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  1. Don't know you but enjoy this better life
  2. Don't even know if you're alive, but happy bday!

  3. I'm starting to think i'm not very dumb
  4. that's why you say some shit like ya ill help because there is more then one question i need help with sooooo
  5. I need help with my math because i have no fucking idea how to do it and I don't want to go to summer school can anyone help? much appreciated. This is a very serious post i have a 35%
  6. I already came crawling back when i lost a bet to @PB-n-J. Won't do it again i'd think. the bet was if i hit him with a 360 1 tap cross map id have to come back screw my aimbot.
  7. it would have been better if you had gotten a warning, which I don't know if you did or not I'd hope so. Try speaking the the manager over pm and see if you can get it back, like its not like you abused so his reason is flawed
  8. Riiiiii. I made so many mistakes in my time and it was blown off because i'm human and humans make mistakes ain't nobody perfect, just complete bullshit not going to lie. You shouldn't lose your rank because of mistakes it's not like you abused your powers you were doing your job and messed up a few times.
  9. That's autistic, clearly in need of a new manager, every admin has made mistakes and kept admin. I'd call the manager out if i knew who it was.
  10. Very correct i've slain the whole server during the round many times and pbanned the wrong people
  11. Sad to see you leave on the same day, we had lots of good times together I'll miss you <3
  12. Pretty sure I lost it a long time ago not gonna lie, I'll figure it out i wrote it down somewhere. :^)
  13. I'll still play cs etc, just like not as much GFL just not into the game modes they have
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