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  1. Yeah we never really talked much. But I'd wish anyone the best on luck with w/e they choose to do next. I think you draw and it lookin pretty good so good luck with that.
  2. Yeah, gonna have to agree on that one.
  3. I'm sorry but it doesn't say you are banned, nor do I remember banning you.
  4. Why the fuck did you ping me here @Lemillion
  5. Neutral, I just don't know yet. Final decision. Probably. I don't think Royal is ready to be admin again, emotionally. But who am I to make that call? If Royal thinks he is, then I don't think it's fair for my bias to effect his chances of becoming admin once again. Royal has already said he is going to try to look at things more objectively which is already a sign of improvement. +1 w/e just accept him already. Too many ups and downs, I'm staying neutral.
  6. Farewell, just don't make your new game League of Legends. There is only pain in that realm. I await your return.
  7. Damn man. I'm gonna miss you, but you are making the right choice. I hope I will witness you return a healthier you. !gimp fatty.
  8. Bye brae, As sad as it is I'm glad to see people prioritise their real life over virtual life. Good luck to you.
  9. I quit overwatch because of it's dying player base in OCE especially
  10. If you click on the link: It'll direct you to the correct format on appealing bans. Karma bans last 24 hours.
  11. I think before you start taking about respect and vulgarity. You might want to consider your own actions first before trying to make such a change. (A Hitler joke in your profile... really?) The simple fact is Garry's Mod is not a daycare centre. If a kid plays Garry's Mod and comes on, they know what they are going in to, I don't believe they are that stupid. I didn't play MW2 and expect someone to be nice. It really just breaks down to how mature a child is to handle things, we have plenty of young players and staff that aren't deterred by others actions. I've also found a lot of the vulgarity comes from the young and immature, I can only speak from experience of course. I don't think restricting adult language won't do anything to assist the server, I actually think it'd do the opposite. Plenty of players like to just come on and goof around with friends and regulars without social restriction. (with exceptions of course) I'm not trying to shut you down, just giving my thoughts. "If you can't handle the heat, stay out of the kitchen" -Ghandi
  12. You were banned for mass RDM ( RDMing 3 or more players during a round.) Appeal accepted and I have unbanned you as I'm sure you didn't mean it.
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