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  1. The disguiser has a main purpose to hide the players name, to prevent a KOS on their name. If someone KOS's off skin that would be breaking one rule and if they KOS on "their styles," that would be breaking a second rule, KOS'ing off suspicion. You can't always assume that THAT player will always keep that same play style. I'm not sure if your intention is to loophole the shit out of this rule, but even if it isn't, I don't get why so many people come up with these loopholes in the first place. The rules are put in place to help the Traitors have a fair game, because they are quite out numbered. Adding T weapons and D weapons to somewhat even out the game, obviously. As a player though, it isn't fair to them to use a Disguiser and still be able to be KOS'd. Even if I changed the function of the disguiser to change their skin to default, it would definitely be even more of a disadvantage because then people would watch for skin changes OR people will start to use skins less and less(which means less donations, so on and so on). Also, your idea of KOS'ing people off play styles would then be kinda useless because of that function. Unless NOBODY had skins, but for our Community, we need to have that perk in our servers. Last thing i forgot to add is that; you can't exactly use logic in this case because the disguiser kinda overrides that aspect. UNLESS, you guys are the only two and for whatever reason he has disguiser on, then yeah you can use the process of elimination.
  2. You were Admin before I got Manager though... Good try!
  3. Hello, foreign Admins and Members! I would like to inform that Members should NOT be replying to Ban Appeals that aren't YOURS or to a Player Report that isn't YOURS. Now, obviously if you are HIGHLY involved in the situation, like ghosting, you may respond to the corresponding Appeal. For the Admins; you may ONLY tag me, a relevant Division Leader, or a relevant Staff member, for ban appeals. It will probably easier to tag Me or Zero for Player Reports(just an fyi). I would appreciate if we follow these guidelines from posting in areas we shouldn't be, thank you!
  4. I guess I should give an intro for Kunkktard. This is a previous TTT(US) Admin and has been inactive for 3 years now. Server has actually Changed Maps for a while(for a try, did not work of course) and we finally got new Playermodels(instead of the 4 Violator had for 5 years). So, it hasn't stayed a complete unit lol(no offense @Violator) :). Get on the server before your demoted for inactivity.
  5. It's a 3 year old ban, I think you can be unbanned now. If it happens again it won't be taken so lightly.
  6. J unban rq

    I'm not sure what hacks or what server, but more than likely mine. I will unban you due to it being one year, BUT if you do this again it won't be lifted.
  7. If the person was using your account under the same WiFi then it will have the same IP for both accounts.
  8. Unban request

    Since you got banned by my Admin for TTT(former admin I should say), it isn't for Zombie Escape. Anyway, I will unban you for such an old ban.
  9. Ban Appeal

    Wow, is this really 4l4nx? You finally appealed? I'll unban you.
  10. Your bans tell me that you massed 3 times in a week and didn't get banned for the one(console ban). That's a lot of RDM'ing and coming back to RDM again. Permanent bans usually stay for about a year, because that usually gives enough time for some maturity. Though you have been banned on two different accounts which tells me you were ban evading. https://sourcebans.gflclan.com/index.php?p=banlist&advSearch=STEAM_0:1:114286981&advType=steamid This account has a LOT more bans. STEAM_0:1:114286981 https://sourcebans.gflclan.com/index.php?p=banlist&advSearch=STEAM_0:0:186225268&advType=steamid This account was the one with the permanent bans obviously. STEAM_0:0:186225268 Do you have an explanation for this? If not it's going to stay.
  11. Bae's Gallery

    Trying to give people seizures? That's what I like to see.
  12. False Ban Appeal

    You need to give the person you force test 3 warnings. Following him for a bit doesn’t count. So you should have been slayed for getting him killed.
  13. Yes, it only took me 4 years lol.
  14. Okay, well if this is the case then, a slay should do. Though, I want to mention that if your other RDM’s were more so on purpose, I wouldn’t doubt the admins would think you were RDM’ing bush rather than not.
  15. He was KOS’d by ghost then, right? For what T baiting you or shooting someone?
  16. I’m confused here, you said that he T-baited you and then he was KOS’d shortly after for whatever reason. Then you say he was suspicious and killed someone for no reason? So I’m just confused here on the whole story I guess, but only what bush did. You obviously RDM’d 2 people. The whole toxic part now.. Well you are quite toxic in the Rotation server claiming you’re being targeted and such and start shit with players. I just think you need to think before you say something.
  17. Ban appeal

    You were a traitor and your friend jtzell was an inno killing traitors without any proof in the first 30 seconds of the round.
  18. I'm going to be keeping everyone updated on my projects and things that I plan to implement into the server through this post. Any questions involving any of these projects message me. ___________________ Future Projects: - Will be trying out new Traitor/Detective weapons: - Re-Adding Jackpot Round after fix. - Adding new hats to PointShop. - Adding Prop Kill Deaths to logs. ___________________________ In-Progress Or Testing: - Anti-Cheat. - Testing Traitor/Detective weapon(s): Fixing intervention accuracy. _____________________ Finished Projects: - Fixed MOTD advertising non-existing servers. - Map changed back to old ttt_minecraft_b5 map(OG map). - Lowering all skin prices in the PointShop when skins are satisfied by players and moving them around. - Map bugs fixed with most recent map update: - Player model hit box fixes: - Added Traitor/Detective weapon(s): - Removed Traitor/Detective weapons: - Playermodel(s) Removed/Added: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The finished projects will be removed after a few days after finishing. Trying to keep the post short as well as informative as possible.
  19. If I am when you are on I can give you the points.
  20. Ban Appeal

    Well rip, that's a fat 5 years ago. I will go ahead and unban, but keep in mind if it happens again I may not be so easy going.
  21. appeal

    Okay the thing that really caught me off guard here is the revenge RDM 8 YEARS ago. I'm not sure if ya'll know each other or something stupid, but what you did is kill someone off suspicion assuming that was STILL the person in the tower who killed the person you saw blood flying from. On the Admins end it is NOT targeting if someone kills someone ONCE. The most you should have gotten was a slay(the slay would have been just).
  22. You were banned for hacking in 2017 and you also have a ban for ban evasion on a CSGO server THIS year in January. So, you are going to stay banned for sometime. You can appeal in the future and see if it's been enough time, those are pretty big offenses to have.
  23. Am I doing something wrong? I can't find your ban under that steamID.
  24. You did nothing wrong but you were able to be banned for RDM?
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