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  1. dude it's easy just back off and don't ruin the moment please cause right now saying that you are a "cheerful guy" this does not sound cheerful. You are basically a mood killer right now. I made the thread cause other "players" has been asking me 'where are you" or "when are you getting on?" I getting tried of that so just making a farewell speech is more better then just answering texts. There is a reason why we have a topic saying "Goodbyes\Resignation" This is my Resignation. I am not FULLY saying goodbye to PEOPLE I meant by the games dude c'mon these people are really nice and friendly and I like friendly people. You? you are not being friendly sir. So please move on don't make a reply here cause if this goes on this whole entire post will be gone. I am well respected in this community and I do not like it when someone tries to bring me down.
  2. If you would actually know me... which you don't I am student who's in high school and a person with NO time to do any computer games because I am focusing on my FAILED Studies. You think that I would just dump all of this away? really? you think this is not hard on me and you think I can just give this all away? No! I love this community and I never said I am leaving the community I am leaving the role as a admin and a event coordinator! as you said it yourself "I'm a new member of this community and I know ONLY little things" If I didn't resign I would be demoted for inactivity which is worse. Might as well leave it with a high note instead of a low note. so please don't ruin other peoples resignations and just say goodbye at least don't ruin the moment. If I have no time for admining a server then whats the point of taking the spot? another player who is capable and who wants it more then me can have it! I am not just gonna waste the spot. anyways I hope you can see what I have been doing and UNDERSTANDING what is happening, you don't just go to other peoples resignation and say these things. You do not have the right to say that "We are not insecure so delete this post and grab yourself from the balls and show us how things should be not how they are."
  3. TTT MC 24\7 : After 6 months of being a TTT admin I believe it is time for me to say farewell. It is not because it’s not fun to be an admin - it’s really fun, not gonna lie. The community is amazing! There are people who are nice enough to talk to and play with; it’s just I really don’t have the time to do admin stuff. This is life and things must go on. Plus, I HAVE A SH!T ASS COMPUTER THAT SHOULD BE PUT IN A YARD SALE FOR ONLY 5 DOLLARS (sorry that’s just my hate against this computer) Sorry I have to say it, but since I am leaving, I didn’t have a liking for the “trial” maps that TTT MC did. It was 50\50; half good and half bad. It was supposed to be TTT MC 24\7, not TTT MC Rotation 24\7; might as well just changed the name to TTT MC Rotation. I know it was just a trial but really it wasn’t supposed to be touched upon. No offense to @Loke or @Jinzu - it was a great idea but I just didn’t like the direction. People from TTT MC who I would like to say goodbye: @MilkMan Favorite (ex) Server Manager @Joe with the numbers - Favorite trial admin all time really great dude ❤️ @Roger Gunshot - Favorite senior admin all time but keeps sending me n0des @Muse - Favorite full admin all time, keep living life dude honestly @Elpida- Favorite VIPs amazing people to play with @Gumb4ll'98 Favorite member TTT Anarchy : Not gonna lie this server is almost dead as my CoMpUteR but it was fun while it lasted right? LOL. @Xy you did an amazing job creating this server but I don’t find any fun in admin-ing it anymore; other people may find joy in this but I don’t. People from TTT Anarchy who I would like to say goodbye: @LawMyl - pls keep sending my disgusting sprays from MC and anarchy PLS @Salad - Never talked to you that much but you were actually pre cool ❤️ TTT Vanilla : Once I first applied for this role, I didn’t think I would actually get in, but it turns out I got in, WOOW @Waylon Smithers you screwed up this time. This server is a quiet but active server who is in the need for staff so why not apply? The community is great, lots of trolls and RDMers. Wait, did I say great? I mean painful but I manage. People from TTT Vanilla who I would like to say goodbye: @Yogpod and @Waylon Smithers - thank you for keeping the server alive @.alm0st and @Misery - THANK YOU FOR KEEPING THE SERVER NON-TOXIC Overwatch Team (Cum Crusaders) : Alright, this team has the best OW players I have met in GFL period. And it is sad to be leaving this amazing team but everyone is replaceable :)) People from the Overwatch Team: @Waylon Smithers (tank) - dude you gotta wake up early for practice cmon @Womburt (tank) - (cries) imma miss you ❤️ @Edge(sub tank) - Dang dude I never knew you were top 10 winstons, you are so good. @Adversary (Damage) - BRUHH HOW ARE YOU SOOOOO GOOD @Royal.(Support) - imma miss your laugh cause I like it @Reverb (Support) - sigh where would I be without you ❤️ thanks for letting me on the team! Event Coordinators : This role is one of the hardest roles that I will be leaving. This role was not only fun but it was exciting to do, you get to host events and watch players play your event then see how much joy you bring to the players it was amazing. At first I thought I wasn’t fit for this role, it turns out I was scared now not really. People from the Event Coordinator Team : @Bae - Thank you so much for sponsoring me and everything else @Toxic - é | :dot: | 6 | ANYWHO?! @Joe with the numbers - again imma miss you @Reverb - (cries) what did I do? @Kaitsedd - keep going edit : @DragoonMCL - SHET I FORGOT ABOUT YOU Anywho thank you all for the support and stay safe. @Stifle : BUZZ LOOK A CORONA? Buzz : WHERE?!?!?! Stifle : BAHAAH
  4. This person is one of the people who I will miss the most all in all you are still my favourite trial this is really gonna hurt but I will wish you the best in life actually! The best. Take care my friend ❤️
  5. Greetings

    Nice to meet you! and welcome ❤️
  6. (cries) Now who is gonna steal the POTG's in overwatch now
  7. Thank you for sending in your report! we will deal with this soon.
  8. Reported for "Shit posting" JK jk im good ❤️
  9. bet Edge hasn't even gone to Anarchy...
  10. Hello there!

    Nice to have you!
  11. @Joe with the numbers - You are still my favorite trial admin ❤️ how can I forget you? @Roger Gunshot - This guy would send me photos of his- jk Favorite senior admin of all time! @Muse - Favorite full admin of all time @Lemillion - Favorite event coordinator partner
  12. until
    Card Against Humanity Night!! - Saturday, August 15th When - 6:00 pm (EST) - 7:00 pm (EST) How to join - Go on the official GFL discord (https://discord.gg/MnPD6BG) and go to the event channel that says "Cards Against Humanity Night" Hosted by @Buzzz
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