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  1. admining a server with a bunch crazy rdmers and rule breakers, I tend to always remember the people who never caused trouble, Thank you swan.
  2. I understand, It was amazing playing with you. I hope you know there is light at the end of the tunnel my friend and wish you the best of luck with your future endeavors. Im def gonna add you on steam once I finally verify my account.
  3. Now Im sad, I always liked having you blocked but this time has come to an end. Goodluck on ur dreams and goals!
  4. thats a hawt background profile


    1. Lemillion


      Yall may be on drugs, But the voice of love takes me higher. 

  5. I want to say I spoke with bot and honestly feel like he was just zoned out at the time. He admitted to me it was a mistake and he wont do it again.I have honestly never seen him break rules before this either. He knows the rules now and wont do them again. I strongly vouch for a Unban but it is up to the seniors. Thank you for appealing.
  6. Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia
  7. Hi there, If you wish to appeal your ban and believe the ban was false please follow this form here and make a appeal, Thank you! https://gflclan.com/forms/75-gmod-ttt-mc-247-muteban-appeals/
  8. My experience as being an admin, I see enough complaints to warrant the rule staying in place. I stated my personal reason why I dont like it and others may have different reasons and just find it plain annoying. For instance, If someone on the server is making a goofy voice and constantly saying goofy things it may be hilarious and funny to you but to others its annoying hence them getting gagged.
  9. On another note, I find being pre round prop killed plain annoying to deal with. The whole point of a pre round is to prepare and find guns so you are not at a disadvantage, some maps dont have as many gun spawns and dying and spawning in right when round starts and scrambling to find a gun is not fun ( counter argument for Vips have loadouts, They are very basic weapon loadouts and Many including myself prefer to use the newer guns that were added) . As well as accidental kills that happen right before round starts. Personally I think this rule needs to stay in place.
  10. on the off chance you think hes serious, No. Macbook is terrible for gaming.
  11. Did you know, moths are attracted to light.


    1. AlphaOwl


      This is insightful news, and I'm glad I've been blessed with it!


      Here's my fun fact:

      Did you know, water is in your body.

    2. Lemillion


      Wow thanks AlphaOwl! That is very interesting. 


      Adding onto the topic of Water:

      Did you know, Water will actually freeze at 32 degrees fahrenheit. 

    3. AlphaOwl




      Did you know, the sun is a star.

  12. Super smash bros ultimate tournament, Hosted on the Nintendo switch Thursday the 23rd at 6pm EST. Dont forget to sign up, See you there.
  13. Despite our differences. You did a Shit tonne for MC like a crazy amount and was a fun staff member all around, Thank you. Now when all the children get banned and need there bans revoked, They will be left alone with no one to hear there plea.
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