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  1. +1 Is active in our community Is participating in events has lots of cool new ideas
  2. Hi there Im the admin that banned you, Here is your ban, https://sourcebans.gflclan.com/index.php?p=banlist&searchText= STEAM_0%3A0%3A219505748&Submit=Search You may re call logging onto our ttt mc server this sunday where you picked up a weapon and just started blasting the skulls off 3 Innocent People for no apparent reason. This is mass rdm and your ban is 1 week long You wont be able to log onto any other GFL sever until it is over. If you want to play on any of our servers I heavily advise you to follow the rules on each one so you dont get in trouble next time. I request this appeal be denied since I recall it was blatant mass rdm . Thank you for appealing.
  3. @Moo Im A Goat Bullying Moo and targetting him by solo jihading
  4. Innocent : 0:03 - however long it takes for round end Traitor win: 0:38 - How ever long round ending is
  5. No Jojo siwa I promise Just Jojos bizarre adventure ❤️
  6. LEMME get this straight yeah, Liloz = @GFLBot so therefore Gflbot is your sponsor!!!!!!! In that case MAJOR +1 Joking aside I think you would be a good edition and show promise, Best of luck on your app amigo.
  7. Sorry I have to -1 With everything that has happened/ Ive seen im not fully sure if you will be mature enough to handle This role. ( Sidenote: I most definitely would be willing to change my vote If we talked )
  8. Confirming Sponsor Buzz is active in the community, he participates in a lot of events. Shows serious interest in helping the Event team out. What everyone else said about buzz sums it up, he definitely will be a good help no doubt.
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