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  1. Updated with MORE PHOTOS!
  2. Strangely, only got one picture with you in it.
  3. I've been playing a LOT of Division 2 the past couple of days, and I'm loving Photo mode. I wanted to share them so I'll post them here. I've got a lot of photos, the full album can be found here. I'll be adding on to that Imgur album as time goes on. NEW PHOTOS:
  4. @DaLaw, or the hud? i'm so sorry Also I quite enjoy the new hud. it's nice and I'm pretty sure the old hud lowered FPS as well (Unlikely but still)
  5. I've been going through many sits today with small loopholes, and minor technicalities that are slightly covered by the MOTD. For example, a base with holes to shoot through. They can definitely fire back, albeit with difficulty, so would that make it not hit boxing? As for the laws, having it be generally covered by "Cannot be unreasonable" leaves it up to the admin as to what is fine and what is not. That's fine in most cases, but I'd like it to be more specific this way players aren't constantly asking "Hey, this okay?" and annoying things can't be let through technicalities.
  6. @GLiTCh you should post your pictures of my dome too since I deleted it.
  7. @Rick Thanks for accepting!

  8. The plastic plates. models/hunter/plates/plate.mdl models/hunter/plates/plate025.mdl models/hunter/plates/plate05.mdl models/hunter/plates/plate075.mdl models/hunter/plates/plate1.mdl models/hunter/plates/plate125.mdl models/hunter/plates/plate150.mdl models/hunter/plates/plate175.mdl models/hunter/plates/plate2.mdl models/hunter/plates/plate3.mdl models/hunter/plates/plate4.mdl models/hunter/plates/plate5.mdl models/hunter/plates/plate6.mdl models/hunter/plates/plate16.mdl models/hunter/plates/plate025x025.mdl models/hunter/plates/plate025x05.mdl models/hunter/plates/plate025x075.mdl models/hunter/plates/plate025x1.mdl models/hunter/plates/plate025x125.mdl models/hunter/plates/plate025x150.mdl models/hunter/plates/plate025x175.mdl models/hunter/plates/plate025x2.mdl I want to keep going, but you get the idea. The plates are extremely useful when it comes to building! Why blacklist them To add to this: Vehicle Frames - Straight & 90 Degrees would be nice. models/mechanics/solid_steel/type_a_2_2.mdl models/mechanics/solid_steel/type_a_2_4.mdl
  9. Your SteamID is STEAM_0:1:171336567 Your ban can be found here: https://sourcebans.gflclan.com/index.php?p=banlist&searchText=Darrow&Submit=Search You were banned by @Rick
  10. Aw shit dude I haven't opened GFL in a while. @flyingjoe32 is definitely the coolest Canadian I know though.
  11. cAnaDE-iA iS fAkE bUT fOr OtHeR ReAsOnS @flyingjoe32 ban this Canada-denier wait a minute...
  12. I will be leaving for vacation from today until a week from now (August 10th). Bit of a late notice but better than none at all. Take care everyone, don't die while I'm gone.
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