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  1. Ban reduced - 2 day ban. Although You made it clear it was not your intention to mass rdm, I did check thoroughly and I believe you shouldn't be let off the hook completely free. Please do note if you Mass rdm the punishment will be much more severe than 1 week. Your ban is set to expire tomorrow at 7 pst. Thanks for the appeal, Hope to see you on again soon!
  2. You are also suppose to only make reports for bannable offensive, Preferably 1 week or more, A mic spamming offence isn't bannable.
  3. I believe right around the time I joined the staff team is when you started to get busy with life, Although we haven't interacted much Thank you for the countless hours you put in helping. I hope to see and play with you again in the future!
  4. HapPy birthdAy


  5. Mask name: Mass rdmer Also why dont you get the full image.
  6. One day these forums will go down They wont last forever when they do this will be impossible to comment on and the last comment made while it was up is the winner.
  7. not most likely it is 100 Percent certain there will be a last comment. This is very simple to understand
  8. This forum cannot go on infinitely someone someday knowingly or not will achieve the last comment and then will win the game.
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