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  1. Hey guys, On the 8th im planning on leaving for around four months. I love the community and our 1v1 server, and the time I've spent with you guys has been great, i'll come back. Im going to be working this summer in Alaska helping out on a fishing boat in prince william sound. I used to live on a boat while on the east coast, so it shouldn't be that bad, but without consistent internet or a computer, i probably wont be on at all. I'll be back, Roy
  2. Sorry bro, good luck to you in your new endeavors.
  3. #Love What server you love to play on? - I'm a new admin on our csgo 1v1 server, lotsa fun. Who is your favorite GFL member? - All the regulars that come and make our server such a fun environment.
  4. Thanks for appealing your ban appeal on the 1v1 server My vote on the ban (-1 not remove/ +1 remove) +1 Reason for my vote: After watching the demo, i've seen no evidence of walls. Hope to see you on the server sometime soon.
  5. #Giveaway worth a try, have a nice day and happy newyears
  6. Hello

    dude welcome bro, you are gonna love these guys. they may seem formal, but there is a unique personality behind each person. love you, and welcome
  7. It is a server with a series of pre defined situations where the T's protect the planted bomb, and the CT's attempt to retake the site. It can also be combined with executes, where the T's have a site to take and nades are pre thrown, allowing them to see the benefit of learning utility.
  8. For sure, fishing is a way to relax and unwind in nature. I've been doing it since before I could talk, so it becomes a part of your identity. I've been chilling in the surf and b hop servers recently, its pretty cool how diverse gfl's servers are
  9. Die Hard is for sure my favorite Christmas movie.
  10. Hello, My real name is Roy AKA, (RodBender), before you get ahead of yourself, I lived on a boat for three years sailing up and down the east coast with my family. I picked up my nickname because of my love for fishing. RodBender = Fishing Pole Bender, this is slang for a good fisherman around the harbors I frequented. ***(Not Gay Related) I'm currently 18 in college and in Southern California. I've always enjoyed the wholesome community GFL has created. I mainly play CSGO and love our 1v1 server, I hope to become an admin some time so that I can give back to something so fun. I don't usually join groups online, but the realness I find behind all of the GFL members iv'e encountered makes he happy. Thanks for making such an interesting community to be a part of.
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