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  1. anddd im trying to get my vip today so this puts a knick in things
  2. Name: dr0ps Steam ID (or steam profile link): steamcommunity.com/id/dropdaholy Banned by: the server Ban Reason: Karma Ban Why should you be unbanned my karma was only at 728, & i wasn’t just RDM’ing any time i was trying to kill a T an inno would get in the way trying to kill him too & I would inevitably hit both of them unintentionally
  3. #love my favorite server to play on is TTT Rotation , favorite community. my favorite GFL member? i'd say i have a couple picks Womburt Septic Morgan
  4. my apologies for any inconvience
  5. oh its only for a day, well still my bad i'm just tryna play the game. no more reports on me
  6. Name: dr0ps Steam ID (or steam profile link): STEAM_0:0:60448268 Banned by: Paul Ban Reason: low karma Why should you be unbanned it wasn't like i was just on the server killing people i had justifiable hunches and i got reported. Like yesterday i killed scorpima and he reported me because i didnt call him out as a T before I killed him although i witnessed him do a traitorous act
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