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  1. This appeal can be moved to TTT MC 24\7 Mute/Ban Appeals I am also tagging : @Roger Gunshot Your ban is a RDM and leave ban. It only last for 6 hours
  2. The master of abusing... be gone! BUT NOOO WHY PLS LOVE U WISH U THE BEST
  3. Is it just me? or am I waiting for someone to "react" OMEGALOL to milkmans resignation
  4. NOOOOOOOOO!!!! (wish you the best and always I love you)
  5. sup y'all

    Welcome back solider!!
  6. Carlos's Mute/Ban Appeal

    I'll ping @Roger Gunshot and see if he can see
  7. Sure NOW I WON!!!
  8. @Neon Cat I love jokes but please I won!
  9. Chronic Bronchitis
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