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  1. mine as well same reason.
  2. I think some comments here turned into oh toxicity shouldn't be allowed, Well it isnt Im a firm believer in that and more strict than other staff when it comes to that. But Getting rid of people freedom to say words i'm strongly..Removing slurs and vulgarity I guarantee YOU I promise The server will be much worse off as teenagers ( who all basically have some sort of vulgarity in there vocab)will leave including myself If we put a ban on swearing the server will become all kids and no teens and no adults, Who wants to play on a server where you actually cant use your own vocab. As for kids I see kids on both rot and mc Quite a lot and None of them seem to care in the slightest and a couple are potty mouths themselves. Calling a women a bitch or saying go f off this all falls under toxicity which is something most admins will deal with including myself. But just stopping people from going " hey bro wtfs going on " Im so strongly against. And while you said " no one is quitting gfl cause of my profile" No one is quitting cause they heard an f bomb.( Someone may say " Well sure no one is quitting but they wont want to join" Gmod which is mostly teens and above would say the same to no swearing or vulgar language at all) My conclusion is, You cant take away peoples vocabulary. Theres a fine clear line between swearing and insulting someone. ( My opinion )
  3. This is your steam id : STEAM_0:0:155631741 Secondly You were not banned on TTT MC You were banned for mass Rdm on TTT rotation. ( Well yes its server wide it originates from rotation. Finally the admin who banned you was @Waylon Smithers Just need a Forum mod to move this now to rotation ban appeals and Good luck on the appeal my dude!
  4. Thank you beaker after reading this I have truly awakened my Hamon
  5. Damn dude. I'm at a loss for words. hopefully we can still keep in touch from time to time.
  6. I dont wanna read french lmao
  7. Maybe I like hard copies tho
  8. Its hard to find a place selling copies
  9. This is what you read.
  10. I dont edit my stuff go back to fortnite nerd.
  11. Im waiting for you to answer how did u know its fortnite?
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