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  1. "'Tis meme application." or was it  


  2. muted for counting

    Honestly, all that clip shows is you two being very annoying. First the guy spams the chat, gets gagged and you decide it's "okay" to continue counting to 100 in voice? Like, gagged him and you kept going - what exactly did you expect was going to happen? Lmao @FrenZy
  3. GFL KZ Update Notes: Dated: 11th July, 2020 New maps have been added! kz_huber (Tier1) (GLOBAL) kz_kzra_shortclimb (Tier1) (GLOBAL) kz_minimountain_f (Tier1) (GLOBAL) kz_mz (Tier1) (GLOBAL) bkz_lewlysex (Tier2) (GLOBAL) kz_bir_dont_fix (Tier2) (GLOBAL) kz_cyberspace_fix (Tier2) (GLOBAL) kz_generic (Tier2) (GLOBAL) kz_halicarnassus_fs (Tier2) (GLOBAL) kz_kzra_cliffy (Tier2) (GLOBAL) kz_machinery (Tier2) (GLOBAL) kz_refract (Tier2) (GLOBAL) Thanks!
  4. We encourage you to report players for disruptive behavior, cheating, harassment and other reasons here! Do provide as much information and details of the situation as possible, so action can be taken swiftly. Please stick to the template provided below, failure to do so could result in your report being closed without resolution! Things to Note Before Filing a Report: Please include proof/evidence. You can gather this with screenshots/video clips/jump stats. Do not falsely report people in an attempt to slander them. Do not reveal personal/private information. This includes things like IP Addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, full names, or ANY details that can be/are considered private information. Reports must have a legitimate reason, shit-posts and bogus reasons will not be tolerated. If you have doubts about whether the situation/player is worth reporting, feel free to ask an Admin privately on the KZ Discord Server. Generally, if you think there are players/negative situations that need the Admin Team's attention - you may file a player report. Player Report Template: You can copy and paste this template, and fill it out as a new report. Replace everything in the brackets when you fill it out! Be sure to fill out a relevant post title! Post tags are not required. You must post your report in the KZ Climb Player Reports category. Use the hyperlink below: Click here to submit your player report for KZ Climb.
  5. GFL KZ Update Notes: Dated: 8th July, 2020 AutoMod has been re-built and updated. It will now be able to punish players for posting malicious links in chat. Added support for the !nvg command to toggle Night-Vision, and changed mentions of !nv to !nvg since it was too close to the no-clip command. (!nc) Fixed an issue with Vote-Extends where VIPs under a certain rank were denied permission to use it. Map time limit is now 35 minutes, down from 40 minutes. Players still have 2 extends possible through the end-of-map vote. Thanks!
  6. GFL KZ Update Notes: Dated: 6th July, 2020 New maps have been added! kz_prolific (Tier1) (GLOBAL) kz_alt_cargo (Tier1) (GLOBAL) kz_kzra_oddland (Tier2) (GLOBAL) kz_kzro_mountainbhop (Tier2) (GLOBAL) kz_lazy (Tier2) (GLOBAL) kz_nassau (Tier2) (GLOBAL) kz_psyk (Tier2) (GLOBAL) kz_cargo (Tier2) (GLOBAL) Fixed the !trails command not working for VIPs. Fixed the !ve/!voteextend commands not working for VIPs. Thanks!
  7. Glitched points?

    Hey! Easy fix: - type !profile in chat - open your profile (Normal) - hit Refresh Profile It will then re-calculate and give you your correct deserved points/rank. Or, it'll recalculate on it's own at a regular interval/when you complete a map. This happens sometimes when there's a delay with the database queries loading stuff and you earn points for map completion/group time. Thanks!
  8. Hey! Are you able to connect to the other surf servers? Does this happen for every map on the VIP/Top100? Thanks!
  9. First

  10. Ban appeal

    Hey! You were banned in 2019 on the CS:GO Bunny-hop server. Here are your ban details: https://sourcebans.gflclan.com/index.php?p=banlist&searchText=STEAM_1%3A1%3A206023943 I am moving your appeal to the Bunnyhop section and have tagged the manager there, he will take a look at your appeal and get back to you asap. @Foley
  11. You can find information about your ban at GFL SourceBans. Please use the form to appeal a ban. If you were banned for cheating (globally), you will need to appeal to the KZ Global Team before appealing here! Fill out the required form and wait for the admins to respond and deal with your appeal. Lying will not be appreciated. Please take care not to include any personal details, including your IP address and such. Mute/Ban Appeal Form: https://gflclan.com/forms/132-csgo-kz-climb-muteban-appeals/
  12. INFRAAAA CONGRATS!!! :happytree:

    1. Infra


      Thank you! :happytree:

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