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  1. since the app has been reopened my final say is -1 due to reasons brought to my attention that I agree with
  2. you got my +1 fam. I thought about it, and I know you could do what needs to be done if given the opportunity again.
  3. I've actually been thinking about this for a couple of days now. Therefore, my vote still stands
  4. updating my response, after actually thinking about it. I've decided to Neutral , I don't doubt that you know the rules and know the meaning of being an admin. However, I would like to avoid you only coming back just due to not having anything else to do. It just makes me wonder what are you going to do when the world is back to normal.
  5. I banned you for mass RDM. The fact that you are admitting that you would do that for fun leads me to believe that you would do it again. Ultimately, I am deciding that the ban stay in place. For future reference, you should either wait for your T round or purchase a traitor pass from the point shop. Thank you for appealing.
  6. +1 love royal. already very aware of the rules and what it takes to be an admin.
  7. VIP Giveaway

    dr0ps#2850 TTT Rotation
  8. Me and my roommate at college both mix riddim and he produces. He just started to teach me. We use FL studio
  9. anddd im trying to get my vip today so this puts a knick in things
  10. Name: dr0ps Steam ID (or steam profile link): steamcommunity.com/id/dropdaholy Banned by: the server Ban Reason: Karma Ban Why should you be unbanned my karma was only at 728, & i wasn’t just RDM’ing any time i was trying to kill a T an inno would get in the way trying to kill him too & I would inevitably hit both of them unintentionally
  11. #love my favorite server to play on is TTT Rotation , favorite community. my favorite GFL member? i'd say i have a couple picks Womburt Septic Morgan
  12. my apologies for any inconvience
  13. oh its only for a day, well still my bad i'm just tryna play the game. no more reports on me
  14. Name: dr0ps Steam ID (or steam profile link): STEAM_0:0:60448268 Banned by: Paul Ban Reason: low karma Why should you be unbanned it wasn't like i was just on the server killing people i had justifiable hunches and i got reported. Like yesterday i killed scorpima and he reported me because i didnt call him out as a T before I killed him although i witnessed him do a traitorous act
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