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  1. Unbanned, sorry for the late response, I had a family emergency.
  2. With this being said, the ban will be lifted.
  3. Obviously not. Here's my whole thing on this situation. You have seem to have the history of Targeting people and being told to not do so. You seem to not listen(pertaining to your ban history) and the more you do it, the more people are going to have less tolerance for it, AKA "Do it the first time you're told to." As for Spazzin, he told me he wasn't really paying attention, but said you were killing him a lot. I don't expect him to comment on this appeal because he's over all this. If he does, great.
  4. I will wait for those two to respond with their story. Spazzin doesn't need to be in this too much because he's already dealt with this sort of thing for many years lol. @TimeForYouToGetAWatch @Spazzin
  5. Hello everyone, TTT Minecraft 24/7 server will be moving over to a new Machine under Anycast within a week or so. This means, we will be having an IP change for the first time in about 8 years(?) So, this is a little heads up for everyone that is a current player or has came back and realized that the server isn't there anymore. I should mention that this will be a massive upgrade from the current NFO machine we are on. Let me know if there is any problems connecting to the server. Here is the discord link just in case someone doesn't have the discord yet: https://discord.gg/cdPNUkz The Name of the server will be the same and the New IP is: Sorry for any inconvenience!
  6. I believe this is the Dark Magician I know from years ago, but I will unban you due to the ban being 2 years old. If you do attempt mass RDM again, it will be a permanent.
  7. I only try to accept the exceptional staff, seems you turned out to be just that. You’ve helped with many things and taught me things too. You indeed put a lot of time in the server and I felt bad because I hadn’t put much effort and time at the time. I’m not sure if I will put as much as you did because as soon as this whole COVID-19 deal is over, I will be putting in more time and effort into my career that was suspended. Thanks for the help when you did step up as Server Manager during my troubled times, I had a lot going on with a claim and work. Anyway, good luck in the Navy. I know you’ll live a happy life sticking away from video games and enjoying family and friends. P.S. The TTT family never forgets and always welcomes you back!
  8. Please refrain from commenting on ban appeals that don't associate with you(said it as nice as I can lol).
  9. Unknown, Your attitude has probably gotten worse since you were demoted. That's one of the biggest things I noticed afterwards. Personally doesn't rub right on me because it tells me you didn't care what you did and what it caused for others. I'll be real with you, you probably deserved the ban. Now, it's been almost a year and I know people can change, but I'm personally leaning towards a no.
  10. I will unban you due to it being 3 years old, BUT if we see you hacking again, you will be banned again and will have a hard time getting it undone.
  11. I will unban you due to it being your first ban, but be more careful.
  12. l

    If your brother got Karma banned on his account on our server, you wouldn’t be banned because you have the same IP. If he was on YOUR account and got karma banned, that would be on you. You will have to stick the day ban out.
  13. Oh my I remember you lol. Modter is no longer an admin and it's over the year limit for permanent bans. I will unban you, hopefully you have changed for the better lol.
  14. You have Admitted to hacking on our servers and you were hacking on my server while creating the Anti-Cheat. Appeal Denied.
  15. You were banned on Prop Hunt. I will move this over there.
  16. Do you not know what Anti-Cheat means? It’s pretty explanatory that you were cheating on the server. Now, I wasn’t given proof of this ban so I can’t really keep you banned off of that but I am curious why you think I should unban you.
  17. Mute appeal

    Randy, I believe you were on when I was and I believe I had ungagged you. You were permanently gagged by myPHART, last year in April.
  18. I believe your ban was lifted... What is your steamID?
  19. I had reworked the Pointshop multiple times. The prices were a lot higher as most of you know(like 50k 20k lol), but after having troubles finding ways to get points to you guys I had to lower the prices. You also have to keep in mind that we have the Jackpot round, but I think it had broke AGAIN, so that's another fix. Jackpot brought in a solid 1,750 points for the T's. Yes, it may be based off skill instead of pure luck or time being played, but that's quite of points. That's already 1/7 of a skin(for a couple).
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