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  1. Keep taking over my channel ❤️
  2. Obviously GFL currently pays for all the costs, how much do you plan to charge GFL for that service afterwards? I'm assuming that because it was GFL funds which also started this venture for you, that we'll also be paying lower then *the average Joe* for these services.
  3. Thanks, now I know why I couldn't connect 😏
  4. Hmm I wonder if its even my place to reveal where it was/is.
  5. Hey babe

    1. Darkling


      Welcome back 😏

  6. There was a promise, I tried looking for the exact message but I could not find it. In essence I said to Violator that whilst I was Director, Nick would not get staff again. This was to reassure the staff team who had multiple issues with the way Nick carried out his ideas. I guess me not being Director kind of circumvents my promise, I do think Nick should have always stayed as Tech Admin before and not have been moved to Director anyway. I wouldn't worry about any hard feelings, if Nick couldn't take it then he wouldn't still be around.
  7. Notifications

    I know that @Nick mentioned this would be much easier to do (when compared to another requested feature😏)
  8. @Worgee (this thread is relevant to current discussions so moved now and necro post allowed)
  9. @Snoopy given that I know you're from England, here is probably one of the better deals and I believe it perfectly fits your budget as well! Ebuyer (Long link so I made it smaller) The branding is not good but the ratings for this monitor are very high. I am not entirely sure how long the Cyber Monday deals are going to go on for, but if you're after a 144hz+2k resolution then this is probably the best price you'll find (to be honest this is still a decent price for a 144hz 1080p monitor as well)! You'll never get a monitor with G-Sync at any price point which is reasonable, so that feature (including free-sync) may as well be completely ignored.
  10. your VIP group annoys me on a deeper lvl then I can imagine.

  11. You might be expecting me to tag a load of people and say goodbye, that's not happening. I enjoyed my time as staff and I've just been a little burnt out because of life outside of GFL and also issues within. I'll still be helping out wherever I can, I just shouldn't hold a Director rank whilst not providing the right amount of effort. If you want to know more I'm in TS/Discord or you can talk to me elsewhere. I originally wanted to wait to resign until we had found someone to replace me, but in my opinion the director team is fine as it is (Xy is basically still Director anyway). #edit I do want to say one thing, there are some very good people within GFL, both within staff and just in general, with some good ideas and mindsets. These people are getting heard more and more, which will help shape the future of GFL for the better. We've also got some of these people within our staff team! This is why I feel it is better to let some of them take over the reigns.
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