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  1. I don't have much to say other than I like the work you showed us. Definitely a +1 from me, I'd like for you to be on the team!
  2. Sure! So, I have no information that is 100% exact, but from the dozens of script errors @Pyros sent me, I assume that some addon/script which is now outdated as it likely was using deprecated functions (I also assume this is either a script part of the gamemode or the addon "zlistaddon" as Pyros told me addons/zlistaddon/lua/autorun/hooksforit.lua errored). When these deperecated functions get called, it will attempt to call the local function under that name and if it fails then the function global and if that still fails then it spits out an error ("Attempt to call global blah blah blah..."). So, there is a good chance one of these functions are getting run either inside gamemodes/zombiesurvival/gamemode/init.lua (which I will just call init.lua) or one of it's includes errors and stops the code's execution. Now, the script errors we were recieving were "Calling net.Start with unpooled message name!" which makes it obvious that util.AddNetworkString was not getting called with the message name provided to net.Start. But, after Pyros sent me the same script error a fourth time, and all of them erroring at different lines, I had to assume that none of the messages getting used were pooled. So, I looked through the code, and found in init.lua, the function which pools ALL of the message names (GM:AddNetworkStrings) was not getting called. Like I explained in the above paragraph, an error was stopping the code from running, and it happenned to stop the code before GM:AddNetworkStrings was even called. Because of this, any time net.Start was called in the gamemode, it would error as the message name was not pooled. So, I just copied the contents of GM:AddNetworkStrings as a temporary fix and sent it to Pyros so he could put it in the server's lua autorun. In order to make a proper fix, I would need logs and the modified gamemode (or just access ot the servers files :p) to locate what is erroring then I can create a proper patch. It is also likely that the mod creator is experiencing this error, and that they will push out an update to patch it, but I have a feeling that we won't be seeing it for a bit.
  3. Current as of April 16th 2020 Division Leader @Pyros STEAM_0:0:44030908 Server Manager @Cryotheum STEAM_0:1:72956761 Admins @Bae STEAM_0:1:25380966
  4. The record is now tracked in-game using my record tracker addon. As of right now, it is wave 106 with @Blunto and BlacK being the major contributors.
  5. I'll make an addon for gmod that allows you to buy virtual hand sanitizer and masks with micro transactions at a largely inflated price. That should help with the spread.
  6. Yes, I am still interested. Also, I have not yet spoke with Rocket.
  7. I'll put it on my list of things to do. I have a fair idea of how to fix this.
  8. Thanks, I think there are problems with giving the player a Pack a Punch-ed m1911. I will look into it tonight.
  9. I have not come to know you that well, and you do seem like an okay dude, but I don't know you well enough to determine wether I should vouch for you or not. But I think that also has to do with me being relatively new and also that I don't play TTT. So, I have decided to say I am going remain neutral until I get to know you better.
  10. Ouch, that sucks. But I would like to know: What weapons were in the tombstone, which were pack a punch-ed What perks were in the tombstone What perks did you have before picking up the tombstone If you had speed cola in the tombstone, or on yourself before you picked it up, were you pressing R or reloading when picking up the tombstone? Did you have the pack a punch-ed m1911? Were you throwing a grenade or monkey bomb Were you using your quick knife (the V key) The more information you can provide, the easier it should be to replicate, and fix. Thanks.
  11. Feel free to contact me through my discord: Cryotheum#4096
  12. My files did not get uploaded... so I will attach them here. nz_progress_bar.luamoney.sp nzombies.sp Also my record tracker on github https://github.com/Cryotheus/nzombies_record_tracker/commits/master
  13. My Age: 17 My Talent: I think it's necessary to say: I love programming. I have been interested in computers since a distant family member showed me a simple programming language when I was younger, called Expression 2, I decided that I'd learn to program. I learned by reading what I could on websites and by meeting people who were familiar with Expression 2 until I understood the language well enough to start pumping out scripts (I have barely over 700 files written in just Expression 2 now). I ended up learning GMod Lua on my own, and later, SourceMod with small amounts of guidance from the programmer Mr. L. I took AP Computer Science and aced both semester final exams last school year, but the teacher was under qualified and has now been replaced (darn, why don't I get the good teachers). I have made several addons, but most of which are left to be forgotten in a random test server's addon folder. I have posted two which I am both proud of. I also have worked on a few SourceMod plugins to learn more about the Source engine, test my knowledge, and also have fun (because I really enjoy programming). I have used Github but I do not currently have any public repositories. If I find any projects I want to work on that seem large, I used to make a nice To Do list on a white board, until it broke when I moved across states. So I have just started using Trello for to track my projects and maintain a To Do list. I have practices when I program to help keep my code readable. When I name a variable, I try to name it so that people trying to read my code can easily figure out its usage. When a variable's name is not descriptive enough, I place a comment a line above its definition. I find that I more frequently use comments to describe why I had done something one way than another, like how I have more variables than expected in my nZombies Round Progress Bar addon to help with the (not super high, but still present) cost of calculations. One final thing I should bring up: I am very experienced with vector mathematics. And this is because: I like to make Expression 2 scripts that look as if they are their own addons, such as vehicles and path finding taxis that have a bias to running players over. Anyways, I hope I have provided enough information and describes my abilities well enough. I hope to help develop the new nZombies server as I have always loved the gamemode, but if my knowledge or abilities are requested (or required) in other areas, I'd be happy to help. Trello for my stencil core: https://trello.com/b/vOUa9QfI/expression-2-stencil-core My two addons: https://steamcommunity.com/id/CryTheum/myworkshopfiles/ Both of the attached SourcePawn scripts are for TF2, and the attached lua script is my progress bar addon. Hours/Week: 30
  14. VOX! It feels wrong not hearing those voice lines when we hit the box, or how we are emotionless tanks when we get hit. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=742906087
  15. Can't spawn in; I think the map's config is not loading.
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