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  1. Yeah I recommend never using VPN while trying to connect to any GFL servers. Also, I'm not seeing any bans come up under your steam ID. Edit: Never mind I see you were already told to not use VPNs not even 2 weeks ago..
  2. Do you happen to have nvidia? Seen couple issues in past where Geforce would use a sort of "vpn" but that's not really what it is. Could have caused this.
  3. Didn't realize you made a post Gonna miss you man ❤️
  4. You weren't banned for "not dropping the topic" you were banned for doxxing one of our members by saying their real name. You know who I am talking about as you were bringing up past sneak topics for an hour before the ban occurred. Read above, he wasn't banned for the reason he stated. He should know as it says the reason when kicked/banned from server.
  5. Wish you the best man ❤️
  6. I can't zone till test server comes back, stop spamming me pls 😠

  7. Honestly you'd be fine, if you didn't come on 5+ accounts mute evading when you had 1 week mute on your account.
  8. I didn't agree with that ban before it happened as the link didn't work. You were apologizing when it happened saying you didn't mean it plus the link never worked so I wouldn't see an issue with unban if @FrenZy agrees
  9. Ban And Appeal

    @JGuary551 not a surf ban ;3
  10. Get surfing those new maps bois and let us know if they have any issues!
  11. Surf update; 

    surf_whoknows2 is now 5k maxvel (expert)

    surf_interference is now 10k maxvel (easy)

  12. No, geforce would have nothing to do with it. It seems the ip you previously connected on has been banned on 24 accounts in total I'm just trying to let you know the above happens if you use vpn (though you said you have not) just letting you know.
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