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  1. Okay well seeing as your original ban is for 1v1 I'll move this now as they will need to handle this. @Angry or @drewzz
  2. Looked into it, turns out it was false ban due to nvidia / geforce ip that banned due to someone else being banned on that same ip. Went ahead and reversed the ban for you! Enjoy surfing on our servers!
  3. Real name PogU thanks Aurora ❤️

  4. Yeah uh.. Common sense really, you advertise, you get banned for majority of servers anyways. One last chance, Ash removed the ban!
  5. Denied. Couldn't have worded it any better than Infra or Ash. Hopefully this month will help you change so it won't lead to a perma silence
  6. We don't usually ban for day (even though we used to however) for calling admin for vote extends. There is one thing you or others can do if a map is wanting to be extending and that is by getting VIP. Doesn't hurt to ask VIP's if you know them to extend (if they want to) but it's not something worth calling admin for at all. I'll remove the ban and issue a day silence. Please don't call admin again unless an admin is needed, extending isn't a reason. Thanks!
  7. From the words of Frenzy on your last appeal (the one you copied this post from): Ban stays.
  8. Winner can change, still have to go through Electoral College in December
  9. Was a false ban due to your nvidia ip being same as someone that was banned before. Went ahead and handled it. You should be able to join our servers now!
  10. Happy Birthday Dini ❤️


  11. The ban happened last year for dupe account (May 2019). I went ahead and removed the ban for you!
  12. Happy Birthday 😄


  13. This whole poll is rigged because it was supposed to be "Do you like uncrustables" with a yes/no. But instead we did it against normal pb&j. It all started cause bendy said he hates uncrustables smh
  15. I went ahead and removed your ban. You should be able to join our servers again without issue!
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