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  1. Chill and doesn't rdm when hes on MC Best of luck getting unbanned!
  2. Its not gonna be much different from OW1. I mean there are some new mechanics like choosing ability's for different hero's which is really cool, But for the most part its just gonna be OW1 But Better.
  3. Congrats on Trial-Admin Reverb!!

    1. Reverb


      Thanks Homie!


  4. How do you do the thing where like under Ur forum post is a gif. Ya know milk mans is like a guy pouring milk on someones head. And muses is like Donald trump. Im tryna figure out how to do it.
  5. This is so incredibly taken out of context its unbelievable. I rdmed You once For rdming me the round before i admit that and i confessed to jihad and asked for a slay. The next 2 round YOU threw the diamond block into the lava in the nether and baited for me to kill you. My karma was never that low or you would have screen shoted that And on top of that i never said i was killing anyone for being racist. I said in chat once you deserved to be slayed for saying the n word to me in vc.
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