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  1. alright ill promise not to please unban me im very bored, your my favorite server on gmod please.
  2. Name:Jack Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:127963272 Banned by:STARFOX Ban reason: Target/Consistent rdm Why you should be unbanned:Alright, A kid named crash joins the server, I rdm him. I get slayed for RDM. After that 2 rounds later I give 2 pre round false koses, which nobody killed him for, a round after i become a T and false Kos crash since Im allowed to as a T and he dies. After that someone kosed him that wasnt pre round, someone kills him for it, AND I GET BLAMED FOR IT. The admin later bans me for this. By the way before all this happen this same admin gave me a false gag I DONT EVEN USE VC also Jonesy witnessed it and said "ungag him" which he did. He did it on purpose, so he just took a shit on my comms. This mans is literally a terrible admin idek how this could be more clear of why Im INNOCENT. Im sorry but this is just embarresing. I have a terrible record FULL of rdm, this past week. Ive been forgiven for a few, but this ban is the most shit ban I HAVE EVER SEEN. NEVER have i seen something so bad as this. Please unban me
  3. Karma Ban

    STEAM_0:0:127963272 is my steamID. I basically got karma ban for 24 hours. If you go on the website it says expired. But im still ban on minecraft 24/7. Don't know why. I served the entire ban sentence plus 2 extra hours, and im still not unban.
  4. Karma Ban

    I got karma ban bc i killed 3 kids, I killed one bc they false kosed me, i killed another bc that one tried killing me after i killed the first one, and then the third one shot shot me for killing the second one, so i killed 3 ppl that wasnt my fault.
  5. I havent rdmed bush on purpose once yet, tho he didnt piss me off a lot, But i have been on this server for a long time if you remember me. I know 3 rdms is a ban,i knew that would be the consequence if i did it on purpose again.
  6. wait hol up milkman ur manager? congrats
  7. I dont know exactly all i heard was ghost scream kos bush, and then i shot bush.
  8. No what happen was, he was acting sus, and started t baiting, then he got kosed, which is why i killed him. I wasnt being toxic on rotation at all, and all i did on here was call someone a boomer, thats the worse thing i used on someone
  9. hahahahahaha, read my report, I didnt rdm 3 people. I killed someone who was kosed.
  10. you ban me for rdm. what are you talking about now? your just embarrassing yourself. Youd rather just goof off in my appeal than take it seriously, not a good image.
  11. are you gonna take my 1 day false ban seriously or just talk about the 3 reports you have and why you ban me for a day over 2 rdms
  12. im not toxic at all lol these kids are toxic, i legit just set uh oh poopie in 1 report and in the other i just called them a boomer. You know, cuz they have been calling me a lil bitch, a fucking brainlet, retarded, special needs. But no ban me for calling kids boomers and saying uh oh poopie. You only have 3 reports on me stop sugar coding it to sound better, u warned me twice to stop, and what u said in discord was completely different from the way your acting now that whatever you post is public.
  13. Name:Jack Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:127963272 Banned by:Mr. Jihad Ban reason: "rdm please stop" Why you should be unbanned: I rdmed 2 kids in a span of 30 minutes to an hour. after that a guy named Bush did 9-11 started saying how hes gonna kill me, and started t baiting he shot around me once. I walk away and turn around to see him being shot by a kid named Ghost (don't know his full name) Ghost koses bush, and I killed bush. Bush reports me for rdm. I responded the same way I basically explained the situation in this report. He acts sus, then starts killing someone, and gets kosed. I respond, says im getting slayed, I asked Mr Jihad why. He then decides to ban me ontop of that. Last time i checked koses arent rdm? So why am i ban for 3 rdms when i only did 2?
  14. Rdm ban

    Apparently admins are a lil slow sometimes. I get ban for rdm because I turn around and see a guy named Bush did 9-11 killing a kid. and then i kill bush. Bush reports me. I say that i just saw him killing someone, because before he was saying he was gonna kill me so I thought he checked out as a t if he got into a gun fight. So I get slayed for this shit by a shit admin I like to call Mr. Jihad. I tell him to take it off cuz its bullshit and its a shit slay. I get ban for it. I swear to god this shit is getting annoying now.
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