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  2. i think it should be about as long as the R8's reload if not slower to make it fair
  3. awesomeness
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    im about to get banned
  5. your signature is a lie because uhhh you're not an admin on the breach server you're actually just an operator soooo get it right

  6. i love it so much i hope it gets added tomorrow
  7. this is pretty cool hope it gets added or something like that but its understandable if it doesnt
  8. stop looking im newvous ..... 😖

  9. So uhhhh I've been noticing that every time i'm on the GFL Breach server there's something very annoying that constantly happens. Site 61 is barely voted at this point. Even when there's like 40 people on people are still going to like Site 19 and stuff like that. So I'm just gonna say that Site 61 is the best map and that every other map sucks. Site 61 has a lot of stuff that other maps don't. For example, it has 2 gates. Most of the other maps don't have 2 gates so that's kinda retarded. 2 gates give you an advantage if you're trying to escape, so you have an alternative way out. It also has doors, but not close enough to where the so-called "door cheese" is common. Many people dislike Area 02 for having no doors so you can't do much if you run into like 682 or something. People also complain when they're SCPs on Site 19 and they get door cheesed. Well no fear, because Site 61 is like the best thing for both. Some places you can, some places you can't, but overall you still can door cheese if you're trying to escape, just not as easy. This gives people like the SCPs more of an advantage in that case. Let's talk about the light containment zone now. Here's something a few maps don't have (maps like 14), SCP-914. This is pretty cool if you need to upgrade your card or SCP-127. It's worth noting Site 61's little hole that you can drop from entrance zone to light containment zone. However, it takes the MTF about like a minute or so to get to that. Just be faster if you hate dying from MTF you retards. Also, the high containment zone is pretty straight forward to get out of, and if you run into some danger in the usual path, you can go around through another. If you go to the checkpoint at high containment zone that you access through 096's containment, then it takes you to an area that has a level 4 and a rifle. This is pretty useful if you're missing that good old level 4 card. The other checkpoint leads straight to SMGs and to the room with the candy. So if you're a d class or researcher and you're entering entrance zone with nothing, then you should be set up in a few seconds. Well what about the entrance Entrance Zone? That thing is pretty cool in my opinion. There's many ways to go in Entrance Zone. Most of the time you can avoid the MTF in Entrance Zone, along with SCPs. There's also shotguns in the Entrance Zone of Site 61, which kinda suck but they're cool. It's better than not having any. One flaw may be that SMGs and rifles aren't right next to each other in Entrance Zone, but that's not that big of a deal anyways. Oh also, at Gate B, there's like these little guns. I'm not much of a camper, but if you love camping like a little faggot boy then it's perfect for you. People complain that Site 61 is way too big and confusing, but just like every map it's not that hard to learn. It's got a simple path to the exit, really. Despite all of this, people still don't vote for Site 61. All they vote for is Site 19, Site 14, or Area 02. I can understand Site 19 in some way, it being so popular, well known, and simple. It also has a lot of what Site 61 has. However, the other maps kinda suck compared to Site 61. Area 02 isn't even made for something like Breach, it was made for RP. It has like no doors at all, too. The elevators there take like a minute just to get to where they're headed. It's only really good for MTF, who can just shoot you from far away or something. SCPs can't rush TRO, thanks to how if you even dare to you'll just be gunned down to death in seconds. So chances are there will be SCPs just chilling in high containment zone, which doesn't make a good day for any d class or researchers. Also, it has one gate. Same thing with Area 14. Area 14 is only good for SCPs in my opinion. Anyways, I feel like there's just something wrong with the blatant disrespect for Site 61. People need to give it a chance for once. Everyone has an advantage in it. also site 07 is cooler than area 14 edits: it also has dm its also useful for 512 it also looks cool it has scp objects, too
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    so many facts in one post
  11. Accepted. Welcome to the team!
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