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  1. +1 from me. You've got good activity, You report players while providing proof and their profiles, And you seem to have a fair amount of knowledge about spotting cheaters which is a big plus. Hope to see you on the team soon :)
  2. Hello, Due to the lack of admin experience and me personally not ever having met you (therefore not knowing how you act) it's unfortunately going to have to be a -1 from me. Good luck!
  3. Steam Name(s): --Helix-- SteamID: STEAM_0:0:130808258 Age: 17 Hours played: 3,099 (5 days in server) Timezone: EST Past Admin experience (if any): I have about 6-7 months give or take of moderation experience from jumpacademy's custom hightower servers and I am still a moderator for them today. I have quite a bit of experience with cheaters and catching them from various places such as csgo overwatch and tf2 matches. GFL bans you have and why: None VAC bans you have and why: None Why should you get Admin: I was and still am an admin for jumpacademy's custom hightower server but due to its amount of players being nearly nonexistent nowadays I would like to find another place I could play on and moderate. When I moderated for hightower I followed the rules and left no bias for even friends. I always try to keep as laid back and approachable as possible but when rules are being broken I don't take it lightly. In essence I really love playing on hightower servers and I have a good eye for cheating players. I have plenty of time in the game so I know what a cheater looks like and I generally know how sourcemod and sourcebans works unless gfl has a different system for banning and muting people. Sponsors: Reflexx
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