous ban appeal. "As of today, 1 of the 3 people in the group that DID NOT post links appealed. You are the second that I know of. Because of this, i'm going to give the same deal. I would be fine with removing the silence as long as you apologize and promise you won't harass my team again." This was the deal I gave you, as at the time, I thought you haven't posted the link in the Surf Chat. However, unbeknownst to me, after I left to go sleep. You went on the surf servers on an alt with the name haha and DID post said links. Your alt was then silenced for 6 hours, and then later banned. When you posted your appeal, I once again say that I thought you did not post links. You were unsilenced, but banned when you tried to join the server. This is because of the alt haha ban. Honestly, this caused some confusion initially, and BOTH accounts were unbanned for a period of time. However, we eventually realized the mistake and reinstated the perma ban.
  10. Mount and Blade: Bannerlord. Been waiting for awhile now, finally about to come out this year. 😊
  11. I already unmuted you xD. I went and reviewed what I had because I just joined. And yeah, I think it was prob. a joke and I acted too hastily. Although, I really don't like the appeal, because of obvious reasons. There was no reason to mute you in the first place. For which i'm sorry. Thread Should be Locked
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