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  1. (bump) I'm still working on this project, and I still need skill icons. I am not at the phase where they will be shown to the players as I have not reached the GUI phase yet, but I still will need them at one point.
  2. I'll put it on my list of things to do. I have a fair idea of how to fix this.
  3. Huh, the ordering of the form's fields are different here than when I was creating it. Read the Additional information first please, it will probably make more sense that way.
  4. Request type: Banner Size: 256x256 but if you'd like to provide it at a higher resolution, feel free to. Keep in mind these symbols won't be big images on the screen. Source image/render: Icons I need (as seperate images): A sprinting figure To represent a skill for increased movement speed A jumping figure To represent a skill for a higher jump A figure smashing into a floor, brutally To represent a skill for fall damage reduction A mystery box with a gun flying out of it, shooting out at high speeds (general idea of what the box looks like https://thumbs.gfycat.com/DimLimitedAmazontreeboa-mobile.mp4) To represent a skill for a faster choosing box A figure holding a shield, alternatively, just a shield To represent a skill for damage resistance against the zombies A pill being dropped into a beer bottle To represent a skill for gaining more health from Juggernog's perk A figure punching To represent a skill for dealing more damage A figure laying on the ground, covering a wound To represent a longer survival time while down A figure crawling To represent a faster movement speed while down A figure getting launched from an explosion To represent a skill for blast jumping, with weapons like the raygun I'm totally open to having an icon entirely different from what I am suggesting here. If you make something vastly different from what I suggest please note what skill it is for. I may reply with more skill icons for skills other players suggest, or I may just create another post a week later for them. Take as long as you'd like making these, I am able to use place holders until I have official icons. Also check out my progress and how I am designing the addon here https://trello.com/c/M77evvRI/11-levels-and-skill-system Text *(optional): Color scheme *(optional): Purely white with transparent background Examples: My current place holders for increased movement speed and higher jump skills Additional information: No, this isn't a request for a banner or any of the other three request types I can select, but I was told it would be okay to make one here like this anyways. I have started working an improved/better than SublimeLevels skill and level system that is built for the nZombies gamemode, and I need some icons for the skills. There are a few icons I am looking for, but if you'd like to add a skill yourself, provide an icon and a description of how the skill functions. I will list the icons I need in the source image/render field as I can't use the markdown language here. Also I would like them in a png, tga, pdn, psd, or any other lossless image format that allows for transparency.
  5. Thanks, I think there are problems with giving the player a Pack a Punch-ed m1911. I will look into it tonight.
  6. I have not come to know you that well, and you do seem like an okay dude, but I don't know you well enough to determine wether I should vouch for you or not. But I think that also has to do with me being relatively new and also that I don't play TTT. So, I have decided to say I am going remain neutral until I get to know you better.
  7. Ouch, that sucks. But I would like to know: What weapons were in the tombstone, which were pack a punch-ed What perks were in the tombstone What perks did you have before picking up the tombstone If you had speed cola im the tombstone, or on yourself before you picked it up, were you pressing R or reloading when picking up the tombstone? Did you have the pack a punch-ed m1911? Were you throwing a grenade or monkey bomb Were you using your quick knife (the V key) The more information you can provide, the easier it should be to replicate, and fix. Thanks.
  8. Feel free to contact me through my discord: Cryotheum#4096
  9. My files did not get uploaded... so I will attach them here. nz_progress_bar.luamoney.sp nzombies.sp
  10. My Age: 17 My Talent: I think it's necessary to say: I love programming. I have been interested in computers since a distant family member showed me a simple programming language when I was younger, called Expression 2, I decided that I'd learn to program. I learned by reading what I could on websites and by meeting people who were familiar with Expression 2 until I understood the language well enough to start pumping out scripts (I have barely over 700 files written in just Expression 2 now). I ended up learning GMod Lua on my own, and later, SourceMod with small amounts of guidance from the programmer Mr. L. I took AP Computer Science and aced both semester final exams last school year, but the teacher was under qualified and has now been replaced (darn, why don't I get the good teachers). I have made several addons, but most of which are left to be forgotten in a random test server's addon folder. I have posted two which I am both proud of. I also have worked on a few SourceMod plugins to learn more about the Source engine, test my knowledge, and also have fun (because I really enjoy programming). I have used Github but I do not currently have any public repositories. If I find any projects I want to work on that seem large, I used to make a nice To Do list on a white board, until it broke when I moved across states. So I have just started using Trello for to track my projects and maintain a To Do list. I have practices when I program to help keep my code readable. When I name a variable, I try to name it so that people trying to read my code can easily figure out its usage. When a variable's name is not descriptive enough, I place a comment a line above its definition. I find that I more frequently use comments to describe why I had done something one way than another, like how I have more variables than expected in my nZombies Round Progress Bar addon to help with the (not super high, but still present) cost of calculations. One final thing I should bring up: I am very experienced with vector mathematics. And this is because: I like to make Expression 2 scripts that look as if they are their own addons, such as vehicles and path finding taxis that have a bias to running players over. Anyways, I hope I have provided enough information and describes my abilities well enough. I hope to help develop the new nZombies server as I have always loved the gamemode, but if my knowledge or abilities are requested (or required) in other areas, I'd be happy to help. Trello for my stencil core: https://trello.com/b/vOUa9QfI/expression-2-stencil-core My two addons: https://steamcommunity.com/id/CryTheum/myworkshopfiles/ Both of the attached SourcePawn scripts are for TF2, and the attached lua script is my progress bar addon. Hours/Week: 30
  11. VOX! It feels wrong not hearing those voice lines when we hit the box, or how we are emotionless tanks when we get hit. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=742906087
  12. Can't spawn in; I think the map's config is not loading.
  13. Maps! de_russka de_vostok nz_blackbrook nz_gilmancity nz_pathogen nz_ravine nz_siege nz_village These maps don't seem to be anywhere except for these two addon map packs. They also don't come with the configs https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=909824368 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1297956668 Also, ʰᵃᵛᵉ ᴵ ˢᵃᶦᵈ ʰᵒʷ ᵍʳᵉᵃᵗ ʲᵉᵗᵍᵘⁿ ᶦˢ?
  14. @Ben Thank you for letting me know, and here are the games I have mounted: Counter-Strike Source CS: Global Offensive Half-Life 2: Episode 1 Half-Life 2: Episode 2 Half-Life: Source Insurgency ( Source Mod ) Left 4 Dead 2 Portal 2 Team Fortress 2. The errors I were getting, were missing models, some debug messages (they were printing the player then their weapon and it did that for all players) in my console, and occasional crashes as I have discovered last night. I ended up finding out why I was not getting the content, I had restricted downloads to maps only (which I will now be setting to All). I also wanted to ask a favor, can we get more wonder weapons, and possibly maps that the zombies don't get stuck in spawns (like nz_russka or nz_ravine)? The map nz_kino_der_toten has two spots where the zombies constantly get completely stuck which are: on the right side of the map in the hall with the two staircases and the room that leads to the outside from spawn. They also get stuck above the room that leads outside to spawn, where they try to jump over the railing but end up just staying next to it; this spot isn't as severe since they will take an alternate path out into spawn if you lead them there. Anyways, thanks again for informing me, and I hope the both of you have a good day. Edit: The missing models were most of the weapons, aside from weapons such as the raygun and thundergun.
  15. I was trying to find the addons for a nZombies Garry's Mod server tagged with this community's tag, and noticed that it is not listed anywhere on this website. I'm assuming the server is either fake, or was quickly put up as a test and never taken down. If this server is not fake, can I have a link to the addons collection? I have not been able to find any of the server's addons and I find it aggrevating to have two corners of my screen blocked with an error model. The server is titled "[GFLClan.com]" IP address and port is Also, the ULX MOTD only lists three addons yet the server definitely has more than three (HatsChat, ULib, and ULX).
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