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  1. Its because you have an ongoing ban on another one of our servers right now, TTT to be exact for MassRDM. How it works is when you get banned on one of our servers you get banned on all of our servers, your ban will expire May 31st, 2020.
  2. Advertising in the first place is a problem, through DMs is just like doing it in the discord server but just trying to hide it and take the chance that someone could report you. It would be different if the person you sent it to you asked for an invite or whatever, but just sending your server out with no context whatsoever is advertising.
  3. I will be locking and moving this post.
  4. Global Ban Appeal

    Since this has gotten dealt with I am going to lock this to any further replies. As well as I will be moving this to closed.
  5. Battlefront II

  6. I like some of the ideas and others not so much. We do the bot command bans because it bans across all GFL discord’s not just one. It’s also not that hard nor slow. Also for the official I kind of see where you’re coming from, but all in all you’re still apart of GFL. In being so comes with some things like a moderation team. I can see something maybe like five admin+ or senior admin+ perms. The problem would be is if someone started to abuse there powers. Then since it isn’t an official discord someone could think I can’t get help since it’s not official. I’m not saying that would happen but I’m saying it could, someone thinking that they can’t contact anyone since it’s not official and it’s being ran by the staff. I’m also very lazy and don’t feel like typing out the good things lol, if you ever wanted to hop into a voice call sometime I have some great additions to this I could think of. If done right though I believe it could work really well. Like I said in a voice channel or call, or just DM. When it’s not 5 in the morning maybe I’ll add some of the things I did like, like what pyros said, along with some other things I liked in this. You have a great rest of your day or night!
  7. I am gonna say +1 from the reasons stated by K2, we have talked a fair amount. You are very mature when needed, and possess all the traits needed. Good Luck!
  8. I think he is applying for the CWRP discord, if I am reading his app right. Even though he said all...
  9. +1 I have seen him in the server many times before and you he does an excellent job of dealing with anything that is going on, you are also very active in the discord. That is about it! Good Luck
  10. Same thing I said for Wailord, Neutral leaning towards +1. As long you understand we are gonna have to work together and not start any drama. As far as the resigns from mod I was not here for that so I can not say anything. I do see you active on the discord/server helping out and you do a good job. Good Luck
  11. After seeing him and how he dealt with certain situations and some trainings I saw him lead, I will be changing my answer to +1. Good Luck
  12. +1 for all the reasons Kroenen said. Good luck
  13. Neutral but leaning towards positive, I understand there was some miscommunication about everything that happened and people got upset. He is active in the CWRP discord and has gotten to a decent rank with in the staff team. He has been helpful to me and others, I say as long as we can agree that no drama will happen, and everyone can be cool with each other give him a shot at it Good Luck
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