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  1. I would recommend that you disable your VPN software from starting on boot, as you can trigger a false positive. Similar to the message which you got banned. You should be unbanned now, but please do check before starting the game that it is not connected to the VPN.
  2. You're welcome. Considering that you've confirmed this, I'll be locking the topic then.
  3. You should be unbanned now. If it happens again, do let me know through here. Will be leaving this post opened until tomorrow, @Apachito
  4. Was your connection through a VPN? If so, which would it be?
  5. Do you by any chance use a VPN service, @Apachito?
  6. Any sort of demo or screen recordings, @Duke3m ? Unfortunately, we cannot perform a ban without evidence as such.
  7. Unfortunately, the reason it autobans is due to the IP address having being registered from a banned user. I've whitelisted you from sourcesleuth on all servers, so it shouldn't happen again.
  8. It seems that you've placed your post at the wrong 2fort. I'll be moving it to 2fort2, the server @hotgrits is admin at and where this happened. @justburning
  9. Hello, The admin who placed a silence on you @martindm03 was me. The reason for said silence is because you were constantly say insults towards one of the players at the server. Although they could not hear you, due to them having performed a client-side mute, we were able to. The continue for quite the length of time. If you would like to see the evidence for this, I have uploaded the demo file (115.7MB). This silence will last for 1 week. Next time this happens, it will be escalating to 3 weeks. https://sourcebans.gflclan.com/index.php?p=commslist&searchText=STEAM_0%3A0%3A17903178&Submit=Search ^ Infractions As there is evidence for this silence, I will also be locking this topic. Dee.dem
  10. You have been unbanned. I must indicate that this is the second time you've gotten yourself banned due to a VPN, do try to disable your VPN from starting on boot, if it is doing so.
  11. After some checking, it seems that it indeed was a VPN used. I'll be lifting the ban, but please do attempt to prevent this from happening again.
  12. Thank you for applying for an appeal. After having recollected information of what happened here, there was no warning given to you in regards of this being Admin Impersonation. I have lifted the ban you've received. P.S. However, consider this also your warning of it being admin impersonation for next time. They will be able to perform a ban next time you decide to impersonate under this name again, without warning.
  13. Whom may your brother's IGN be and may I get their SteamID, please?
  14. Forgive me for not noticing until now, but it seems that you posted the ban appeal for the wrong server. The ban SB shows is from 2fort 2. I'll be moving this post to that channel.
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