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  1. Beat , sadly I never got to know you very well ..... maybe because I don't like to talk a lot. But I can say for sure that you are and always will be an important part of this community and an important part of many of the people of GFL Clan. I am very happy to see how you expressed all the joy you found in GFL and also to see all the good things that life has given to you, I know that you are in a new and very important stage of your life, so I simply wanted to wish you the best. I hope you do very well and achieve everything you want. Good luck men🖤
  2. That sounds like a really bad idea 😕
  3. #love 💘 What server you love to play on? My favorite server, the Higtower 2 Server is the best in the world Who is your favorite GFL member? If I had to choose my favorites are my boi @Coven and my lady @Mejilla

    Hi everyone!!,  guess what? I didnt die 😉

  5. Happy birthday!

    1. Mr. Lucifer

      Mr. Lucifer

      Thanks my men :'3 ❣️

  6. Big +1 from me, i saw you a lot in the server, you are very active and that's what we need in GFL. Btw, we need more admins xd
  7. +1 Pro pyro, he have a crazy funny laugh and very active reporting cheaters on discord, would be a good fit for the team
  8. Done! I just woke up so I did it very sleepy, most likely I put a lot of stupid or misspelled answers hahaha
  9. Wow, that gamemode is pretty epic and fun, sadly I don't have GMOD :/ hehe...
  10. ✋ ☹⚐✞☜ ✡⚐🕆 ✌☹☹
  11. Server You Want The Tag On: Hightower 1 & 2 SteamID: STEAM_0:0:187595568 Tag Name: The Fallen Angel Tag Color: #b30000 Name Color (Optional): #1a0000 Chat Color (Optional): #262626


    I just finished reading all the commands, tips and rules for the admins. I think I'm ready to start on this team!

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