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  1. @bill420 Dini made a mistake, relax. But, he was right about you being okay if you hadn't evaded so much. You still have evaded several times before. @FrenZy will let you know of the verdict soon.
  2. @Ancliz You were banned for mute evasion that you had done several times previously. It's not just us, a lot of players also know you for evading lol. Mute evasion gets a perma-ban. You’ve done it way too many times, at this point - it doesn’t need to be explained. We've banned your main this time, since you were only banned on several Alt Accounts and VPNs. Thanks for the appeal.
  3. @disappoint @unbalanced Thanks for the post. Definitely agree that things have been going a bit overboard, and need to calm down. While we have no written rules against trolling and joking around, we do have rules against player harassment. If you feel targeted and are being heavily harassed by players, you can use the !calladmin command to report someone for harassment. Such a situation is bound to attract jokes and trolling, and while we can't really do much about light-hearted joking, we can definitely do something about targeted harassment! If there are a specific few people that are harassing you every time you're on, you can also privately ping any of the admins on discord and report it to us with clips - we can help and deal with the rest.
  4. :happytree:

    1. ReaperGFL


      I am going to cut that tree down.

    2. Infra


      @SkellyGFL You could never cut the mighty happytree down, weakling.   :happytree:

  5. How about a CS:GO Server for the Prop-Hunt gamemode? I think that would be a lot of fun, I certainly would love to play! Considering GFL already has a GMOD Prop-Hunt server that does pretty well, I think a CS:GO Prop-Hunt server would also do quite well since the game is also free - it could attract a lot of players! Thoughts?
  6. Regarding your comment in the shoutbox about being banned on surf, please make an appeal to be unbanned so we can help you out and see what needs to be done!

  7. @FrenZywill review and let you know
  8. Yeah, posting addresses in chat is doxxing - results in a permanent ban. I don't really think it needs to be explained that posting IP Addresses, Phone #s and Home Addresses in a public game server is a wrong thing to do. After reviewing the address you posted, it's clear that it isn't a "fake" address like you told me it was - not cool lmao. Especially not cool coming from an ex-VIP, plus I have known you on the server for quite a while. I'll let a head admin or @FrenZy come up with a verdict. Thanks for the appeal!
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