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  1. Forgot to say. Everyone's been messaged and has gotten their games. Scrub, you can't have both games.
  2. I'm just going to say that I think some people are against the teams (event, PR, MA, and media) being merged, but for the most part everyone in the teams themselves are happy with the changes since it allows for more communication which is necessary for the teams to function. And while the kick was very abrupt. I think that that's fine. In the end, it should help keep the team focused on their projects since A LOT of time was lost going in circles about changes affecting GFL when that's not our main focus. Also, I need to rename either PR Team or Public Relations lol. I think most of the team agrees with my statements. Also, if anyone is wondering. The PR Team is not going to be touched by any of these changes except for maybe a name change.
  3. Damn. I agree with the sentiment though. Definitely too many people focusing on title changes even though, like I said multiple times, most of our players have no idea or care about what it is the "higher ups" do. The only change I really cared about was the shifting of "Trusted" into CA and having them be a voice of the people/community since they're often left out of the conversation. Anyway, I appreciated your input into the MA team changes even if you were critical of the idea. I hope you find enjoyment in doing things on your own and thank you for all of the help you've given us on the Rust servers and CSGO.
  4. Yes please. I just want more documentation and recordings of discussions. Why waste an hour arguing over a topic and working out a possible solution if no one's going to bother writing it down and getting it to the correct person?
  5. Hello, this is a quick post letting everyone know that MA has been merged with PR team. They'll still remain as "Member Acceptors" in the same way that the Media team is still media team, events team is still events team, and PR is still PR. Two of the main differences are the group change (it previously was just a badge) and that they should be seen as equals to other PR Team members. They'll also be focusing more on the greeting aspect of things and helping with integration into the community instead of the actual accepting of people. They'll still accept new players, it just won't be the main focus since GFL Bot can take care of most of the applications. I'll expand on their new role in a future post either later today or tomorrow. Thank you!
  6. Hello, there are only some ground rules for making suggestions here and as long as you abide by them, I will give your suggestions consideration. You only need to read the gold summaries, really. But if you're unsure of something then read the description for more details. Most of these are pretty obvious. 1. Be respectful of the PR Team members. We're all trying our best to make GFL a better place, and while no one should be free from criticism, no one deserves to be insulted. Insults will only serve to derail threads and puts people off from a potentially good suggestion you might have. It's possible to criticize people and their work without attacking them. Example of good criticism: "I think we should have voice actors who have better quality microphones and less background noise for our YouTube videos." Example of bad criticism: "The voice actors suck and are too poor to afford a high quality microphone like myself!" One of them serves to point out flaws and features that you don't like so we are aware of how we can improve. The other does the same, but it also degrades our voice actors who might be putting in good effort and work with their current set up. It degrades the morale of the voice acting team unnecessarily and might demotivate them from making future work. Even if their delivery is wooden, you can say that without coming off as rude and inconsiderate. Remember that our team is composed of human beings and we should always try to have constructive criticism and not plain insults. If I see a thread that I feel is being intentionally toxic then I'll go through and edit it so it's less so. This way your opinion can assist the team without us having to waste time arguing over something that is unimportant. 2. Don't be a negative nancy! Be optimistic for the future! People aren't machines that can work indefinitely without morale. Our team is composed of people who act and think like human beings, just like you. Being a negative nancy damages morale while not contributing to anything. Please make sure your suggestions aren't smothering. If there's no hope for a better future, then what's the point of trying? Hope is important for any cause. Without it, people would just settle with their situation because there's no point in trying. Try to be inspirational if possible, and if not, then don't make the negativity absolutely smothering. Example of a good suggestion: "The YouTube channel isn't being properly advertised, it's not posting very good content either, and the people in charge aren't doing the best job at it. But, I don't think it's entirely hopeless!" Example of a bad suggestion: "The YouTube channel is a waste of time. It's not being advertised properly, it's not posting good content, and it's run by talentless people! You should just give up on it!" While the 2nd one very well may be true, that doesn't mean that there's no way to improve the sentiment. If you honestly feel very passionate about something being a waste of time, then go ahead and give the reasons why something is a waste of time. Try to avoid being hostile towards people. It's completely possible that YouTube just has no interest for GFL videos and never will. But you don't have to be rude or completely negative about it. And for most things, there is ways to improve something even if the answer isn't obvious. We want to hear suggestions, and sometimes the truth hurts but that doesn't mean you should make it hurt more than it needs to. 3. Be specific! Please do not just post something that is vague unless you really need to. Sometimes it's possible to be able to bring a problem to someone's attention without you yourself knowing quite what is wrong. If that is the case, then please still try to make an effort to figure out what you want to say. Example of good suggestions: "I think you guys should improve in your tutorial department by talking to server admins to get their opinions first." Example of bad suggestions: "I see you guys are lacking in areas that should be easy to resolve, but won't because you're too incompetent!" The top one says what the problem is, and gives some specific details as to how to fix it. The second one is way too vague and is useless for the team since if we knew what we had to improve on, then we would have already tried to improve on it. 4. Make an attempt at a solution. I know it's a lot easier to point out that something isn't working, and we do encourage you to point something out even if you have no solution yourself, but please do try. A fresh view point can sometimes do wonders, especially given how diverse GFL is. You might know something we don't, or maybe you have the perfect solution to a problem we haven't realized we had yet. By telling us about it, we can actually work to improve upon the problem. If you keep it a secret, then we'll waste time finding out something you might already know. Example of good criticism: "I feel like GFL is lacking in professional affiliations, Humble Bundle has an affiliation program that benefits both GFL and its users! [link would go here]" Example of bad criticism: "I feel like GFL is lacking in affiliates." While not terrible insight, the 2nd one definitely is less helpful than the first, especially if you already knew about the program and could have shared it with us. The first one presents us a problem and a solution which makes it so much easier and faster to fix. 5. Be clear, please! In an ideal world, we'd have all day to read your suggestions and complaints, but in reality everyone in the team is busy with balancing their GFL work, actual work, school, and their personal life. Please don't waste our time with pointless tangents unless it's to help your point. This is a forum, so feel free to make your post long as long as it's coherent. I will read every post even if it's unbelievably long and terribly written. In addition to staying on point, 6. Make it readable! There's nothing worse than being given something to read that defies all the rules of grammar. It's time consuming, confusing, and there might not even be something of valuable hidden underneath all of the nonsense. You don't need perfect grammar and punctuation since this isn't a "professional" setting, but definitely make an attempt to be coherent. I, too, will make an attempt to read these suggestions and translate them, but don't be surprised if it goes ignored for a long time if it's too poorly written. There are limits to human understanding. Proof read your suggestions if you can, and please make an attempt to write in proper english even if it's not your first language. If you need a translator other than google translate then please try to contact someone within the community who can help you with that. 7. Make it in english. The reasoning is quite simple: Most members in GFL speak english, and everyone in the PR team definitely speaks english fluently. While some of us might know second languages, this puts the rest of the team who don't speak that particular language at a disadvantage. If you have a hard time writing in english, then please clearly state what your first language is either at the top or at the bottom of your post. This will help in getting someone to translate your thoughts. Just because you have a hard time writing your thoughts out in english does not mean that we don't care about them. 8. Don't oversell your suggestion's importance. We all appreciate your suggestions and everyone believes that they have the solution to GFL's problems, and that's fine. What isn't fine is acting like GFL needs your suggestion. Chances are that if it was something GFL needs then someone would have suggested it before. Even if it is the greatest suggestion of all time or the difference between life and death, please don't try to oversell it. It can come off in the wrong way and can hurt your credibility. It also tends to result in a lot of extraneous tangents that don't assist the post in any way. Please try to follow these rules. The first two rules are the most important ones since they're the easiest to follow and are the most harmful to the team and your suggestion. We are all people, and those in the team are volunteers who want to see GFL succeed just like you. Insulting them does nothing but burn through good will and the team's morale. Furthermore, being overly negative brings everyone down and is not a great way to inspire creativity. Constructive criticism is only possible if there is positivity and the possibility of improving. Otherwise, it feels futile like there's nothing that can be done, even when there is. Thank you for reading these rules and please try your best to abide by them. I will keep edits to a minimum so I don't remove anyone's intents. Edits will only be made to make a post more legible and constructive. Anything extraneous like baseless insults or unnecessary/unsubstantiated doom & gloom are going to be cut. Saying that "GFL is going to die if you don't do this!" does not help your case. It doesn't hurt it, but it does annoy everyone reading it. Anyway, happy suggesting, folks!
  7. I'm sad to see you go. Was looking forward to working with you to make GFL better. Regardless, may you be successful in all you do in life. Also, don't let anyone tell you anything about stepping down. You're doing the right thing if you don't want to do the job. You don't owe sticking around to anybody but yourself.
  8. +1 on making detective more rewarding.
  9. Welcome. Let me know if you need help with anything.
  10. https://www.humblebundle.com/store/a-story-about-my-uncle?hmb_source=humble_home&hmb_medium=product_tile&hmb_campaign=mosaic_section_1_layout_index_1_layout_type_twos_tile_index_2 It's free for a limited time if you're interested in it.
  11. Any of the 3 member ones.
  12. This is very late, but I did not forget! Here are the official winners: https://gyazo.com/e9f31114281e85ebc7941882892efccd I picked myself as 1 and made it go through to the end of the last valid post for the bounds of the random number generator. So 2 would be Broskii, etc. With that being said, these are the winners: @Ashy The Neko @Diablodoggy28 @Winter I did 5 drawings just in case a VIP/Supporter won and wanted to raffle off their VIP/Member prize and only take one. Unfortunately (or, perhaps, fortunately since it gives y'all a second chance) there were no VIP winners, unless they have the perms and I'm an idiot who can't see them or if they're VIP/Supporter expired before the raffle end date. In which case, please PM me about that. Anyway, Ashy then Diablo then Winter will pick what prizes they want. Thank you for everyone who signed up for this giveaway. I'll try to figure out what the best way to give away KSP will be since it seemed like many people wanted it. Maybe I'll make it open to members this time. Anyhow, hope you enjoyed the suspense. And sorry for the late post.
  13. Perhaps he regretted a momentary lapse in reason, hence the hide? Well, I guess he can answer it when he makes a post eventually. I'd give it a day. Sometimes it's hard to write a post you feel satisfactory with when it seems like there's a lot of people angry with you. Some things can be taken as promises when they're not meant to be, some things can be read as veiled insults when they're not, etc. Anyway, all I can say is we should wait and see. Don't want to rush out a poorly written or thought out post, you know? Having plans is good but being able to explain them properly is also equally important or else you risk being scorned.
  14. You're too late my boy. Anyway, I'll edit this post with the winners once I do the drawing. I was going to make the post yesterday night but got sidetracked.
  15. While it is a fair question, there could be many reasons for a 7 hour gap. Could be on mobile while at work, at school, etc. and typing a lot on mobile is an absolute bitch. Could be writing a formal post so people aren't on the offensive about how short or informal the post is or any other, at least in regards to the "what will you do" question. Regardless, I am looking forward to his answer since it's good to know what's planned, if anything at the moment. Also, we should all realize that coming up with plans but not actually thinking about how to execute them beforehand is a poor decision. Nothing is worse than failed proposals. Anyway, that's my 2 cents but we'll see.