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  1. It all depends on the funding. Fusion reactors are not cheap since they have to be absolutely massive to get the reaction stable, iirc. As a result, no one company will probably be able to make one. The R&D costs is incredibly large. I think the main group developing an actual large scale fusion reactor is ITER which is a group project by multiple nations similar to the ISS. It's pretty neat. The cost, however, is $20b and is taking decades to construct. ITER says it can be completed and operational by 2035 but that's almost definitely going to get setback as we get closer. lol. This really is one of those situations where the government (or governments in this case) should make something instead of private businesses. It's a terrible investment if you're a company since it's a $20 billion+ investment that you won't see profit on for almost half a century. You'd have to be insane to do that. Governments, however, can definitely bankroll it, and in the end the tech can then be replicated once complete and costs will dramatically go down once we know how to make a functional one. But if it works, then it could be a boon to society. I definitely think it's worth investing money into even if we come up with better forms of energy. Fusion energy is far more efficient than any other form of energy, I believe and can help with shit like space travel. Plus, learning new shit in physics always benefits mankind if it's used properly. But yes. We *could* have one by 2050. All depends on how much money our governments want to invest. We could have had one by now probably if we had invested in the research back when it was proposed in the 80's. I blame energy lobbyists since fusion reactors don't have energy companies to lobby for them. I've seen this floated around a lot for some context:
  2. Way ahead of you. The whole thing was tangential anyway. My point is simply that that mindset of any race being superior or that Muslims are invading the West is just wrong and unhealthy. And anyone who thinks that these are grounds for murder of innocent people should seek some help. But also just lol at arguing over semantics when the message is clear.
  3. So he has a healthy mind that works properly and reasons even though he killed people because he thought they were taking over? That's pretty insane to me unless you think he was justified. But honestly this is just semantics at this point. My point is that anyone who thinks the same way he does should seriously go see a doctor. His thoughts are not those of a rational person. That level of paranoia and hatred is not normal. And as i said before, he is 100% responsible for his actions and is a terrorist by all means of the word. My point in calling him insane has more to do with his insane ideology that many people also believe.
  4. I think there's some irony in you calling him a retard since that is also what he wanted, if not what he actually wanted. He wanted to create division between people. It's probably much less that he wanted people to attack PewDiePie because he disliked him, and much more that he wanted people to get in arguments over PewDiePie since that would be divisive. Presumably also because PewDiePie is a big name that will help the story spread. Hell, it also probably works in his favor since a lot of alt-right people watch PewDiePie and will take "attacks" against him as attacks against them which will push them a bit more towards more extremist shit. All-in-all, you're both probably playing into what the guy wanted. So I'd be careful calling others "retards" when you're going to do the same thing. I don't see how that makes him not insane. He made bombs if I recall correctly, and that's not an easy feat so he's definitely lucid and not a complete idiot. With that being said, the guy is very certainly insane. No one in their right mind would shoot up a bunch of people in a mosque because they're supposedly invading western countries. In fact, the fact that he let a couple cross the road because they're white goes to show how insane he is. That's not downplaying how much of a monster he is. He is a racist white supremacist terrorist, but he's also insane and anyone who has similar views as him is also insane. His whole ideology is crazy. Especially considering that the original inhabitants of New Zealand and Australia weren't white people so his opinions can be applied to himself, an Australian guy who killed Muslims in New Zealand who might have been actually born there. So yeah, I think he's insane. What makes you think that he's not insane?
  5. Also, fuck that guy. His whole belief was that Muslims were taking over the western world and "invading". He wasn't even fucking from New Zealand, so he himself was literally a hostile invader killing innocent people who were simply going to their place of worship. It's also frustrating seeing people on various places around the web either downplaying his actions because of the actions of Islamists (the extremists) in other parts of the world. At least 49 people are dead, and hundreds will have their life disrupted by this massacre. The victims are not the same people who commit atrocities in the name of their religion. These are people who just wanted to worship their god at their mosque. Down playing his actions by pointing out the actions of other people halfway across the world is disgusting. Some people are even worshiping the guy due to their deep seeded hatred. It's sickening. If any of you have these views, then I'd honestly just recommend talking to a mental healthcare professional. That's not meant as an insult or a joke. But if you lack empathy simply because they're Muslim, then you have some serious issues that need to be checked out. They're human beings, and the attacker is by no means a hero. He's a monster. Plain and simple. This whole thing will be interesting going forward. I'm fairly certain that as things unravel, we'll get a better understanding of how white-nationalist terrorists do recruiting. From what I can tell, his manifesto seems to be designed in a way that helps people find resources that perpetuate the ideas of white nationalism in the hopes that they'll get radicalized enough to follow him. The guy is obviously insane, but his manifesto seems thought out in trying to game the internet and virality. While I have no doubt he watches PewDiePie since PewDiePie is the biggest YouTuber (by subscriber count), and intentionally or not, does attract that type of crowd with his edgy humor, I also have no doubt that his whole "Subscribe to PewDiePie" bit was also meant to spark division and gain virality. Anyway, be mindful of the fact that the whole point of his attack was to invoke fear, cause division, and to inspire others to follow suit. So spreading either the manifesto or video are just playing into that. Also, since this is in the conversation surrounding this massacre, I think we should be more mindful of the memes/jokes we share/make. You might be joking but someone else might be serious. And then when you call them out, they'll hide behind the whole "It's just a joke" defense. It's quite an effective tactic at slowly pushing people towards radicalization since they can just claim freedom of speech and censorship while being blatantly racist/bigoted, and they'll gain sympathy while doing it since they're being "oppressed". Anyway, be mindful of the media you consume. If someone's an edgelord all the time, you should be wary of whether their actually bigoted or just joking, especially in gaming communities (Which tend to be good recruiting grounds for white nationalists, iirc). You never know, the person might be absolutely insane like this guy. Anyway, love one another, and always strive to care for your fellow man. It's hard sometimes given how fucked up the world is and our brains that are inclined to go into "me vs them" mode over quite literally anything, but it's a goal worth striving for. And as always, whenever a terrorist attack occurs, we should take the opportunity to reflect on how fragile life is and be supportive of our fellow man. Practice empathy whenever possible, and don't let these monsters divide us. Division is what they want, and no one benefits from it except for the terrorist. And I sincerely ask that if any of you feel the way this person felt, whether it be the desire to commit violence or simply believing that non-white people are "invading" your country by existing, then you should seek some help. White nationalism is not the answer to anything and is a toxic ideology. You are much more than the color of your skin, and being White doesn't make you superior to anyone because unsurprisingly, race is a pretty bullshit concept. Just love your fellow human beings and avoid generalizations of other people. Your identity is much more than just "White", and you should learn to love yourself as a member of the human race. But yeah, if you find yourself identifying with a mass-murderer then please take a deep hard look on your beliefs and seek some help. And I don't mean to be insulting in recommending that. I'm being as sincere as I can be. But yeah, these are just my general thoughts from what I've seen around this.
  6. I just want to chime in and say that no one should be asking for the video. You'll gain literally nothing from watching it other than seeing innocent people die. I get that there's a morbid fascination with it, but it's just not worth it. The guy obviously wanted people to see his attack and get it spread around otherwise he wouldn't have bothered with the livestream. The video should be rejected since he wanted people to see his attack. He wanted it to get in the hands of individuals who are sympathetic to his cause, and to let others see what he did. We gain nothing from viewing it, and he gains exactly what he wants from the video being shared. It's out there if you really want to see it, but know that you are in a way supporting him since he's very much alive and is going to know that people are viewing his attack. It's better to just condemn it and let it die in the far corners of the internet. Don't give him what he wanted. I've seen it popping up a lot around the web where people are asking for the video. We can do our part and not contribute to it. Thanks.
  7. Where your twitch stream at if you're going for OWL? Anyway, good luck and make sure you have fun on your journey to there.
  8. Is ya boy coming at you live with that resignation post. So, essentially, I’m resigning from Team Leader for a few reasons. The first is that I’ve recently lost a lot of the motivation to be the team leader but I do still retain my interest in trying to get more humble bundle sales, writing scripts for our servers, etc. In other words, I still have interest in helping but I have little interest in actually leading. It’s pretty time consuming and isn’t really all that “fun”. Given that I have school to deal with and life in general, I don’t have that much free time available to me that I can allot to GFL. Of that time I allot to GFL, I really don’t want to waste it dealing with leadership stuff. I’d much rather be doing things directly. Secondly, I haven’t been as active as I was earlier on and I feel like it’s probably best to let someone else take the reigns. And as a member of the team, I can be somewhat inactive without it affecting every other member of the team. My activity really depends on my workload for that week from my classes so sometimes I can do a lot and sometimes not so much. As a result, I am stepping down from Team Leader to just a regular member of the team. I still plan to work on stuff like the YouTube channel, gamemode tutorials, etc. I just won’t be bossing people around as much. This also leaves me with more time to try and set up partnerships and looking into that type of stuff. Taking over for me will be @WigglesWorth. I think he’s got what it takes to lead the team to greatness and put it on a positive trajectory. I will be helping him along the way but he’s the new TL now. I’m thankful to have the opportunity to lead the team and I think that there were some positive changes from my leadership but I definitely haven’t been as active as of late. Especially given midterms ended recently. Next quarter I won’t have the time to deal with much stuff due to taking 3~4 upper division math classes so it’s better to do this change now instead of later. Anyway, this isn't a good bye, but it is a resignation. Also, lul late night posts that no one will see.
  9. If someone messaged him, I feel like he'd complete it but idk.
  10. One would think that with how many people stream and how many people are a part of GFL, that we would be able to find people who would want to stream for GFL, but that is very hard to do. I think in part it's caused by a lack of information so we're definitely going to try to fix that. Anyway, we do actually have a twitch channel as Wailord noted.
  11. Damn they even got cash prizes. Good luck. Hopefully we get some good maps out of it. I might even come on to play them.
  12. I don't see any reasons for why we can't just make a badge for what specifically a person's role is. Definitely will help with confusion caused by situations like that one listed above. Good idea. +1
  13. I'm sadly going to have to deny this right off the bat. You can't just say "I don't want to be a part of the team" at the start of your application. Neglecting all the drama from the past since deep down you're a good person who just struggles with stress, if you're not willing to work with the team and you know it, then I just can't see accepting you onto it. And if you want to do AoTM and all that, then you will have to work with the team. That's just how it's got to be. You can't just be the solo judge of people's art. In the end, since you admitted in your own app you don't want to work with the team, I'm going to have to deny this. I'm sorry, but the team has to be able to work together to function. You can make GFX requests for people on your own time, but not as a GFX person under the PR Team.
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