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  1. Heard of GFL 3 days ago. Never to late, never be shy to challenge me to a 1v1
  2. Started A GFL clan/fortnite. Looking for people. We will have different Grades in the clan. Requirements for Top lvl insist of: Division7 and higher/ 400 wins/higher. Please Dm me
  3. Welcome to GFL! If you have any questions or concerns feel free to message me!

    1. Thebook0fEli


      ok, Whats ur steam  

    2. reme leader 049

      reme leader 049

      https://steampowered.com/id/AL049 You can also private message players on the GFL forums.

  4. Love this community, Just getting back to this game in years

    1. Roy


      I'm glad you're enjoying everything! :) 

    2. Thebook0fEli
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