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  1. Yeah I don't understand how teacher wants us to turn in assignments and such. Each teacher wants something different, and its confusing. Also no kids are really even doing it so it makes the classes very small.
  2. Are you enjoying online school if you have it, if not are you excited for it? What have some of your challenges, struggles or joys of learning from home? I am just curios to see what people have to say about it.
  3. Quarantine

    wow there is about 2700 in my whole state, stay safe man
  4. Quarantine

    Yeah there is I think there has been about 50 cases in my area, and I live right next to a small bridge and right across the bridge is where it all started in my area.
  5. Hello, so I have came back from dinner and noticed a huge mistake in this ban. I was going to ban you and mistakenly clicked your name in the admin panel. This is a VERY rare occasion and I have already spoken to the manager of the server on this. He will respond on this soon. I apologize for these actions. Hope to see you back on the server!
  6. I forgot to mention I am in every GFL discord I am always looking in the Main, CS:GO, TF2, and Gmod!
  7. Will do, I am at dinner at the moment so I will do that when I am finished.
  8. Thanks for the tag, but I do have videos of you looking at players through walls and tracing. I am not able to access them at the moment but I will get them and upload them when I am able too.
  9. Thanks, will do! I will start to notify you Forum admins about things that need to be dealt with. Thanks again for the response!
  10. Thanks, it means a lot! I am trying to get my forum count up right now, and I have some post I want to make to start some guide discussions.
  11. Quarantine

    Yeah my dad doesn't wanna go to restaurants because he thinks everyone will go there. We are losing money quick because we have had to go to the more expensive markets to find food.
  12. We also need to make sure players stay six feet apart in game. Otherwise they will be kicked for breaking the six feet rule.
  13. I say we just close all voice communication and limit it to text chat...
  14. Quarantine

    Yeah same here, It thought it would be fine but I miss going out to eat places that I normally would be able to. As well as being able to see my friends and stuff.
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