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  1. The new map has been put into the server! I would like you guys to help us fix the bugs by reporting them here. Loke will try to fix them and I will try to add new items to go with the new map. Videos and pictures would be nice to help get a better idea of the problem! Thanks everyone!
  2. https://sourcebans.gflclan.com/index.php?p=banlist&advSearch=STEAM_0:0:180071366&advType=steamid You were banned for RDM and leave by @MooTheCow. I'm not sure if you were RDM'ing or actually killing people that were RDM'ing.
  3. Adams Ban appeal

    You were banned for Hacking 4 years ago... I will unban, but if it happens again I am not lifting it the second time. Hacking isn't taken lightly.
  4. uhhhhh, I just realized the INSANE amount of karma bans. Which tells me you like to RDM when Admins aren't on. I believe the next one you get is a permanent ban.
  5. It's been the same since 2013 I believe lol. So, this is very exciting for everyone I believe.
  6. So, I have a player on the TTT server that has put the time in to create a new version of the Minecraft_B5 map just for us. He and I want to hear your opinions on this new version of the map and see if we should add it to the server. For votes please give +1 or -1 and your opinion! I personally am all for the new upgrade, it's a well needed change in my opinion. Here's the video: Please give positive feedback or constructive criticism!
  7. This is a rotation server ban. @Volk @Zero
  8. Hello, Gamers! Our 24/7 TTT Minecraft Server has much to offer you if you were to help donate to our server! Perks: Tags! Discount on Point Shop items! More Traitor Rounds! Special Player Models to stand out from the crowd! 25% off all items for Supporter! 50% off all items for VIP! _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Items: Tons of Premium Player Models! Fun Masks to mess around with! Traitor/Detective Passes! Goofy Hats to use and make yourself unique from the rest! Fun Weapons to fool around with! Accessories to go with all the fun items you can obtain by playing! These Donations help our Servers and Community greatly! We appreciate your Donations and will continue to work hard to bring you more Perks and Items!
  9. Hi Admins! I appreciate all of the Admins and your hard work that you do for the community! You take most of the brunt work for us Managers and I/we appreciate what you do for us! I've realized that not all of you are appreciated enough for putting your time into our servers and doing it for free for that matter. I just thought you guys would like to see someone appreciating your hard work and time that you guys put in for us. We do care and would like for you guys to keep up the hard work! Thanks, MILK MAN.
  10. soolee rage ban

    I never said you can't kill someone in the water?
  11. soolee rage ban

    How is it not ghosting if you and your buddy are using hist hacks as an outside advantage from other players.
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